10 Most Popular Gift Cards for Couples for When You Wanna Show Your Favorite Twosome Some Love

The best gift cards that would make the perfect gift for that special someone.

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just a rainy day, everybody loves to take an opportunity to celebrate their special someone. There are lots of different ways to do so, however, and a gift card could be the perfect way.

Even if you’re single, chances are there’s someone you know who would appreciate a gift that can include their partner for their birthday, a holiday, or even an anniversary. However, if you’re at a loss for where to start with the countless cute couple gift options, you’ve come to the right place.

GiftYa virtual gift cards allow you to send a loved one, significant other or otherwise, spending money for a specific participating location via an app. The recipient can then set that balance up with an existing credit or debit card so they don’t have to remember to bring anything extra.

Keep reading to find out the best gift cards for couples all over the country, and consider GiftYa while you’re at it as a means to do so!

1. Outback Steakhouse

A popular steakhouse chain that would be perfect for a nice dinner!

Text your favorite couple a GiftYa for Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse offers online ordering, curbside takeaway, delivery, catering, and, of course, gift cards! So, it’s no wonder why you may want to visit. There are plenty of Outback locations all over the country that would be perfect for a romantic night of dining out.

On the main menu are cocktails, appetizers, soups, side salads, steaks, combos, sides, sandwiches, burgers, “not steaks,” seafood, big bowl salads, and countless options for beverages and lunch as well. There’s also a gluten free menu for those with dietary restrictions.

“Small ribeye medium rare, mash potatoes and asparagus. Glass of red.Food served piping hot on a hot plate. Steak was perfect. The veggies were perfect. The wine was great value.  The service was excellent. Very impressed.” - Yelp Review

Buy a GiftYa for Outback Steakhouse

2. Bath & Body Works

Help them create a cozy atmosphere right in their own home with a gift card to Bath & Body Works 

Text a Bath & Body Works gift card

I know what you’re thinking – Bath & Body Works seems more like a gift card for her than a gift card for them. And while Bath & Body Works is most widely known for its collection of perfumes and other feminine fragrance products, they also carry a men's collection as well as several options that make great romantic gifts for couples as well. 

Your favorite couple can set the mood for a romantic dinner at home with Bath & Body Work’s wildly popular scented candles, or shop the brand’s Aromatherapy collection. With room sprays, bubble bath, bath bombs, body lotion, and more designed with specific ✨vibes✨ in mind, they can pamper themselves with scents for Sleep, Stress Relief, feeling Cozy, and more.

“I love BBW & especially the holiday collection. The employee was very friendly. She gave me her opinions on her favorites and told me about the Buy 3, Get 3 Free holiday sale they had going on. She sang and hummed the holiday music being played while I enjoyed browsing and checking out the items. Love BBW!” – Yelp Review

Buy a Bath & Body Works gift card

3. Blue Apron

Transform Making Dinner for Two from a Chore into a Fun Date Night with Blue Apron

Text your favorite couple a Blue Apron gift card

Cooking dinner together sounds like a recipe for a cozy date night in, but the reality of getting creative in the kitchen is often less than romantic. From finding a recipe that’s interesting enough to feel special but still on your skill level to tracking down ingredients you don’t normally have on hand, it quickly becomes a headache.

Blue Apron’s meal kits make it easy to make something amazing for dinner. Couples who love cooking together will have a great time expanding their culinary horizons, and with Blue Apron’s easy-to-follow direction cards, even couples who would normally opt for delivery will have a great time and a delicious meal.

Send a Blue Apron gift card

4. REI

Send Your Favorite Outdoorsy Couple on Their Next Adventure in Style

Text a digital REI gift card

Doing some shopping for a couple that can’t get enough of the great outdoors? Whether they’re hikers, bikers, campers, or mountain climbers, REI has got the goods to get them going on their next adventure. Gathering the gear for an outdoors hobby can get expensive, so they’ll definitely appreciate the help making their next adventure happen.

As the REI slogan goes, a life outdoors is a life well lived!

