12 Fun Restaurants in San Diego Where You Can Have A Unique Experience

Are you in San Diego and want to go out to a unique, and fun, restaurant? If so, check out these seven fun restaurants to go to today!

San Diego is a good place to be. Known for its breathtaking beaches, the perfect weather all year round, and lots of fun parks to go to, San Diego is definitely a place that you need to see for yourself. After all that walking around the marvelous city after a while will make you tired, so refuel with some delicious food at their amazing restaurants. Not sure where to go, but you want to go somewhere fun? Well, we think that you need to check out these seven fun restaurants around the San Diego area that you’ll love today!

Main image courtesy of Zagat.

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1. Juniper & Ivy

Be surrounded by art at this spacious restaurant that serves some delicious New American food!

Juniper & Ivy restaurant
Try out Juniper & Ivy and be surrounded by some beautiful artwork in San Diego today! Image courtesy of Eater San Diego. 

2228 Kettner Boulevard | Little Italy | juniperandivy.com

What’s better than sitting in an elegant restaurant enjoying some New American dishes, well, doing just that but surrounded by art! If you decide to eat out at San Diego, then you have to try out Juniper & Ivy today, a fun restaurant in San Diego serving some great food with an even better look. Besides looking aesthetically pleasing, they serve some tasty food too, like deviled eggs, foie gras, pork belly, ahi tuna wellington, beef tartare, and so much more. Make sure to try out Juniper & Ivy today!

“Probably my favorite restaurant in San Diego! The menu changes practically daily so there's plenty of incentive to return as often as possible. Seasonal ingredients, innovative preparation, attentive service, and beautiful ambience - not to mention the food itself is ridiculously delicious.” - Yelp Review 

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2. Trust

A fun restaurant filled with tasty cocktails, food, and so much more!

Put your trust into the restaurant Trust with its delicious New American food, cocktails, and more! Image courtesy of Eater San Diego. 

3752 Park Boulevard | Hillcrest | trustrestaurantsd.com

Looking to put your trust into some good food at a fun restaurant? Then you need to try out Trust, a New American restaurant serving some delicious food and some great cocktails to go along with it as well! This restaurant features an open, and bright, spacious area to enjoy a bite to eat with friends and family, and they offer some great food too! With choices like lobster risotto, braised oxtail ravioli, wood grilled octopus, lamb meatballs, shrimp and sausage, and so much more, you’ll definitely want to keep on coming back here. Check out Trust in San Diego today!

“Overall, the food, customer service, and presentation of food were all great! I had a wonderful experience and I highly recommend Trust to locals or tourists!” - Yelp Review

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3. Waypoint Public

This is a restaurant even your kids will like with its own kids play area in it!

Check out Waypoint Public that has its own kids play area in it for kids to make it even more fun! Image courtesy of Go San Diego.

3794 30th Street | North Park | waypointpublic.com 

If you want to enjoy a restaurant that not only is fun to you, but to your children as well, then you need to check out Waypoint Public! Waypoint Public is a gastropub that serves burgers and things of that matter, but they also serve breakfast and brunch too. This restaurant features a unique kids play area that will keep kids entertained as you are eating, and the play area is in close range, so you can keep an eye on your child too while you enjoy your meal. They offer dishes such as their signature Public burger, tamales, street tacos, chilaquiles, egg and cheese sandwiches, and so much more. Make sure to try out Waypoint Public and bring the kids to enjoy it too!

“They had a great drink selection and the food was so good and even though it was a big group the food and drinks came out fast! I loved the open atmosphere and picnic tables for big groups!” - Yelp Review

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4. Corvette Diner

Check out this fun 1950s themed restaurant serving tasty burgers and shakes!

Check out Corvette Diner where the waitresses dress like they’re from the 1950s and the food is delicious! Image courtesy of Travel Mamas.

2965 Historic Decatur Road | Liberty Station | cohnrestaurants.com/corvettediner 

There’s nothing better than going to a restaurant that gives you a fun experience that you’ll remember forever. We recommend going to Corvette Diner today for a fun, nostalgic experience you’ll never forget. With the waitresses styling their hair to look like beehives and dressing from the 1950s, to an old corvette sitting in the middle of the restaurant, Corvette Diner is the fun 1950s diner you’ve always wanted to go to. They serve delicious food such as lots of different kinds of cheeseburgers and even milkshakes named after famous celebrities of the time, such as Elvis Presley and more. This restaurant will leave a lasting impression on you, so make sure to check out Corvette Diner today!

