What Kind of Gifts Are You Supposed to Give to Someone for Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco De Mayo is a vibrant holiday so the gifts you give should be just as full of life.

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday that is well-known for the lively way it is celebrated, and the colorful decorations that come with the celebration. It probably brings to mind vibrant colors, delicious tacos, and fruity drinks. And there’s a chance you might spend it at a party enjoying Mexican food and drinks. It’s a holiday that many people like to join in on celebrating, but not too many people outside of Mexico know what exactly is being celebrated. 

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that celebrates Mexico’s victory over France. Many people believe that it is Mexico’s Independence Day, but that actually happens during a whole different month. That battle wasn’t an easy battle for Mexico and they managed to beat the odds by winning despite the difficulty. Because of that victory, they make sure to celebrate it each year on the fifth of May. And many people around the world like to join in on the fun just to be part of a celebration. This is one of many holidays people around the world celebrate without knowing all the details, but the details can make the celebration feel even more meaningful. 

One detail it wouldn’t hurt to know is what you should give someone on Cinco De Mayo. You can participate in the celebration even deeper once you learn all the traditions and customs that usually come with it. Cinco De Mayo isn’t a holiday that requires gifts, it can just make the celebration more fun to give them out! For this holiday, getting Mexican party themed gifts will make the celebrations so much more fun. 

Taco Tray

This makes tacos so much easier to serve. Image courtesy of Podyne

During any Cinco De Mayo celebration, there will be many tacos around. Any restaurant that is celebrating is probably serving tacos, and anyone hosting a party at their house should also be serving them. If you get someone a taco tray, it will make it so they can comfortably eat two or three tacos while they sit on a nice display tray. You will make all of someone’s future taco nights better than usual with a tray like this. 

When it comes to taco trays, you can find several different types to suit your tastes or a friend’s tastes. There are metal trays, plastic ones, glass ones, and more. You can even find really colorful and creative ones. Some taco trays are multi-colored and some come in cool shapes. You can get multiple little trays in time for the Cinco De Mayo party, or get one for a friend so that they can further enjoy any future taco nights. 

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Margarita Set

A margarita is one of the most popular Mexican drinks on the market. They are made up of tequila and lime juice, and sometimes with various flavor syrups. They are often served with salt or sugar around the rim of the glass. You can find them served at most bars and restaurants, and when it comes to a Mexican holiday, you will find them in abundance. So to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, get someone a margarita set so that they can enjoy making themselves margaritas later. 

You can offer a margarita set in time to make drinks at a Cinco De Mayo party for everyone coming. Margaritas are known for being offered in a variety of flavors, so you’ll have a whole lot to choose from when looking at margarita sets. A margarita set will likely come with margarita mix that will either be original or flavored, margarita salt, and two or more plastic cups so that you can put everything together. Making your own margaritas will be a fun experience when you have everything needed to make good ones. 

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When someone is setting up a party for Cinco De Mayo, they will need to have lots of tortillas. So if you bring over some quality tortillas, it will make it so they don’t run out at some point during the party. If the host ends up with lots of tortillas left over after the event, that just means they have more for making tacos later on! Just make sure to get good tortillas that most people at the party will likely enjoy. 

You can always find a variety of tortillas in stores. Any store that sells tortillas will likely have different types and flavors of flour tortillas, like gluten free alongside some others. You also have the option to make the tortillas yourself, which is something that often yields amazing results. Homemade tortillas are fresh and delicious and anyone would feel grateful to have them as a gift. All you have to do is find a great recipe

Chips & Salsa

Chips and salsa are perfect for just about any party, but especially a Mexican themed party. Salsa is a Mexican staple that is delicious when served with some great tortilla chips. As long as you manage to find some delicious chips and salsa that party guests will love, people will probably be munching on it the entire party. You can always go out and find the best salsa to buy, or you can find a good recipe to replicate so you can give away some amazing and fresh salsa. Homemade salsa can be a huge hit. Just make sure that you make enough for everyone!

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Margarita Glasses

These colorful glasses can be quite festive. Image courtesy of Amazon

Everyone could use some margarita glasses at home. Having some fun margarita glasses might get someone in the mood to make themselves some cool drinks more than they normally would without them. It just feels a lot more festive to drink a margarita out of a margarita glass rather than just a plain glass. They will be fun to enjoy during a holiday like Cinco De Mayo and also on any day afterward. 