Send an REI gift card to your couple friends

5. Fandango

The Perfect Gift Card for the Movie Buffs in Your Life

Send a Fandango e-gift card

Question: does it seem like every time you watch a movie with the couple in question they’ve already seen it before? Is mentioning your Netflix queue to them as good as pulling up trivia on IMDB? If you’ve got a couple of true movie lovers in your life, Fandango is the perfect option.

The popular ticketing company is the place to grab seats for movies screening in theaters across the country, and with a website and an app, shopping is easy. Cover their tickets next time they head out for dinner and a movie, and they will be sure to be thanking you!

Buy a Fandango gift card

6. Airbnb

Give them the Gift of a Getaway

Text your favorite couple an Airbnb gift card

Life gets busy. Even for couples who live under the same roof, finding time to connect between work, chores, family obligations, and everything else making demands on their time can be tough. That’s when it’s time to get away.

Airbnb famously allows people to rent out their extra rooms, campers, treehouses, entire properties… anywhere someone could crash for a night. There are tons of unique offerings in cities around the world, so your couple can truly choose their own adventure. Whether they want to jet to Paris to spend a few days in the romance capital of the world or they just want to escape the city for a weekend of glamping, an Airbnb will help them get there.

Send an Airbnb gift card

7. StubHub

Make Date Night an Event with Tickets to the Best Show in Town

Send a digital StubHub gift card

Take date night up a notch when you get the couple in your life a StubHub gift card. Dinner and a movie is fine for your average Friday, but sometimes it’s fun to go a little bigger… but the price of event tickets can make trying to plan a night out a bust. That’s where you come in.

With a StubHub gift card, they can grab seats at their favorite sporting event, rock out to their favorite band live in concert, or even lol at a stand-up show without emptying out their fun-money funds for the month.

Buy a digital StubHub gift card

8. PetCo

Help the Fur Parents in Your Life Spoil Their Four-Legged Baby

Text a PetCo gift card

If you’re shopping for a couple that hasn’t made the leap into human parenthood, chances are they’re probably sick and tired of people asking when they’ll have little ones on the way. Show them that you recognize their furry, feathery, or even scaly lovebugs for what they are – a very real part of their family – with a PetCo gift card to help cover all of Fluffy or Fido’s wants and needs.

From the kind of pet food that has a shorter ingredients label than the instant ramen I ate for lunch to collars and costumes galore (you need matching outfits for the perfect fur family holiday card, no?) PetCo has everything the pet parents in your life could want.

Text a PetCo gift card

9. Lowe’s

Perfect for Weekend Warriors or New Homeowners

Text a Lowe’s gift card

Purchasing a home together is a huge – and expensive – milestone for any couple. Whether they’ve been living under the same mortgaged roof for years or they just closed on their first place together, a gift card to Lowe’s gives the couple in your life an excuse to get creative and work on a project together. 

Even couples living in smaller (i.e. rented) accommodations can get a lot from Lowe’s. With everything from apartment-friendly upgrades to funky floor lamps to holiday decorations to houseplants, a Lowe’s gift card can help any couple customize their place until it feels like home sweet home.

Text a Lowe’s gift card

10. GameStop

Love is All Fun and Games When You Give Them a GameStop Gift Card

Text a tech savvy couple a GameStop gift card

If the huge spike in social media posts featuring his and hers gaming setups are any indication, the couple that games together, stays together. A GameStop gift card is the perfect choice for couples you already know have an interest in digital entertainment – after all, they can pick up controllers, consoles, new releases, and even memorabilia for their favorite new and nostalgic titles all in one place. 

Not sure if your couple goes hard for games? Not to worry. There are plenty of fun two-player games out there for casual gamers as well, giving them a fun way to get competitive for their next game night without ever even having to leave the comfort of their couch.

Send a GameStop gift card

There you go – some of the most popular, most romantic gift cards for couples!

If you’re having trouble thinking about what to get a couple you know, or your own significant other, look no further! Consider purchasing a gift card to one of these amazing locations across the country, and consider using GiftYa to do it!

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