Watch The Game At The Top 7 Sports Bars In Jacksonville

Looking for a place in Jacksonville to watch the Jaguars game or any other sports you love? You need the best sports bar in the city, and Jacksonville can deliver. No matter what team you root for, Jacksonville has the bar for you to watch the game while enjoying good food and drink. Beyond delicious food and drink, Jacksonville also delivers on fostering dining environments that connect you to other fans as you all cheer for your team! The next time the team is playing, head over with some friends to one of these locations. 

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Championz Sportsbar & Lounge


5063 Normandy Blvd.

A sports bar will the best happy hour

Come out to Championz’ happy hour for discounted and delicious food and drink. Image courtesy of Championz Sportsbar and Lounge’s Facebook

Come to Championz Sportsbar and Lounge for a night fit for champions, filled with drinks and watching the game. Every night is happy hour, with each night having a special deal. For example, on Friday or Saturday you can get a free tray of blue crabs with an order of drinks! Don’t miss out on Saturday’s college football happy hour from 5 to 10. Championz makes every night special and affordable, which makes it one of the best places in the city to watch the game! 

“Best place and food in town. Great customer service all good vibe, I love this place great spot to just hang out with friends and have a drink. Daily specials reasonable prices you just can't bet!” - Yelp Review

Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill

Greater Arlington

6051 Merrill Rd.

Cheer on with the rest of the sports fans in this bar

Watching a game isn’t right until you have a beer and wings in front of you. Image courtesy of Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill’s Facebook.

You can come to Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill to order a drink, watch the show, and chat with the friendly staff. At this bar, you can also come for their competitive trivia night. Not a big trivia fan? How about stopping by for karaoke night and taking the stage for a few glorious minutes. Or come for their other events, like bingo night! Order some wings and beer and get psyched during the game, everyone is cheering them on in this bar. It’s the perfect atmosphere for sports fans like you. 

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“This my favorite little bar! I have been going here for about 5 years and have always had a great time. They offer different things throughout the week; karaoke, bingo, trivia. It's not the first place you would think of to go but you will have a relaxing and fun night…” - Yelp Review

Lillian’s Sports Grill


5393 Roosevelt Blvd. 

Watch the game in comfort and with other fans!

Get a good seat for the game, or head out to the dance floor. Lillian’s caters to all types of sports fans. Image courtesy of Lillian’s Sports Grill’s Facebook

What’s a sports bar without a lot of TVs to get a good view of the game? Lillian’s has HD Tvs set up around the dining area so that no matter where you’re seated, you’ll get front row seats to the game. On top of that, their banquet room also has a stage, dance floor, and sound system for the sports fans that want a more active night out. Check out their weekly events, such as trivia, Texas hold em’, and buzztime competition.  

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“Lillians is like your local neighborhood Cheers, once you go a few times everyone knows your name. It's a great place to watch football with some great specials offered on those days… The food is very good…  The staff is great!…” - Yelp Review

Palace Sports Bar & Lounge


142 McCargo St N

An energetic atmosphere for the energetic fan

Get hyped at Palace Sports Bar. You’ll be able to enjoy the game as well as music, dancing, and drinks! Image courtesy of Palace Sports Bar & Lounge’s Facebook.

Get hype on game night at Palace Sports Bar & Lounge. At this bar you’ll get live DJs, hookahs, and a dance floor, of course! Go to the bar and order a cold beer or mixed drink. Look out for their fun and creative events, such as Silent Party where you listen to the music through headphones, or Seafood Sunday when they serve free crab! The atmosphere at Palace is upbeat and energetic, making it the perfect spot for the sports fan that needs to celebrate a victory by jumping up and cheering! 

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“Came here For a Silent Party, people were friendly and very helpful. I first heard of this event when I was cruising. It was a bunch of fun.” - Yelp Review,h_168,c_pad,fl_lossy,f_auto/tuwztwjr9prp1kly3ngr

Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar


13070 City Station Dr. 

Watch the game with delicious food spread before you

Gather with your friends at Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar to have a good time with amazing food. Image courtesy of Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar’s Facebook

Here is the ultimate sports bar to cater to all your watching needs. That means your choice of drink, from beer to mixed drinks. The perfect game watching food is at Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar, with meals such as pizza, buffalo cauliflower, and bacon wrapped steak skewers. If it’s a nice day out, go out to the patio and finish your meal. Sports fans from Jacksonville are all coming to Boston’s to see how the next game goes down while enjoying good food and company. 

“Drinks are a good price and the bar atmosphere is a lot of fun. This is a great place to grab drinks and watch a sporting event. Their pizza is really good here and they also have skewered wrapped in bacon that are definitely worth trying!…” - Yelp Review

Cheers Sports Bar & Grill


1147 San Jose Blvd.

Dance, get a drink, and watch the game

Take a seat at the bar and have a drink while watching the game. Image courtesy of Cheers Sports Bar & Grill’s Facebook

The vibe here is perfect for all sports fans! It’s loud and alive so you can go all out in celebration of a game going well. Hit the dance floor and dance until you can’t anymore! Don’t forget to hydrate, which isn’t difficult with Cheers Sports Bar & Grill wide menu of drinks at the bar. Some nights, they have live music. So find a seat with friends and enjoy a good rhythm. Finish the night off with a game of pool. 

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“Happy atmosphere, 5 star staff- they always remember my drink, great bands and a great time! Everyone's a local at this bar.” - Yelp Review

The Manhattan Sports Bar & Lounge


345 E Bay St.

Have some live music paired with game watching

Enjoy live music performances during commercial breaks of your game. It lets you get more out of your night! Image courtesy of The Manhattan Sports Bar & Grill

Go into the city tonight for live music that will make you want to keep moving all night. So while your favorite team is moving on the field, you’re making your move on the dance floor! The Manhattan Sports Bar & Grill is stylish with New York inspirations. Don’t miss out on their event evenings with live performances of your favorite kind of music, such as R&B, oldies, hip hop, and blues. They also host watch parties of the biggest sport events each year so you and your fellow fans have somewhere to go out and watch together. 

“The DJ's keeping you dancing allllll night. Be prepared to wake up the next morning sore from dropping it to the flo all night… The chef really looks like he don't play with those meals!! Everything I have seen looks yummy…” - Yelp Review

Jacksonville does not disappoint on the quality and quantity of sports bars it has to offer. So much variety to cater to all those sports fans! So the next time the game is on, you won’t have a problem finding a place to meet up with friends and enjoy the game together. It’s not just good company you’ll have at these sports bars but good food and drink as well! At most of these sports bars, you’ll also have the opportunity to dance, listen to live music, and relax. Sounds like you have a busy night ahead of you.

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