Need to Feed in Downtown Memphis Tennessee?

Five Superb Restaurants in Downtown Memphis

If you are looking for the best restaurants in downtown Memphis Tennessee then you’ll want to be sure to check out one of downtown Memphis’s fine upscale and high end restaurants and eating establishments. With many different styles and cultures of cuisines, and a myriad of atmospheres, the restaurants in downtown Memphis have more to offer than meets the eye. 

Memphis has a much wider selection of cuisine than you might think at first. Of course it has all the American classics, but it also boasts some authentic West African and Italian cuisine as well. Although there are many great options to choose from, in this article today I have compiled a list of some of the top rated restaurants in the downtown Memphis area. The list includes the restaurant's location, a Yelp review, a summary of the restaurant's style, and even a convenient link to the restaurant's website in case you want to order takeout or just want to preview the menu before you go in person. I have also  included links where you can get a GiftYa E-Gift Card for each and every one of the participating restaurants.

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Flight Restaurant Bar & Wine

Located in the Heart of Downtown Memphis

39 S Main St | Downtown |

Not only does Flight come in at number one on the list from the sheer number of overwhelmingly positive reviews, but also because I feel they offer a wide variety of atmospheres. Which I think makes them a great choice because no matter what kind of night you are trying to have, Flight has the atmosphere for you. This is doubly true if you are planning on sending a loved one a gift card to the restaurant. 

They have the main floor which has all the hustle and bustle you would expect with people coming together. Then there is also a bar that offers those who wish to dine alone an option, or if they are just looking for a quick bite to eat and not for a whole dining experience. On top of that (literally) there is the balcony level. Which features small booths and tables and offers  a bit more of an intimate experience. And this privacy is great for both romantic evenings, as well as business meetings.

And it’s really for that reason that Flight makes the top of the list today. I feel like no matter who stops by and reads this article, Flight offers enough variety of atmosphere and experience, that more likely than not, a reader will find exactly what they are looking for when they stop by to check out Flight in downtown Memphis. And I can guarantee you won’t leave disappointed, it seems nobody ever does. 

“Nothing short of an amazing culinary experience! As a self proclaimed family chef who absolutely loves to try new things this was one of my best choices I've ever made!

From the moment we walked in to the moment we walked out the team made every guest feel like they were not only important but also the only patron in the entire place.” - Yelp Review 

Flight Restaurant Bar & Wine is one of the thousands of restaurants that accepts digital GiftYa gift cards but it is also among one of the highest rated best restaurants in downtown Memphis!

The Majestic Grille

Rediscover the Majesty of Downtown Dining in Memphis 

145 S Main St | Downtown |

The Majestic Grille comes in at second place on the list today. This is because although the majority of their reviews are positive, they only boast a 4 star rating, and they do so with less reviews total than Flight does with its four and a half star rating. However, otherwise The Majestic Grille has a lot to offer. 

They are going to serve the classic American restaurant menu. That means that you can get everything from a burger to a Caesar salad. And as such I feel like that makes Majestic a very accessible restaurant. No matter how picky of an eater you have in your group, they are going to be able to find something they like at The Majestic Grille.

And on top of that, they are also well renowned for their breakfast and brunch menu. Apparently their brunch is out of this world. And the way I figure it, who doesn’t like brunch? Between the accessible menu that is sure to please any group of eaters, and the excellent brunch experience they offer brings Majestic Grille to number two on the list today. Well I mean that, and the sheer volume of positive reviews they have.

“Every experience I've had here has been stellar! My favorite time to dine is definitely for brunch. Whether I'm sitting on their incredible patio or at the bar the experience and food are always amazing” - Yelp Review

Get a GiftYa digital gift card for yourself or a loved one to The Majestic Grille and enjoy one of the best restaurants in downtown Memphis by following the link!

Bala’s Bistro

Authentic African Cuisine Right in Downtown Memphis

4571 Elvis Presley Blvd | Downtown |

I always like to try to offer some variety in the food that is served in the restaurants I recommend. And Bala’s Bistro not only boasts a solid five star rating, they also happen to serve West African cuisine. And apparently they are doing an incredible job with it. 

Unlike Flight and The Majestic Grille, Bala’s Bistro offers something totally unique in downtown Memphis. Where the other two restaurants serve what you can essentially get in thousands of restaurants around the country, there aren’t nearly as many options for authentic African food. So between the five star rating, and the unique menu options Bala’s Bistro had to round out the top three restaurants in Downtown Memphis.

“First do not take my word for it. Please go & experience it on your own. Saw it on the news & felt I wanted something different than what's continuously offered here in town. I've never had West African cuisine so a huge THANK YOU to the chefs, cooks & staff at Bala's Bistro. Went in Sunday evening to treat myself to an early birthday meal. The decor is so beautiful & the vibrant colors makes you feel welcomed.” - Yelp Review 

Bala’s Bistro doesn’t offer GiftYa digital gift cards just yet, but check back soon because we are always adding the best restaurants and attractions in downtown Memphis!

Itta Bena

A True Hidden Gem In Downtown Memphis

145 Beale St | Downtown |

Itta Bena also boasts a very high customer review rating with four and a half stars. But they also offer some diversity to the menu selection on this list. They serve classic Southern American cuisine. And I mean really ask yourself. Where are you gonna get more authentic Southern American food than downtown Memphis Tennessee? I mean, I’m not sure how it could be more authentic. 

But there’s more to it than just amazing food. It also has a super runique location and a really cool vibe. It’s located up the fire escape above BB Kings Blues Club! Itta Bena embodies the charm and inspirations of fine southern dining. 

“This place is a "hidden" gem indeed. You cannot tell that it's a restaurant by its location. It's right above BB King's Blues Club and  you have to get there by going up a fire escape. We found it on Yelp. I would definitely go back 10 times over.” - Yelp Review 

Itta Bena is one of the best restaurants in downtown Memphis and they accept GiftYa digital gift cards and you can grab one for you or someone on your list by following the link!

Catherine and Mary’s

Amazing Italian Cuisine in Downtown Memphis

272 S Main St | Downtown |

Catherine and Mary’s is actually the third successful restaurant this team of chefs have opened and operated together. At Catherine and Mary’s they bring the heart of Tuscan and Sicilian grandmother cooking right to the heart of downtown Memphis Tennessee. And as such you can expect the menu to contain a variety of Italian dishes, but also other modern European courses and cuisines. 

“Some of the best pasta I have tasted. If someone told me I was going to get the best pasta in Memphis I would have been pretty skeptical. A city known for BBQ and pig happens to be home to a top tier Italian restaurant. Goes to show that Memphis is a city with a deep culinary culture.”- Yelp Review 

Grab a digital GiftYa gift card to Catherine and Mary’s and treat yo self to one of the best restaurants in downtown Memphis!

There you have it! A list of the top five best restaurants you can find in downtown Memphis. Memphis is a major hub of business and commerce, it’s actually the second largest city in all of Tennessee. So it isn’t easy to narrow down the list of great best restaurants you can find downtown to only what can fit in this post. 

But just from what I gathered for you here today you’ll be sure to find a location that's convenient for you with plenty of excellent options. And remember, if you or someone you love is out in downtown Memphis, I marked off which restaurants accept convenient GiftYa digital gift cards. And you can use them at any of the locations I indicated on this list today. But even if you choose a restaurant that doesn’t accept GiftYa, you’ll be sure to find something delicious when you are out and about in Memphis.

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