11 Can’t Miss Restaurants in The Vista [Columbia, SC]

From a Taste of Italy Right Here in Soda City to Authentic Mexican Cuisine, These Restaurants at The Vista Should Be at the Top of Your List

Columbia is South Carolina’s capital city and the second largest city in the entire state. And as such it is filled with all kinds of amazing restaurants and bars. But if you are hoping to find some of the best of the best that the city has to offer, then you’ll want to be sure to check out The Vista. The Vista is really a central hub of some of the best shopping, dining, art, entertainment, and nightlife that the city has to offer. But there’s so much to do at The Vista that it can be a little overwhelming to choose which great restaurant you want to visit. So today I have a post that has some of the best restaurants you can find, as well as many of the popular national chains that are located in The Vista.

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But that’s enough of an introduction, let’s get right to that list of great restaurants you can find in The Vista in Columbia, South Carolina!

1 - Di Vino Rosso

Out of this World Italian Food Located Conveniently in the Vista!

807 Gervais St | Columbia | divinorossosc.com

If you are hoping to find some incredible Italian cuisine in a relaxing and soothing atmosphere while you are out exploring The Vista, then look no further than Di Vino Rosso. They have out of this world pasta dishes, seafood, and different meat entrees like beef tenderloin and veal chops. And on top of all of that, they feature live music in a soothing atmosphere and have plenty of phenomenal wine options to perfectly compliment your meal.

They also do special meals every week so be sure to ask your server if they don’t mention them. And you’ll want to be sure to try out Di Vino Rosso because they were voted as one of the best restaurants in all of Columbia, not just The Vista itself.

“You absolutely cannot go wrong with this fine establishment! Not only is the food/drinks phenomenal but the staff goes above and beyond. Chic and intimate setting whether you're sitting at a table or the bar. Best restaurant in Columbia without a doubt!” - Yelp Review

2 - 929 Kitchen & Bar

An Incredible Place to Get Authentic Korean Cuisine in the Vista!

929 Gervais St | Columbia | 929kitchen.com

929 Kitchen & Bar is absolutely the best place in all of Columbia to get fantastic Korean food. And they strive to introduce some flavor and culture into The Vista that can’t be found anywhere else in town. They bring an upscale Korean flare to the atmosphere and the food. So they serve everything from spicy squid to fried dumplings and spicy pork bellies. And it’s all prepared with a focus on traditional Korean ingredients using traditional Korean cooking traditions. So if you are looking for something more unique than your typical Italian restaurant or steakhouse, be sure to check out 929 Kitchen & Bar next time you are out exploring The Vista!

“Amazing. If I lived closer I would go every night. The food was super spicy but I couldn't put it down. Mimosas were spot on and a decent price!” - Yelp Review

3 - Coa Agaveria Y Cocina

The Best Mexican Restaurant In the Whole Vista!

823-A Lady St | Columbia | coaagaveria.com

If you are hoping to get the most delicious and authentic Mexican food that you can find anywhere in Columbia, then you are for sure going to want to check out Coa Agaveria Y Cocina. They provide an upscale experience, craft cocktails, and exceptional Mexican cuisine. Their menu really has a lot of depth to it, so be sure to check it out for yourself, but I’m quite sure that they will have any classic Mexican dish that you might be looking for.

They have plenty of great tacos, salads, soups, appetizers, and great cuts of meat. If you are hoping to find some Mexican food that is way more authentic than what you can find at places like Taco Bell or Chipotle, then be sure to stop in at Coa Agaveria Y Cocina next time you are out exploring The Vista in Columbia!

“Coa Agaveria y Cocina on Lady Street in Columbia is a great place to go for delicious and flavorful food and drinks. I like the location and everything that they have available here. The staff that is very helpful and accommodating to make sure that you have everything that you need.” - Yelp Review

4 - Blue Marlin

A Great Steakhouse With Plenty of Fresh Seafood Options Located in the Vista!

1200 Lincoln St | Columbia | bluemarlincolumbia.com

If you are hoping to have an upscale steak dinner while you are out enjoying the shopping, art, and entertainment available in The Vista, then you will want to be sure to check out Blue Marlin. They specialize in providing Low Country flavors that are a unique style that you can’t find at every other steakhouse or seafood place. They have the finest blend of African, West Indian, Caribbean, Cajun, and Creole flavors. Which means that they are going to have plenty of classic dishes that you are used to, that are served up with a really unique style and flavor profile. I honestly recommend them to anybody who is looking for something that is served up in a bold and delicious way!

“The place was packed so obviously the food was good. Service was also great. Wine selection was great and the cocktails were amazing. Would definitely go back” - Yelp Review

5 - Boku Kitchen and Saloon

A Fusion of Flavors and Ingredients From All Throughout Asia!

916 Gervais St | Columbia | bokukitchenandsaloon.com

Boku Kitchen and Saloon is going to be a great place for anybody who is hoping to try something new, or anybody who loves Asian food in general. At Boku Kitchen they serve a menu of pan Asian dishes. Which just really means that they serve a wide variety of different dishes from all sorts of different Asian origins.

