Valuable Things You Can Get for Free In 2022

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For millions of savvy consumers, an important component of their lifestyle is scoring free goods and services. Of course, the word free can mean getting a couple of trial size candy bars, a tester box of assorted cosmetics, or some cleaning supplies at no cost. Then there are the big fish of the freebie universe, like college scholarships, medical tests, and corporate stock shares. Why do companies give stuff away? 

In some cases, it's about promoting new products, but there are other reasons. For instance, thousands of organizations offer scholarship money to deserving students. Other companies give free items to consumers in exchange for honest reviews. It's all in a day's work for marketing departments of large businesses, and that means a win-win for those who enjoy trying out products, applying for scholarships, or applying for a medical trial. Here's more about the best of the best no cost bargains currently up for grabs.


There are two ways to get as many e-books as you want, in virtually any genre. First, check out any of the no cost download book websites that give away non-copyrighted titles, classics, and new author offerings. Keep in mind that every budding writer wants reviews, and most are happy to hand out gratis volumes to whoever is willing to write and post an online review. The second way to amass an e-library is to join e-book clubs. There are no sign-up fees. The catch is that you'll get more books if you write reviews for most of the ones you receive. But even if you don't, many of the clubs exist to gather demographic info about members for marketing purposes.

College Scholarships

It's ironic that so many who are headed to college neglect to apply for scholarships. Maybe the reason is that there are myths about the process. Some believe that schools just grant a few scholarships per year to top academic performers. The truth is that most opportunities are not school based but come from private and public organizations unconnected to specific colleges and universities. 

Unfortunately, a large number of scholarships go unawarded simply because no one applies for them. The good news is that you can use an online search service to uncover potentially hundreds of opportunities for which you can apply. It's possible to win more than one award and cover some or all of your education-related expenses. There are countless scholarships for college students from all backgrounds, most of which are not based on academic criteria. To find the most lucrative opportunities, connect with a search service and apply for as many scholarships as you qualify for.

Research Grants

You don't need to be a scientist to land research grant money. In fact, those from all disciplines and walks of life send research proposals to companies to do studies on hundreds of different subjects. Some applicants design soft drink taste tests and ask corporations for grant funds to get projects off the ground. It helps to use your imagination or check online grant websites to see what companies and non-profit organizations are looking for. Amounts range from a few hundred dollars to almost unlimited amounts for widescale experiments and tests.

Cosmetics and Cleaning Products

Cosmetics and cleaning products are two of the most competitive niches of the retail industry. Both bring in billions annually on a worldwide basis, which means sellers need honest opinions about new items. You can contact companies directly or check the most popular sample sites online and put you name on a list of willing participants. At first, you might only get a few samples per month, but if you write detailed reviews of the ones you try, it's possible to get as many as ten no cost cosmetic and cleaning items each month.

Corporate Stock

The online brokerage niche is exploding in popularity right now as millions of people are investing and trading part-time from their mobile devices and home work stations. The intense competition among brokers has spawned one of the all-time coolest giveaways of modern times: free shares of stock. Several of the top service providers give now account holders a random share from one of the Fortune 500 companies. The value ranges from a few dollars to hundreds, which makes this one of the better freebies of the decade.

New Music Downloads

It's no secret that the music industry is highly competitive. The majority of new entrants are desperate to have listeners post reviews of their work. The fastest way to get started is to contact indie agencies and sign up for their reviewer rosters. It's a fun way to get no cost music from new artists.


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