Treat Yourself to the Best Donuts in San Diego at These 8 Local Shops

A little treat every now and then has never hurt anybody.

So, we’ll admit it: maybe donuts aren’t the healthiest of breakfasts out there, but that doesn’t mean you should never indulge in one (or a dozen). Unhealthy foods are fine as long as you enjoy them in moderation, but when it comes to donuts, well, they’re usually too delicious to even think about passing up. And is there any better way to start your morning than with something that gives you the pleasure a donut does? We think not.

Below, you’ll find eight of the best local donut shops in San Diego where you should definitely treat yourself to some donuts this week.

About GiftYa

Donuts are one of the most delicious bakes in existence, there’s no denying that. But especially in San Diego, it isn’t always a cheap way for you to treat your coworkers in the morning. GiftYa understands that donut - while some of the tastiest confectionaries in existence - can sometimes put more of a dent in your wallet than you’d like. That’s why they’ve partnered with a number of local donut shops to help you pay for those donuts. Use one to order some donuts for your next big meeting.

Solomon Bagels & Donuts


Address: 4152 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

Neighborhood: North Park

Unique flavors? Check! Scrumptious base donuts? Double check! Image courtesy of Solomon Bagels & Donuts Instagram.

 If there’s one thing we believe should be universally true to all donuts, it’s that they should be as fresh as possible when you first get them. At Solomon Bagels & Donuts, their donuts aren’t only fresh - they’re unique too!

Baking is their passion at Solomon’s, and they love to test out new inventive flavors in both their donuts and their bagels. 

If you’re more on the traditional side, you can always try one of their delicious classic donuts, but we have a feeling you won’t want to miss out on their pineapple upside down donuts!

Buy a GiftYa to Solomon Bagels & Donuts >

“Never thought I'd say vegan donuts taste similar or even better than regular donuts! Definitely a must-try spot for vegans or anyone who loves donuts. All of the flavors are so unique and exciting.” - Yelp Review

Lucky Donuts House | Best Donuts and Pan Mexicano in all San Diego

Lucky Donuts House


Address: 909 Grand Ave, Ste 8, San Diego, CA 92109

Neighborhood: Pacific Beach

The key to a good donut is using the best toppings to dress it up. Image courtesy of Lucky Donuts House Instagram

Serving the San Diego area for over fifteen years now, Lucky Donuts House has established itself as a favorite amongst the residents there. Not only are their donuts delicious, but they're incredibly affordable - especially for San Diego!

At Lucky Donuts House, they’ve vowed to use only the best possible ingredients on the market. Not only will your donuts taste amazing, but they’ll leave you feeling amazing as well. Now that’s what we call a good donut!

Pick up a single donut to enjoy before your morning appointment or grab a whole dozen or two to take into work with you so you can share the confectionary goodness with all of your coworkers!

Buy a GiftYa to Lucky Donuts House >

“I saw this place on my way home and did a u-turn. I walked in and the smell of fresh donuts made me drool. First thing that caught my eye was the apple burrito. All I can say is: WOW.” - Yelp Review

Christy’s Donuts


Address: 3710 Voltaire St, San Diego, CA 92107

Neighborhood: Point Loma

A good donut means very little if the people who hand it to you aren’t as lovely as possible. You won’t have that problem at Christy’s! Image courtesy of Pixabay

Looking for a new regular spot to get your donuts that’s consistent in the quality of both their donuts and their service? Christy’s Donuts might not seem like much from the outside, but inside is a delightful donut haven for people of all ages.

The customer service at Christy’s is something to beat, no matter what time of day you stop in. There are always fresh donuts to be found, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re some of the tastiest ones around.

As a well-established family-friendly donut shop, Christy’s is the perfect place for you to bring your kiddos by on the weekend for a sweet treat.

Buy a GiftYa to Christy’s Donuts >

“Great, quick service and even better donuts! I came at 6 o'clock in the afternoon and the donuts were still so fresh. We were very surprised that they had such a great selection available!” - Yelp Review

Golden Donuts


Address: 2360 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

Neighborhood: North Park

Talk about uniformity! It’s their mission at Golden Donuts to make the best, most uniform donuts as they possibly can with every batch. Image courtesy of Golden Donuts Instagram

While you can expect pretty much any donut you pick up to be sweet, not everyone is a fan of the sickly sweet flavors that accompany a lot of the more well-known donut establishments around San Diego - let alone the whole country.

If you’re the kind of person who likes a donut on occasion, but doesn’t really get them often because of how sweet they usually are, then step aside! Golden Donuts is home to donuts that are just sweet enough to curb that craving but not so sweet that they’ll leave you feeling ill.

