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Sip Indulgent Milkshakes at These Hidden Spots in Washington

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Smoothies are hale and hearty as well as fun to enjoy, but we know you’re craving some refreshing milkshake.

Nothing tastes better than a thick, creamy milkshake to accompany your favorite burger and fries. These delectable sweet treats provide a wonderful experience for everyone looking for something cool to enjoy. Whether you want your shake vanilla or straight-up malted, with a bit of candy or a combination of different flavors, there is something for everyone in DC.

Here’s the inside scoop of where to find summer’s best milkshakes in Washington this year.

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York Castle Ice Cream

827 Hungerford Dr, Rockville, MD 20850 facebook.com

A longtime spot to grab homemade ice cream in tropical-inspired flavors!

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Source: Yelp

York Castle Ice Cream is combining classic milkshakes but adding a little twist to them with incredible flavors. They have a couple of milkshakes that will surely interest you.

Shake enthusiasts should try options such as milkshakes with a choice of ice cream blended with thick skim milk, or a fruit shake with your choice of ice cream blended with honey, thick skim milk, and fruit flavors such as banana, mamey, soursop, mango, and papaya. Choose your flavor from either banana, butter pecan, chocolate, black cherry, and Caribbean cherry.

They also serve incredible banana splits and diners love the Jumbo type with a choice of three flavors, toppings, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. You can add extra toppings such as chocolate chips, caramel, crushed peanut, and hot fudge. If you’re into sundaes, you can have either the one scoop or three scoop sundae with a choice of ice cream, a cherry, and two toppings.

They even have prepacked flavors to take away and enjoy at home!

The Diner

2453 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009 dinerdc.com

Retro-style restaurant serving creative comfort food, plus house-made desserts!

D:\David\Top Milkshakes in Washington - Images\The Diner.jpg
Source: Yelp

The Diner is another fantastic spot to grab amazing milkshakes in Washington. Guests flock here to hang out ad enjoy old-fashioned milkshakes, huge grilled burgers, and an all-day brunch.

When you come to the Diner you will be greeted by the huge hand-painted murals in the backdrop with large leather-covered over-sized booths and rustic bar stools that fill their welcoming space every day.

Go ahead and try unique flavors such as peanut’s revenge shake topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, strawberry shake, chocolate shake with chocolate sauce, root beer float, vanilla shake, and orangesicle float with Sunkist orange soda.

They also serve American comfort food for brunch, lunch, and dinner, as well as signature drinks that embrace the diversity of the area’s residents and tastes.

Ben's Chili Bowl

1213 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009 benschilibowl.com

The historic spot that attracts locals and celebrities for chili-cheese, hot dogs, and milkshakes!

D:\David\Top Milkshakes in Washington - Images\Ben's Chili Bowl.jpg
Source: Yelp

From the time Ben and Virginia Ali opened Ben’s Chili Bowl in 1958, they have been serving the locals and celebrities the best food and milkshakes in town. Although there has been a lot of changes over the years, their commitment to their guest remains the same.

Come to this bistro and order some fresh homemade chili and half-smokes using an original secret recipe. Stay for the handspun thick and creamy milkshakes with flavors such as chocolate, cherry, vanilla, strawberry, Oreo, and maple with cherry, whipped cream, and additional toppings. You can also order some fountain drinks to enjoy alongside your milkshake.

If you’re hungry, grab one of their chili and bowls such as the Ben’s Famous Chili Bowl and you can choose from either the homemade chili con carne, veggie chili, or turkey chili – made with only the freshest natural ingredients available. Make sure you include a side of chili cheese fries, French fries, or even some gourmet onion rings as an accompaniment!

Shake Shack

1216 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20036 shakeshack.com

Hip, counter-serve chain known for gourmet takes on fast-food classics like frozen custard, milkshakes, and burgers!

The name says it all! At Shake Shack, they make milkshakes from frozen custard in unique flavors such as caramel as well as black and white. The sharp, colorful interior design will take you back to the days gone and you’ll be sure to find a favorite shake that grabs you by the palate.

