Support the Jacksonville Community With the Top 7 Locally-Owned Restaurants

Looking to stick to locally-owned restaurants around the Jacksonville area, but not sure where to go? Here are the top seven best ones to check out!

Now more than ever we should be caring more about our small, local businesses within our community. Small businesses help make every single city and town stronger and they offer a unique experience compared to large franchises, no matter what kind of business it is. Are you in Jacksonville, Florida looking for the best local restaurants to go to? If so, we got it covered with the top seven best small, local restaurants in Jacksonville today!

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Restaurant Orsay

Try out some local French food with some cocktails for an elegant dinner!

There is nothing better than some elegant French food and a tasty cocktail at Restaurant Orsay! Image courtesy of Visit Jacksonville.

3630 Park Street | Avondale |

Are you looking for some tasty French cuisine and a cocktail to pair along with it? If you want to support local and want some delicious food, then you need to try out Restaurant Orsay today! Restaurant Orsay is a local French restaurant that offers a unique, and elegant dining experience that is perfect for date night, or special occasions. Try out the oysters, escargot, beef stroganoff, steak frites, roasted oysters, and so much more. Come to Restaurant Orsay today!

“Still 5 Stars! My Birthday Dinner was Amazing!! Thanks to everyone who cooked, served and checked in on us. Top notch service!” - Yelp Review 

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BB’s Restaurant & Bar

A bistro filled with tasty New American dishes is definitely what you need in your life!

Are you interested in trying out some super delicious and creative dishes? Why not try out BB’s Restaurant & Bar today! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

1019 Hendricks Avenue | Southbank |

What’s better than some deliciously creative food that you can enjoy whenever you’re in the mood? Come to BB’s Restaurant & Bar, a local restaurant in Jacksonville, and try out some tasty New American dishes that you will absolutely love! BB’s Restaurant & Bar is perfect for their $10 bottomless mimosas for brunch on the weekends and their other tasty and creative dishes. Come try out their crispy crab cakes, jambalaya pizza, warm goat cheese sandwich, bistro steak sandwiches, stuffed mozzarella bruschetta, and so much more. Try out BB’s Restaurant & Bar today!

“I'm grateful now because I adored Kate who took care of us at bb's, we were able to sit outside and our food was PHENOMENAL! This will absolutely be my new brunch spot.” - Yelp Review

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Bodrum Mediterranean Kitchen

Craving some flavorful Mediterranean dishes? Then this local joint is just for you!

If you’re in the mood for some Mediterranean dishes, then you need to try out Bodrum Mediterranean Kitchen today! Image courtesy of Bodrum Mediterranean Kitchen.

5907 Roosevelt Boulevard | Westside | 

Interested in trying some tasty Mediterranean food for the first time, or just craving the tasty flavor of it all? Well, then you need to come and try out Bodrum Mediterranean Kitchen today! Bodrum Mediterranean Kitchen is a one-of-a-kind local Mediterranean restaurant that offers tasty food that you can eat in the restaurant, or even get free delivery for. Take this opportunity and order the lentil soup, lamb gyros, spicy hummus, chicken saute platter, falafel sandwiches, and so much more. Come try out Bodrum Mediterranean Kitchen for yourself today!

“The food is excellent.  Well-seasoned creamy hummus, crispy spanakopita, delicious sigara borek (the first time I've seen such a dish), nicely composed gyro sandwiches, and extremely generous and beautifully put together family platters.  I haven't been disappointed with anything I've tried from Bodrum.” - Yelp Review 

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Wanting some carbs to fill your tummy? Come try out this Italian restaurant today!

In the mood for some upscale Italian dishes? Come to a local restaurant called Tavera in Jacksonville today! Image courtesy of Taverna.

1986 San Marco Boulevard | San Marco | 

There is nothing better than Italian food because it seems to top peoples’ lists as one of their favorite kinds of food. We know that this is what you’re craving, so why not check out Taverna, a local restaurant today! Taverna provides a fancy Italian experience with great food and even better wine. Stop today to try out the hanger steak, funghi pizza, herbed ricotta, parmesan truffles, beet salad, and the short rib too. Come to Taverna today for a fun and fancy Italian experience today!