So whether you love Chinese food, Thai food, Korean food, or Japanese food you are going to be able to find it here. And you will probably even stumble upon a new dish that you haven’t had the opportunity to try yet that could very well become one of your new favorites!

“We LOVE this place!! The food is second to none, the atmosphere is perfect and the staff has been wonderful each time we have came. When we are in town, this is where we go. Already looking forward to the next meal here!” - Yelp Review

6 - Motor Supply Company Bistro

A Great Cocktail Bar With Excellent American Style Cuisine in the Vista!

920 Gervais St | Columbia | motorsupplycobistro.com

If you are hoping to just get some classic American style cuisine served up with plenty of stiff cocktails, then Motor Supply Company Bistro is going to be the spot in The Vista that is right for you. They are driven by a farm-to-table menu that has made them into one of the area's best restaurants. They first opened their doors in 1989 and in that time they have been varying and changing up their menu almost daily. Which means that you can find something new and delicious everytime you walk through their door!

But if you are feeling a little unsure, be sure to check out their current menu before you decide on them as your dinner location for the night.

“Really great service and an excellent New Years menu. Had a perfect date. The changes they bring to the menu keep things new and exciting. The staff are all polite and the restaurant is very clean. 10/10.” - Yelp Review

7 - Five Guys

One of the Absolute Best Burger Chains in the Whole Country

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Five Guys GiftYa

931 Senate St | Columbia | fiveguys.com

So I might be a little biased in their favor, but I do genuinely believe that they are some of the absolute best burgers you can find at any fast food chain in the country. So if you aren’t trying to break the bank while you are out dining in The Vista, then be sure to stop in at Five Guys and get a great burger with some great fries!

“Always busy, friendly, and food is delicious. In the heart of our college town and service is super fast. We always enjoy our burgers and fries.” - Yelp Review

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8 - Longhorn Steakhouse

A Nationally Popular Chain of Steakhouses With A Location Right in the Vista!

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Longhorn Steakhouse GiftYa

902 Gervais St | Columbia | longhornsteakhouse.com

Longhorn Steakhouse is a very popular national chain of steakhouses. And while you won’t get  the same stuffy ambiance that you find at some of the more high end steakhouses, you will get an incredible steak at a fair price. And if somebody in your dining party isn’t looking for a steak dinner themselves, they also have plenty of other American style entrees including salads, chicken, seafood, and more!

“While visiting Columbia I popped in here for dinner on a whim with my daughter hoping it was like the Longhorns back home. It was! They got the steaks just right, service was prompt and friendly, and we left full, and with leftovers. Worth it!” - Yelp Review

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9 - Ihop

One of the Nation’s Most Popular Breakfast Restaurant Chains

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1031 Assembly St | Columbia | ihop.com

If you are in The Vista and are hoping to get some amazing dinner for breakfast, then Ihop is going to be just the spot for you. They are a nationally popular sit down breakfast food chain that will have all the classics you expect. Bacon, eggs, waffles, pancakes, french toast, omelets, scramblers, and more! It might not be as good as you remember your grandmother making, but hey I bet even grandma wouldn’t cook you breakfast at 5PM.

“Really tasty! Way better than Waffle House. The French toast, omelet and hash browns were epic! Also very nice staff” - Yelp Review

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10 - Chipotle Mexican Grill

A Very Popular National Mexican Style Fast Food Chain

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Chipotle GiftYa

619 Gervais St | Columbia | chipotle.com

Chipotle is a popular national chain that serves up Texican style fast food. You can get tacos, quesadillas, and burritos along with chips and a variety of dips. Overall I find that for what you pay at Chipotle, you get quite large portions of food. And on top of that, you get to choose each ingredient that goes into your food while you order. Which I think makes them a really accessible restaurant because you can be sure to get exactly what you like in your burrito or bowl!

“Very friendly staff and great hard working service despite being busy. Highly recommend.” - Yelp Review

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11 - Panera Bread

A Great Place to Get Salads, Soups, or Sandwiches Right in the Vista!

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Panera GiftYa

933 Gervais Street | Columbia | panerabread.com

Panera Bread is a great place to grab a delicious sandwich, soup, or salad. Overall I wouldn’t say they are a great dinner option, but if you are looking for a filling lunch then they are a great place because they allow you to mix and match what you order. So that way you can get a whole sandwich, half a sandwich and a soup, or even a small salad and cup of soup together. You can get exactly what you are hoping to get without having to shell out the money to get it all at full size, and full price.

“Great food as always at Panera Bread and most of all excellent and friendly service from the team. Thank you!” - Yelp Review

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And that concludes my post on some of the best restaurants you can find in The Vista in Columbia, South Carolina. There are so many dining options in The Vista that it was impossible to list them all in one post. But I hope this article at least helped you narrow your list down. And if you are looking for other great things to do around Columbia be sure to check out my other post on some of the most fun things you can find to do in South Carolina's beautiful capital city!

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