When looking at margarita glasses, they will all have the same general shape, but there will still be many differences among them. Some are taller, some are shorter, some are colorful, and some are hand painted. You can find plastic ones and glass ones. Whatever your friend’s tastes, you will manage to find a margarita glass that suits them. 


Maracas are a fun part of Mexican celebrations, which will make them a great Cinco De Mayo gift. Maracas are an instrument used during celebrations all across Latin America and the Caribbean. They are rattles that are usually sold as two so that people can use both hands to shake the maracas during celebrations. The sound of maracas is vibrant as well as their colors. They are often painted vibrantly so they are as fun to look at as they are to dance with. 

Margarita Tumbler 

Margarita tumblers are like margarita glasses, but harder to damage. If someone wants to walk around their place with their margarita, hang out at a pool with it, or place it down in any spot, a tumbler can be more comfortable to carry than a glass. That way, you won’t have to worry about dropping or damaging it as much. And when you have people over for a celebration, it is more comfortable to hand out cups that aren’t breakable for people to drink out of, especially when having a likely party. 

A margarita tumbler can come in even more varieties than a margarita glass. They come in different colors and textures, and they come with lids which will keep your margarita safe in any type of situation. You can dance around to your heart’s content with a margarita tumbler and never have to worry about spilling your drink. 


This will be fun to burst open with some avocado lovers. Image courtesy of Amazon

A pinata is a fun party favor that is often associated with Mexico. It is a decorative container filled with candies and gifts that is meant to be busted open with a stick. A person is usually blindfolded as they attempt to burst open the pinata. It is often something that is brought to kids parties, but there is no reason a group of adults can’t bust open a pinata to celebrate a holiday! 

A pinata can come in a variety of shapes and colors. They are often very vibrant and made to lift the spirits of people who see it. You can get a pinata that’s shaped like a star, like a donkey, a whale, a pineapple, and even an avocado. The options are endless when it comes to pinatas. You can easily find something that will make whoever you’re giving it to very happy. 


One fun way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo is with some colorful jewelry. If you want to make sure that you and your loved ones look festive for the holiday, you can get you all some fun and colorful Cinco De Mayo themed jewelry. You can easily find a lot of cheap and simple pieces that you can buy and hand out. You can find earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that are shaped like tacos, sombreros, margaritas, and jalapenos among other things. 

When you wear this jewelry with someone you will brighten up whatever you enter with your festive spirit. This jewelry will look great if paired with vibrant clothing items as well. Sombrero earrings can be the perfect way to accessorize a fun Cinco De Mayo outfit. 


This will put someone right in the party mood. Image courtesy of Amazon

A sombrero is a wide brimmed Mexican hat with a pointed top that is typically worn by men to shield their faces from the sun. It often comes with a chin strap, and usually comes in various bright and vibrant colors. You can find intricately well made sombreros as well as novelty ones that are mainly good for a night of fun. A sombrero can really make a Mexican themed celebration feel even more festive and fun, and can make great decorations to just have hanging in your home!

When you get your friend a sombrero, they will look like the most festive person at any Cinco De Mayo celebration. They can have fun wearing it out to a restaurant, or at a party they are hosting or attending. Wearing it out during hot summer days can even make a good use for a sombrero. However they choose to show it off, this will make a really fun gift for anyone. 

Mexican Soda

One way to celebrate a Mexican holiday is to enjoy all things Mexican. While you’re enjoying  great Mexican foods and margaritas, try out a Mexican soda. They have a different flavor profile from most American sodas and are great to try. You and the people you offer them to are likely to find that you love these sodas, maybe just as much or even more than the sodas you are used to. 

Some popular Mexican sodas include Jarritos, Mexican Coke, and Sol. These sodas aren’t the same as your average soda, they are packed with unique flavors that anyone you give these to will probably grow to love right away. Having a pack of a soda like Jarritos for everyone at a Cinco De Mayo gathering will feel more festive than having traditional American sodas. Mexican drinks to top of your Mexican food can help tie the event together. 

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Cinco De Mayo is a great event that deserves to be celebrated well, and one way you can accomplish that is by giving friends or guests amazing Cinco De Mayo themed gifts that will make the holiday more fun! Anything on this list is sure to liven up any Cinco De Mayo celebration and will make the holiday even more fun to celebrate.

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