Regulars are obsessed with their maple bars, and don’t even get us started on their old-fashioned style donuts. There’s no way you could regret a visit to this local favorite.

Buy a GiftYa to Golden Donuts >

“They're just really good donuts. One of my benchmarks is a buttermilk glaze. Theirs has a nice satisfying crunch on the outside, and very soft and moist on the inside. Just the way it should be.” - Yelp Review

Donut Bar


Address: 1380 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

Neighborhood: Pacific Beach

The sign of a good donut shop is one that makes you salivate the second you step through the door - and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Donut Bar. Image courtesy of Donut Bar Instagram

Are you looking for a new regular donut place where you can be sure that you’ll like at least one thing on the menu? Donut Bar has won more awards for their delicious, inventive donuts than they know what to do with.

In fact, they’re considered one of the top donut establishments in the world, holding the most number of award-winning donuts on their menu. Come in prepared with an appetite because these are probably some of the biggest donuts you’ve ever seen.

Even better: they have a number of vegan options for your health-conscious friends to indulge in as well. You probably won’t be needing more than one of these, but you could always save some as leftovers.

Buy a GiftYa to Donut Bar >

“They have an enormous amount of selection! I loved my maple and bacon donut and the strawberries and cream one. It's a must try! By the way these donuts were just as good the next day!” - Yelp Review

Donut Panic


Address: 6171 Mission Gorge Rd, Ste 113, San Diego, CA 92120

Neighborhood: Grantville

Don’t panic when you see the donuts at Donut Panic...their donuts taste just as good as they look! Image courtesy of Donut Panic Instagram

Looking for a place where the donuts they make are decorated almost too nicely for you to eat? At Donut Panic, they’re determined to make sure you get the best quality donuts for the price you pay for them - and that includes the decoration.

With a wide array of vegan options, anyone can enjoy a donut or two here at Donut Panic, and you’ll love it whether you realize that it’s vegan or not. They’re very conscientious about how they package their donuts as well! 

Usually, if you’re purchasing a combination of both vegan and non-vegan donuts, they’ll ask you if you’d like them bagged together or separately so as to make sure that there’s no unnecessary cross-contamination. Now that’s what we call customer service!

Buy a GiftYa to Donut Panic >

“Not only was the gentleman that took our order the sweetest ever, but all the vegan donuts we got were out of this world! They had some incredible flavors. I'll definitely be coming back!” - Yelp Review

Fresh Golden Donuts


Address: 1061 Tierrasanta Blvd, Ste B, San Diego, CA 92124

Neighborhood: Tierrasanta

You know the donuts are good when there’s a good chance they’ll sell out before the day is over. Image courtesy of Pixabay

At Fresh Golden Donuts, their daily batches of doughy goodness are a hot commodity, so don’t miss out on your chance to get them while they’re fresh and there’s plenty for the picking. When they sell out, they’ll be out for the day, so it’s best to stop in early.

Regulars tout the donuts at Fresh Golden Donuts as some of the best in all of San Diego, and we reckon we ought to believe them. Not only are their donuts absolutely delicious, but they’re also some of the most affordable in the city. 

We’re not sure if you can beat getting ten donut holes for only $1. Their customer service isn’t too shabby either, if the warm welcomes many customers describe in their reviews are any indication.

Buy a GiftYa to Fresh Golden Donuts >

“Marie and her staff provide world class customer service on each and every visit. The donuts are fresh and there is also a wide variety. Opens early so I can get my donut fix on the way to work.” - Yelp Review

Copper Top Coffee & Donuts


Address: 101 W Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103

Neighborhood: Hillcrest

Customizable donuts? Sign us up! Image courtesy of Copper Top Coffee & Donuts Instagram

If you’ve ever wished you could order a donut with whatever combination of toppings you want, no matter how odd that combination might be, then we may have just found your new favorite place in all of San Diego.

Sometimes you get weird cravings, and there’s not really anything you can do to satisfy them unless you go out of your way to combine them. Pickles and peanut butter anyone?

Okay, so pickles and peanut butter probably won’t be an option, but there’s nothing stopping you from combining, say, peanut butter with some Andes mints if you so choose to. With fresh cake donuts made by the hour, all you have to do is show up and tell them how you’d like to top off your donuts!

“Copper Top had a sleek VIBE. The donuts are hot. They are served in cardboard boxes. They are made by hand, drenched and then sprinkled (think nuts, chips, coconut, banana).” - Yelp Review

If we’ve done our job correctly, you might just be about to begin a pilgrimage to find the best possible donuts you can in San Diego. Let us know what your favorites are in the comments below!


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