“Since I was a kid this place has been a hit. Today, we took my son there for his birthday. Everything was great, even with COVID restrictions, they made the day special. Thank you staff, and Millie. Order the cotton candy platter!” - Yelp Review 

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5. Werewolf

Want to do a little karaoke? Check out this restaurant for good too and karaoke nights every night!

Enjoy a fun night of karaoke and good food when you come to Werewolf in San Diego today! Image courtesy of San Diego Reader.

627 4th Street | Gaslamp | thewerewolf.net

What’s better than going to a fun restaurant? Going to a fun restaurant that offers karaoke! If you come to Werewolf, you can enjoy a fun experience of karaoke and some tasty food and cocktails for a night to remember. Werewolf is a burger joint and breakfast place that offers everything from steak scramble, eggs benedict, country fried steak, quesadilla huevos rancheros, and so much more. If you want to have fun while enjoying either breakfast, lunch, or dinner, then you need to come to Werewolf today! 

“We got the SD philly cheese steak with fries, and I got the chicken salad. Fries were bomb, and my friend said the sandwich was one of the best he's ever had. My salad was very filling and flavorful.” - Yelp Review  

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6. Starlite

Explore a swanky setting with some delicious eats at this restaurant!

If you want to check out a unique, one-of-a-kind restaurant, then you need to go to Starlite for it’s swanky look and good food! Image courtesy of Starlite. 

3175 India Street | Middletown | starlitesandiego.com

Do you want to go to a swanky restaurant that is elegant on the inside, but serves some tasty pub food? If this is the case, then you need to check out Starlite today! Starlite is a fun gastropub with an elegant inside to provide for a unique dining experience. Some of these delicious choices that they offer to eat are jidori chicken, grilled octopus, mac n cheese chicken, and even veggie burgers, with so much more to explore on the menu. Make sure to stop by Starlite today for a unique and fun restaurant experience!

“Special cocktail bar and restaurant that never disappoints. Great place for meeting friends especially on the way home from whatever. A bit of 1950's vibe, which adds to the atmosphere.” - Yelp Review 

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7. Rustic Root

Experience a modern rooftop featuring a seasonal menu that changes all the time to keep you coming back!

If you want some rooftop views of San Diego while getting a bite to eat, look no further than Rustic Root! Image courtesy of OpenTable.

535 5th Street | Gaslamp | rusticroot.com

There’s nothing better than some rooftop views while enjoying some great food too! If you’re wanting to go to a nice and fun restaurant with some great dishes and an even better experience, then check out Rustic Root today! Rustic Root is a New American restaurant and cocktail bar that adds just the right amount of deliciousness to go with rooftop views of San Diego. They also have some pretty neat shrubbery that is shaped as many different kinds of animals to gaze at while enjoying firecracker shrimp, sticky pork belly, fried chicken, lobster pappardelle, eggs benedict, and so much more. Stop by Rustic Root today for some magnificent views and for a fun time too!

“The Rustic Burger at Rustic Root is SO delicious and unique! The house made bacon jam mustard aioli is this textured jam that adds so much flavor!” - Yelp Review 

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8. insideOUT

An elevated urban oasis with Mediterranean inspired cuisine. 

1642 University Ave Ste 100 | San Diego | insideoutsd.com

InsideOUT is known as San Diego’s only urban oasis. The striking venue is the most fun and unique part of an insideOUT dining experience. Sitting in the gorgeous Eitol Towers, the restaurant’s main dining room opens up to an open air atrium that features seating nooks, walkways, and a stand out water feature. 

This restaurant is known for its fun events as well as its decor. They host elevated pop-up installations throughout the year to help guests enjoy themselves. The creative menu put together by their executive chef is also a draw for customers. They take a unique approach to Mediterranean inspired California cuisine while using fresh ingredients from local merchants and providing excellent service. 

