Woo Your Date with These 8 Fun-Loving Date Destinations in San Diego

Whether you’ve been out of the dating game for awhile now and are just now getting back into it or you’ve been with your partner for several years now, you might be a little tired of the methods of dating you’re most familiar with. There’s nothing wrong with a classic dinner and movie, but if you’re hoping to spice things up or make a lasting impression with someone you’re really interested in, you might want to think a little outside the box. It’s time to start having fun on your dates.

Below, you’ll find eight fun-loving date destinations in San Diego where you can woo your date.

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The Comedy Store

Website: thecomedystore.com

Address: 916 Pearl St, La Jolla, CA 92037

Neighborhood: La Jolla

Both you and your date can get your giggle on at The Comedy Club. Image courtesy of The Comedy Store Instagram

Every couple goes through rough patches, but if you and your partner can’t laugh together, then you may just want to re-evaluate your relationship. We might have just the thing to help you out! 

All throughout California, there is a collection of comedy clubs called The Comedy Store, and there’s one location just twenty minutes away from San Diego in La Jolla. Bring the fun and laughter to your relationship with some regular visits to your nearby comedy club.

They have regular acts who will make you laugh every single time, as well as some guest appearances from lesser-known acts trying to gain their footing in the comedy world. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to connect with your partner through laughter.

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“We are regulars and really enjoy Lou the musician who is on before the acts come out…Great choices for drinks, good service and a long history of making folks laugh. What more can you ask for?” - Yelp Review


Park & Rec

Website: parkandrecsd.com

Address: 4612 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116

Neighborhood: University Heights

Let the good times roll in any of the different sections available at Park & Rec. Image courtesy of Park & Rec Instagram

Let’s talk about the benefits of versatility. When you take people you’re interested in out on dates, you probably usually like to play it safe with activities like going to see a movie or grabbing dinner at a nice restaurant.

While those dates are perfectly acceptable and a sure way for you to figure out just how well you and your date are going to connect, they don’t leave much room for surprise. If you want to show your date a night that they won’t possibly forget, take them to Park & Rec! 

Their venue is sectioned off into different areas, each of which can give you a different experience. Music, games, and even dancing are opportunities for you and your date to partake in throughout the evening. Just be sure to make a reservation ahead of time.

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“The thing that to me is great about this place is that they have multiple "areas" for all tastes: you are transported within seconds from a rock concert to a salsa night to an outdoors chill patio.” - Yelp Review

Balboa Park

Website: balboapark.com

Address: 1549 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101

Neighborhood: Balboa Park

Get in touch with your inner tourists by taking your date out to Balboa Park to act like tourists for a day. Image courtesy of Balboa Park Instagram

Okay, we know that Balboa Park is typically seen as a tourist attraction for most local residents of San Diego, but hear us out. Sometimes it’s nice to experience the city you know and love as a tourist would - and what better way to do so than with a date?

Balboa Park is so big that you and your date could wander around it from sunrise to sunset and still not see everything it has to offer, and there’s beauty in that. You can stroll around to look at the classic Spanish architecture or you could look at some of the art that’s featured around the grounds.

Top off your date by laying out a blanket on the lawn and enjoying a nice picnic that you’ve prepared for the two of you. Not only is it a romantic gesture, but you’ll also be able to take in the beautiful view as you eat (whether that be the park or each other).

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“Seriously one of my all time favorite places in SoCal!!! I cannot say enough other than you could spend the day here and still not see everything and it's energy is just blissful. I wish I lived closer!!!” - Yelp Review

Costa Brava

Website: costabravasd.com

Address: 1653 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

Neighborhood: Pacific Beach

Who needs airfare to Spain when you can find a traditional Spanish restaurant right in your backyard? Image courtesy of Costa Brava Instagram

Being so close to the southern border, there is no shortage of Mexican restaurants to find in San Diego. Traditional Spanish cuisine, however, is a rare find, indeed, but luckily Costa Brava is here to give you and your partner a taste of some European classics.

Their paella is raved about by nearly everyone who stops in, and we’re pretty sure you won’t find a single place in San Diego that has a wine list a long as theirs is. Take a step into their wine cellar and you’ll find over 500 different wines to try!

If you bring your date around on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday, you’re in for a real treat because that’s when they host live Flamenco music for both of you to really immerse yourselves into the Spanish dining experience. It’ll be almost as good as an actual trip to Spain!

