Where To Grab The Most Iconic Hot Dogs In Philly

Whether you like your hot dogs plain or fancy, here are the perfect places to satisfy your craving in Philly!

Philly is best known for cheesesteaks, pretzels, hoagies, and water ice when it comes to its culinary offerings. But recently, fancier hot dog joints and trucks have been coming up which are hard to ignore because of their innovative touches on the regular hot dog.

They offer different options with treats such as bacon-wrapped chili dogs, hot water dogs, dogs that are fried, and those that are griddled. There’s even one served in a fancy baguette.

Whether you’re on the go, in a rush, or just want a quick meal, you can’t go wrong with a hot dog from these top spots in Philadelphia.

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Lucky's Last Chance- Manayunk

4421 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127 luckyslastchance.com

Contemporary spot serving savory hot dogs and over-the-top burgers!

Are you looking for a comfortable hangout spot for some classic and delicious hot dogs? Then you should go to Lucky’s Last Chance – Manayunk. This is clearly a fan favorite when it comes to all things hot dogs with eight styles and generous amounts of toppings including mustard barbecue sauce, pulled pork, sautéed mushrooms, provolone, and garlic aioli.

When you visit, make sure you order the Voodoo option that comes with shredded Cajun chicken, onion strings, American cheese toppings, and their secret string sauce in a butter toasted New England style roll. The Last Chance Coney is also a good option which is their first creation served with shredded cheddar, and delicious homemade chili on a butter toasted roll. They use authentic natural casing when it comes to their wrapping their dogs and gently nestle them in the New England style hot dog rolls.

Apart from hot dogs, they also serve award-winning burgers such as PB & Bacon, Mak Attack, My Boy Bleu, bacon, egg, and cheeseburger, and more. All their burgers are served on staff approved, butter roasted, delicious Liscio’s roll. Be sure to order tots n fries made from scratch onion strings to enjoy along with your hot dog or burger. Whatever you choose will surely be delicious as expected!

Fox & Son Fancy Corn Dogs

51 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 foxandsonphilly.com

Counter-serve spot for fair-inspired snacks such as corn dogs, cheese curds, and funnel cakes!

If you love your hot dog with a range of toppings and condiments, then you should try the ones at Fox & Son Fancy Corn Dogs spot. It’s the premier spot to grab some nostalgic and festival fair delicacies located while you’re in Philly’s famous Reading Terminal Market. The menu is completely gluten-free with fresh items made on order.

For classic corn dogs, you can choose from pork and beef, turkey, all-beef, veggie, spicy pork, or jumbo beef. If you want something a little heavier, you can try the fancy corn dog combo. They also serve some hand-cut fries tossed in garlic, parmesan, ranch, or habanero seasoning. You can choose from classic, poutine, chorizo, or cheeseburger-loaded fries with some beef, cheddar Queso, and sauce royale.

Recently, they have already launched a line of gluten-free cake and corn dog mixes as well as corn dog kits available for shipping across the country.

Johnny’s Hots

1234 N Delaware Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125 facebook.com

A long-serving local stand that serves hot dogs, sausages, and combos including Philly fish cakes!

Johnny’s may not resemble that sophisticated spot you may be having in mind, but one bite will make you a true believer in this local stand. While it's a little stand, Johnny’s has been serving up delicious hot dogs, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and other Philly favorites.

Get here early in the morning and order some sandwiches for breakfast with options such as plain egg, pork roll and cheese, hot sausage, as well as egg and cheese with a choice of ham, bacon, pork roll, peppers, sausage scrapple, potatoes, and spinach.

Go ahead and try the Hot Combo, a perennial favorite mix of smashed fish cake, smoked sausage, fried onions and mustard. Toppings are in plenty with options such as mustard, onions, relish, sauerkraut, ketchup, mayo, tartar, pickles, pepper hash, and horseradish sauce.

Cheesesteak, roast pork, meatball, and cheeseburger are also great options to enjoy during lunch hour. Don’t forget to grab your favorite drink to enjoy along with your hotdog.