“I love inside out, the food is always delicious and on point and they make great cocktails! Our waiter was Julian and he has served me many times and he is truly the best server in Hillcrest! I highly recommend insideOUT it is fabulous!”–Yelp Review

9. RustiCucina

A classic blend of American and Sicilian food. 

3797 Park Blvd | San Diego | rusticucina.com

RustiCucina is a farm-to-table eatery that merges food cultures. They specialize in American and Sicilian food, something their name represents, and emphasize using locally sourced food to create seasonal dishes. This is all done in an ambiance that remains warm to give customers the most comfortable experience. 

The three partners who founded this restaurant are all from Sicily and have decided to bring their authentic home cuisine to San Diego for the past several years. On their menu, you can find classics like cacio e pepe, classic pesto, and calamari. You can also try their wild boar sausage, pappardelle al brasato, and their risotto of the day!

“By far the best Italian spot we've been to since moving to San Diego!!! The cheese wheel pasta is a must!!! But also the short rib pappardelle is a MUST, we dream about it! Also the service is amazing and so nice and attentive. Lastly- such a cute vibe, cute decorations and always a chill but fun ambiance.”–Yelp Review

10. Bud & Rob’s Bistro

Creole and Cajun cuisine served in San Diego with passion. 

815 F St | San Diego | budandrobsbistro.com

Bud & Rob’s Bistro brings a taste of New Orleans right to San Diego! The chef and owner has always had a passion for his hometown’s cuisine, and has made it his mission in life to share it with people outside of the city. So if you’re not already familiar with Creole and Cajun cuisine, this is the place in San Diego to try some. And if you’re already a fan, this place will satisfy all of your cravings. 

On the menu, you will find Creole and Cajun classics like fried shrimp po boys, red beans and rice, blackened catfish, and more. They also offer plenty of food items you may not already know about like Mardi Gras pasta Creola, and crawfish etouffee. You’ll even get the chance to try desserts like Creole pecan pie and bread pudding. 

“Wow wow wow the food here is soooo good! The etouffee in the taste of New Orleans was my favorite thing there - super flavorful, the roux was deep and incorporated so much seafood flavor. Gumbo was tasty and I was even able to try alligator! All in all, I would definitely recommend it.”–Yelp Review

11. Gaslamp Fish House

Seafood fusion restaurant named after an adventurous sailor. 

411 Broadway | San Diego | gaslampfishhouse.com

Gaslamp Fish House is known as the first restaurant to be located in the Gaslamp Quarter. It is a lively part of San Diego’s night time district where you can find multiple restaurants as well as nightlife, bars, and theaters. This restaurant pays homage to Spike Africa, whose life was dedicated to the ocean. And they are just as committed to serving high quality seafood as Spike was to sailing the blue seas. 

This restaurant offers a creative fusion of American and Mediterranean cuisine. With their locally sourced seafood, oyster bar, and fresh fish, they delight customers all throughout San Diego. They have even beat out thousands of competitors for the “Taste of Gaslamp 2018” award!

“Best place for happy hour oysters!! $1.5 each for 3:30 to 5:30 pm. Good food and great atmosphere! Very friendly service!”–Yelp Review

12. One Door North

Nature inspired restaurant that lets you “camp” during dinner. 

3422 30th St | San Diego | onedoornorthsd.com

One Door North is a chef-driven restaurant founded on a love of the outdoors. They embrace quality seasonal ingredients to give customers fresh and delicious food. And everything is sustainably sourced, so on top of their food being delicious, it is also quite ethical! 

This restaurant is where you will find a fun atmosphere as well as delicious food. They will let you escape from life’s daily struggles with a wide beer selection, craft cocktails, and even live music. They even offer unique tent seating that you can book to go “camping” while you eat dinner. You can rent out a little tent for a quick meal or their whole campground for an event. 

“I came here with friends from out of town and I had the rainbow trout with couscous and my friends had steaks,  don't remember what the cut was but we were all so happy with our meal and the service was great.”–Yelp Review

Sometimes after a long hard day of work in San Diego, or even if you’re new to the area, you need to explore it a little bit better by checking out the restaurant scene. If you’re looking for some fun restaurants to go to, we hope that we were able to help you find the best one with the top seven today!

Is there a fun restaurant in San Diego that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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