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“Obsessed is an understatement! There are so many choices on the menu but you can't go wrong with anything! We loved the bacon wrapped dates and spicy potatoes but also the paella was fragrant and delicious!” - Yelp Review


Illusions Theatre & Bar

Website: illusionstheatre.com

Address: 827 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Neighborhood: Gaslamp

Is there anything out there that could be better than a magic show combined with a comedy act? Image courtesy of Illusions Theatre & Bar Instagram

There’s nothing quite like a little magic to wow your date into agreeing to go on a second one with you. While we’re pretty sure they can’t actually brew you a love potion that’s sure to make you date stick around for a long time, they’ll certainly show you a good time here.

Illusions Theatre & Bar is an experience like no other in San Diego. When you walk in, they usually guide you to move around the room in a very specific way until you sit down to enjoy some dinner.

From there, you’ll be treated to a show like no other - one that combines both magic and comedy into a neat package wrapped up with a little bow. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to treat your date to an experience like no other!

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“My face hurt from laughing...there is a deceptively simple build up to what turns out to be a very high quality magic and comedy act.” - Yelp Review

Noble Experiment

Website: nobleexperimentsd.com

Address: 777 G St, San Diego, CA 92101

Neighborhood: East Village

Speakeasies are making a comeback all throughout San Diego, and there are none quite as classy as Noble Experiment. Image courtesy of Noble Experiment Instagram

Modern-day speakeasies are becoming all-the-rage throughout the country these days, but especially in San Diego. You can find one almost anywhere if you look hard enough. While alcohol is no longer illegal, you’ll have no problem feeling like you’re back in the 1920s (minus the bad parts) at Noble Experiment.

Dimly lit to make it look like one of the simultaneously seedy and bougie speakeasies we’ve come to recognize (think The Great Gatsby), this is the perfect place for you to bring your date if you’re looking for a quiet place to talk and get to know each other.

You need to make a reservation to come to this speakeasy. The way it works is fairly simple: make your reservation, wait for a text that tells you where to show up, and then you’ll be asked to give a password when you arrive at the door.

Buy a GiftYa to Noble Experiment >

“Ever wonder what it would be like if you mixed alcohol with an escape room? I would imagine you'd get something like a speakeasy. This speakeasy came highly recommended by a friend and I can see why.” - Yelp Review

The Grass Skirt

Website: thegrassskirt.com

Address: 910 Grand Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

Neighborhood: Pacific Beach

Experience a speakeasy with an island twist at The Grass Skirt. Image courtesy of The Grass Skirt Instagram

Like we said, modern speakeasies are aplenty throughout San Diego, but if you’re hoping to take your partner to one that actually feels modern, The Grass Skirt is the perfect place for you to try out this week.

Hidden behind a freezer door, you actually have to enter this literally hidden gem of a tiki bar speakeasy by first walking into the next door poke shop. Enjoy a number of island foods and drinks together as you venture into this restaurant.

They have different attractions for different days of the week, and you won’t want to miss out on any of them. On Fridays they showcase an in-house magician, and you can check their calendar to see when their next trivia night will be so you can both show off your intelligence.

Buy a GiftYa to The Grass Skirt >

“Wow! What a place! The ambiance was amazing, the staff super friendly, the food delicious, and the entertainment just Wow!!! Definitely come on a Friday night to see their magician/illusionist.” - Yelp Review

Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Website: aquarium.ucsd.edu

Address: 2300 Expedition Way, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA 92037

Neighborhood: La Jolla

The story of this rehabilitated sea turtle is about to melt your heart. Image courtesy of Birch Aquarium at Scripps Instagram

If you’re really looking for a way to give your date a unique experience, take them to Birch Aquarium at Scripps in nearby La Jolla! This isn’t your typical aquarium, so don’t expect massive tanks when you come by.

Operated by UCLA’s Institution of Oceanography, this is more of a small, research-based aquarium. You will find some sharks, and plenty of jellyfish, but what they’re most well-known for are their seahorses and sea dragons - the latter of which they’re raising in captivity to keep them from going extinct!

While these exhibits are mostly geared towards children, you and your date are free to ask the researchers hanging around any questions you may have about the creatures around you like the nerds you are.

Buy a GiftYa to Birch Aquarium at Scripps >

“On the day we went, the volunteer told us about shark eggs, pretty cool even for a 30-some year old. I think I was hogging up all his question-answer time.” - Yelp Review

Whether you’re just starting to get back into dating or you’re just looking for new and inventive ways to take your partner out on the town, you don’t have to stick to the same old, same old. Tell us about how your date at one of these places went in the comments below!

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