Miller's Twist

51 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 millerstwist.com

Market joint serving up breakfast roll-ups, house-made soft pretzels, and ice cream at the counter!

Looking for an upscale, contemporary spot to grab the best roll-up? Try Miller’s Twist. This Market outpost is known for its delicious hot dogs that stand out from the rest. The folks here will wrap anything in their buttery folks including the tender soft pretzel dogs that are almost too good for words. Make sure you try the plain pretzel dog, jumbo dog, pretzel cheese dog, or the breakfast roll-up if you want something extra.

Other roll-ups to try include Philly cheesesteak, hot beef sausage, chicken feta sausage, jalapeno cheddar, smokey cheesers, as well as ham and cheese. Don’t forget to try their ice cream and milkshakes will different flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter ripple, black raspberry, butter pecan, black cherry, brownie chocolate swirl, and more.

You can pair your hot dog with your favorite drink. There’s no way you’ll still be hungry after a visit here.

Frankford Hall

1210 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125 frankfordhall.com

Huge German-style beer garden serving great food option to soak up the brews!

A quick look at Frankford Hall is enough to know that they have plenty of great treats to offer. Located in an industrial structure in the heart of Philly’s Fishtown, this German-style beer garden strikes the perfect balance between edge and charm. The massive garage doors and trees with twinkling lights make the place lively with the spacious interior that spreads out the action between the open-air picnic tables and indoor bar area.

Come here for brunch and enjoy the Deutsche’s Platter with a choice of weisswurst sausage or smoked salmon, two fried eggs, potato pancakes, apple sauce, pumpernickel toast, and gherkins. Also, try the huge plates of wurst sampler, wiener schnitzel, wurst plate, or roasted chicken with paprikash sauce.

If you’re into burgers and sandwiches, you can grab either the Kanzler, schnitzel sandwich, or the veggie burger served with potato burn, cheddar cheese, garlic aioli, lettuce, and secret sauce. Grab a side and your favorite drink to enjoy along with your main meal.

Five Guys

1527 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19102 fiveguys.com

Fast-food chain serving made-to-order hot dogs, burgers, and fries, plus free peanuts while you wait!

There are days when nothing will sound good but only an old-fashioned hot dog. And where else can you get the best hot dogs than in Five Guys? Their passion is shared with the fans which is why they take their hot dogs seriously. They use only fresh ingredients hand-prepared to satisfy your craving.

Swing by after a long day and get yourself a Kosher Style Hot Dog or even a bacon cheese dog. Many people suggest splitting one between two people and ordering some fries cooked Cajun style to complete your meal. If you’re in the mood for burgers and sandwiches, go for the bacon cheeseburgers and the grilled cheese sandwich that are sure to keep you full throughout the day. Their toppings include lettuce, pickles, grilled mushrooms, Jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, green peppers, hot sauce, and more.

While at it, grab a handspun vanilla milkshake with or without whipped cream and choose as many free mix-ins they have from bacon to strawberries to salted caramel, and more.

Good Dog Bar

224 S 15th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102 gooddogbar.com

Hip bar serving craft beer and signature blue-cheese burgers on a pooch-themed setting!

Good Dog Bar can be considered a restaurateur’s take on your local neighborhood snack bar. For the longest time, customers have been flocking this spot for their signature burgers and plenty of other classics. The walls of the three-story building are lined with photos of beautiful pups thanks to their dedication to finding homes for the homeless and unwanted animals within the Philly area.

That said, the menu here is quite extensive with delicious bar fare including the Good Dog Burger stuffed with Roquefort cheese and topped with challah bun, caramelized onions, and fries, or the traditional burger that comes with lettuce, tomato, challah bun, and fries. Come in during happy hour and enjoy favorites such as Korean fried chicken sandwiches, beer brat sandwiches, bourbon smash, draughts, and more.  

They also have an extensive craft beer list that is updated in real-time after every change.


With so many different things to try while you’re in Philly, a hot dog might be the last thing on your mind. But sometimes the craving is too much, so if you find yourself looking for the best hot dog in town, we’ve got the best spots to fit your needs. Is there a hot dog spot that you love? Let us know in the comments!

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