Your Guide To The Most 12 Famous Restaurants In Memphis

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Memphis, Tennessee most notable as being “home of the blues and the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll,” a city that thrives on entertainment and social gatherings. It isn’t shocking to hear that they also have fantastic places to enjoy a good meal. Finding where regular locals (who know their city) like to eat the most is what you are going to be discovering today as we dive into famous restaurants in Memphis!

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Your Food Blueprint For Today

The saying goes that there is nothing better than a home cooked meal, well with these famous restaurants in Memphis, it’ll feel like that with every outing!

For The BBQ Lovers

Memphis is known as the “barbecue capital of the world”, it would be criminal to not list some of the best BBQ spots in the city. So, in no particular order:

The Bar-B-Q Shop

Image courtesy of the Bar-B-Q Shop gallery.

1782 Madison Ave | Memphis | 

“Food was amazing. The service was top notch. you can tell it is a family restaurant. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to people. Give it a whirl” -Yelp Review

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Central BBQ

Image courtesy of the Central BBQ Instagram page.

147 E Butler Ave | Downtown Memphis Location | 

“Great place to eat food was great

The banana pudding was awesome would recommend if your in Memphis you need to stop by and try fro sure

You won't be disappointed” -Yelp Review

Cozy Corner Restaurant

Image courtesy of the Cozy Corner BBQ Facebook page.

735 North Pkwy | Memphis | 

“I absolutely recommend this place!! I ordered the 4 bone rib meal with baked beans/ coleslaw and everything was on point. The ribs were both meaty and flavorful throughout not just bones. I'll have to pay this place another visit in the next two months ;).” -Yelp Review

Corky’s Bar-B-Q

Image courtesy of the Corky’s BBQ about page.

5259 Poplar Ave | Memphis Location | 

“Service was excellent ..bread was soo good I couldn't stop eating it.  The sweet tea was good. Catfish nuggets, pull pork nachos, fried pickles were so good and tasty! I can't wait to go back!!!” -Yelp Review

Breakfast Really Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Breakfast food is arguably some of the best food you can have. Plus, starting your day with savory or sweet food that’s made for your satisfaction always makes someone feel good.

Arcade Restaurant

Image courtesy of Arcade Restaurant Instagram.

540 S Main St | Memphis | 

“A classic! If you need a diner food fix & are downtown--this is the spot. We went on a Saturday morning (highly recommend getting there earlier rather than later), so it was poppin. Took a minute to get our food, but the servers were wonderful and so was the food. You get a little bit of everything with each meal, and the portions are hearty.” -Yelp Review

Brother Juniper’s

Image courtesy of the Brother Juniper’s Instagram page.

3519 Walker Ave | Memphis | 

with their charitable efforts! You can’t go wrong if you eat here!

“We've been coming to Brother Juniper's since 2017 and it is our favorite breakfast place in Memphis! The quality and consistency of their food is always spot on and we tell everyone we know to try the cinnamon roll pancakes!” -Yelp Review

Bryant’s Breakfast

Image courtesy of the Bryant’s Breakfast Facebook page.

3965 Summer Ave | Memphis | 

“Best breakfast in town. You can tell by the lines that sometimes go out of the building. The service is fast and friendly though so I don't mind waiting in line. You will not go hungry with their generous portions. Cash only.” -Yelp Review

Cafe Eclectic

Image courtesy of the Cafe Eclectic Instagram page.

603 N McLean Blvd | Midtown Memphis Location | 

“Friendly service and delicious food. The coffee is great also. I always appreciate meatless options and they have them. I will definitely be back.” -Yelp Review

Southern Comfort, What More Do You Need?

You may be guilty of skipping lunch, I know I am, so if you have the time, why not look into these delightful restaurants that have a selection of southern comfort food just waiting to be eaten.

The Four Way Soul Food Restaurant

Image courtesy of The Four Way Restaurant Instagram

998 Mississippi Blvd | Memphis | 

“They are an amazing soul food restaurant from the welcoming people to all the history inside that beautiful place and the food was really good

That Baked Fish was delicious!!!” -Yelp Review

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

Image courtesy of the gusfriedchicken website.

310 S Front St | Downtown Memphis Location | 

“When in Memphis you must try Gus's Famous Fried Chicken! The staff is very polite and the cooks make excellent tasty food for you to break bread with your family and friends !” -Yelp Review

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Soul Fish Cafe

Image courtesy of the Soul Fish Cafe Poplar Facebook page.

4720 Poplar Ave | East Memphis Location | 

“Best wings and catfish no matter the location. They always have fresh catfish and chicken. I'm never disappointed with the quantity, quality or service.” -Yelp Review

Dine Out With These Dinner Options

Whether it be for a date, family outing, or meeting up with some friends, dinner is for socializing and what better to do that over some good food?

Maciel’s Tortas & Tacos

Image courtesy of the Maciel’s Tortas & Tacos Facebook page.

45 S Main St | Downtown Memphis Location | 

“The absolute BEST shrimp quesadilla and their soup warms you up from the inside out on a cold day. They always give lots of food for a more than fair price.” -Yelp Review


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