“They have happy hour on Saturday until 7! We enjoyed truffle fries, marinated olives, and shrimp off of that menu along with discounted wines, beers, and mixed drinks. Other dishes my party savored included the fungi pizza, house-made ravioli, salmon, scallops, and the apple crisp.” - Yelp Review 

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Matthew’s Restaurant

Enjoy fine dining the best way possible with an upscale, locally-owned restaurant!

Come to Matthew’s Restaurant and live lavish in an upscale dining experience! Image courtesy of Matthew’s Restaurant.

2107 Hendricks Road | San Marco |

Are you feeling the upscale dining experience and want to experience a special occasion, or date night? Then you need to come check out a locally-owned restaurant called Matthew’s Restaurant today! Matthew’s Restaurant offers a blend of Mediterranean and French cuisine together to create something one-of-a-kind that you’ll love. Why not try out the escargot, seared foie gras, roasted bone marrow, Maine diver scallops, Hawaiian tuna tacos, pork belly piggyback, and so much more. Try out Matthew’s Restaurant for yourself today!

“I don't even know how to put into words how delicious our food was. The food made me feel happy! It felt like love!!! I've attached some pictures to let the food tell it's own story! Thank you Matthew's for everything! I will return and I will seek to be a regular!” - Yelp Review 

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Marker 32

Dine in this restaurant for some beautiful views of the Intracoastal Waterway and some local seafood!

Wanting some local seafood in Jacksonville? Go to Marker 32 today and try out their fine dining experience! Image courtesy of Visit Jacksonville. 

14549 Beach Boulevard | Beaches |

There’s nothing better than some fresh and delicious seafood caught by local fisherman in the Jacksonville area. If you want to experience fine dining while eating some delicious seafood, then you need to try out Marker 32 today! Marker 32 is Jaconville’s own fine dining, locally-owned restaurant experience where you can eat some great and fresh seafood while enjoying breathtaking views of the Intracoastal Waterway. Come today to indulge in their deviled eggs and fried oysters, wood grilled pork chops, seared blue crab cakes, yellowfin tuna poke, ribeye, and so much more. Stop by Marker 32 today for a unique and local dining experience today!

“Absolutely delicious food! I just tried out the family style meatloaf meal and I can't say enough good things about it. It was the tastiest takeout food I have ever eaten along with the best meatloaf ever. I loved the mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes, and the cesar salad.” - Yelp Review

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Black Sheep Restaurant

American dishes, craft beer, and cocktails too? It can’t get any better than that!

If you want some delicious American food with craft beer or cocktails to pair along with it, then you need to try out Black Sheep Restaurant today! Image courtesy of Elite Sports Tours. 

1534 Oak Street | Riverside |

Interested in some tasty American food along with a craft beer or cocktail to perfectly complement it? Look no further than Black Sheep Restaurant today for everything you're looking for in a local restaurant in Jacksonville! Producing quality food made out of fresh dairy, cheese, meats, seafood, and so much more, this place provides quality and exceptional customer service to make sure you’re satisfied. Come and try out the fried olives, Korean short ribs, French onion soup, duck confit, Berkshire pork chops, grass-fed burgers, and so much more. Experience Black Sheep Restaurant for the delicious adventure that it is and make sure to support local too!

“The shrimp is fresh and local - yum! We love the beautiful view. This is a wonderful, chill spot - for a special date, a fun evening with friends, or a girls' night out. After dinner, we enjoyed a stroll through fun and funky Five Points. One of our favorite spots in Jacksonville.” - Yelp Review 

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Supporting your local restaurants, shops, bars, grocery stores, and much, much more is essential to keeping a city going. The United States runs on small businesses and it’s important to support them and go there as much as possible. If you’re looking for the best local restaurants in Jacksonville, then make sure to check out the seven best ones that we listed!

Is there a local restaurant in Jacksonville that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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