Go ahead and try shakes such as banana brulee, peanut butter and jelly, coconut, red licorice, and mocha banana malted. However, if you’re a traditional shaker, you can get flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

If you are hungry, they have huge buffalo chicken that is crispy served with ranches sauces, with the best of the house’s ShackMeister Ale. Make sure you also grab a coffee and chocolate pie to enjoy along with your choice of shake.

Thomas Sweet Ice Cream Co.

3214 P St NW, Washington, DC 20007 thomassweet.com

Popular dessert shop serving small-batch ice cream including frozen yogurt, milkshakes, and handmade chocolates!

D:\David\Top Milkshakes in Washington - Images\Shake Shack.jpg
Source: Yelp

Looking for some homemade ice creams and incredible blend-ins, Thomas Sweet Ice Cream Co got it. This mini-chain has been a Georgetown classic for all your ice cream and milkshake needs. Order a shake in one of their several ice cream and frozen yogurt flavors available by the scoop. We recommend the Oreo shake, it’s incredible.

If you want something chocolatey, then try options such as dark chocolate assortment and milk chocolate. Enjoy the inviting scent of roasted coffee that you can smell in the café. Ask one of the baristas to whip up a macchiato, cappuccino, or even a plain old decaf with some room for milk.

If you want something to eat, they make freshly baked pastries that you can always count on to remain full. They are made from fresh ingredients sourced locally. Whatever you like, they are sure to get it at Thomas Sweet Ice Cream Co as long as it’s ice cream, milkshakes, and baked goodies.

Ted's Bulletin

505 8th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003 tedsbulletin.com

Fantastic shakes and burgers served in a laid-back restaurant!

D:\David\Top Milkshakes in Washington - Images\Thomas Sweet Ice Cream Co..jpg
Source: Yelp

The menu at Ted’s Bulletin is extensive and is updated regularly. Ted’s favorites include classic American dishes and cocktails including other fresh flavors such as Croque Madame, Tamarind Glazed Wings, and Blackened Flounder. Whether you’re staying for early breakfast, grabbing some lunch, sitting down for dinner, having a weekend brunch, or staying for after-work drinks, Ted’s Bulletin offers an incredible menu served all day.

Enjoy popular shakes such as Ted’s Tarts with flavors such as strawberry, blueberry cheesecake, s’mores, cherry blossom, brown sugar and cinnamon. They also serve other options such as caramel macchiato, Oreo, peppermint, health almond, s’mores, strawberry banana, and more. If you like a little alcohol in your shakes, they serve boozy options such as mocha, Irish caramel coffee, white Russian, toasted coconut, grasshopper, and Nutty professor.

Make sure you pair that with some pies or cakes such as cherry blossom churros dipped in chocolate sour cherry, dried flowers, and cinnamon sugar, cherry blossom hand pie, four-layer carrot cake, and double chocolate devil’s food cake. Make sure you come in during happy hour and enjoy signature cocktails, draft beer, and wine selections!


2157 P St NW, Washington, DC 20037 zburger.com

A fast-food restaurant known for its huge selection of burgers, milkshakes, hot dogs, and cheesesteaks!

D:\David\Top Milkshakes in Washington - Images\Ted's Bulletin.jpg
Source: Yelp

Z-Burger is among the highly acclaimed eateries in DC and is home to delicious handcrafted burgers with plenty of toppings, freshly cut fries, and over 75 different varieties of hand-spun milkshakes and concretes. It’s a perfect spot to take your family and friends. Actually, it’s a local favorite for the former President of the US, Bill Clinton.

Try their hand-spun milkshakes such as amaretto, banana pineapple, blueberry cheesecake, caramel apple, marshmallow, peach mango, peanut butter cup, and more. If you come hungry, make sure you order one of their cheesesteaks such as the bacon Philly with a choice of toppings including mayo, pickles, sautéed mushrooms, lettuce and mustard. Make sure you add some sauce and premium toppings if you want more.

If you still have some space, try their hand-crafted burgers made from freshly ground beef. They are truly delicious. Vegetarians can enjoy the grilled cheese sandwich or the veggie burger with black beans!

Whether you like your milkshake plain or even with a little alcohol, you will surely find a perfect spot to get your treat on this list. So, which is your favorite go-to spot for refreshing milkshakes in Washington? Let us know in the comments!


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