Top 4 Date Ideas For You and Your Significant Other in Houston

So, it’s date night and you don’t want to do the typical dinner and movie. We don’t blame you! Date night is all about going on different adventures with your significant other, whether it’s going to a concert, a museum, or even having a simple picnic date. We know that it can be a struggle to figure out what to do for date night to spice things up and avoid doing the same thing over and over again with your partner. Well, you’re in luck! We got some great ideas on what to do for date night with the top four best date ideas in Houston!

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Art Car Museum

140 Heights Boulevard | Washington Corridor, The Heights |

Come check out this awesome museum filled with contemporary art with an emphasis on their art cars, and other fine arts!

Want to see some fun looking cars at a contemporary art museum for date night? We recommend going to the Art Car Museum for date night to see many more wacky, but neat looking cars! Image courtesy of Pinterest. 

What’s better than going to an art museum? That’s right, going to an art car museum! The Art Car Museum is located in The Heights in Houston, Texas and is a popular hot spot for many people to go to. It is a private institution dedicated to contemporary art for local, national, and international artists and they recognize artists that wouldn’t be noticed by other cultural institutions.

The Art Car Museum features lots of beautifully crafted contemporary artwork by many different artists. While they mainly focus on their art car pieces, there is a lot of other emphasis on fine arts. Once they opened up in 1998, they were a huge hit among many people in the Houston area and what is great about it is that admission is free! Yes, you heard it. This is a free art museum to go to to take your date on a lovely night out. We really recommend checking out this art museum to support artists from all over the world and think that it’s a perfect date spot as well!

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“I love quirky places and experiences and the Art Car Museum did not disappoint! There are currently 130 pieces on display and a few art cars. Every artist was accepted and on display making it truly a unique museum.” - Yelp Review

Houston Zoo

6200 Hermann Park Drive | Museum District |

Stop by this 55-acre zoo with over 6,000 animals and was named the second most visited zoo in the United States!

Everyone loves the zoo and to be able to see lots of animals live and in action. Stop by the Houston Zoo today known for its popularity and the 600 species of animals that it has! Image courtesy of 365 Things to Do in Houston.

Want to see over 6,000 species of animals in one place? Come and take your date to the Houston Zoo located in the Museum District. With over 1.84 million guests that come to the zoo every single year, this is one of the number one hot spots in all of Houston. Here, the zoo caretakers take care, house, feed, provide medical care, and even provide education for all of the animals, and they always make sure that the zoo is clean and safe for all of the guests that come to visit.

If you stop by the Houston Zoo today, you can see so many of your favorite animals, such as the cheetah, chimpanzees, elephants, komodo dragons, red pandas, sea lions, sea turtles, and many more! Coming to the Houston Zoo is a great way to support endangered animals from across the globe. This zoo has made it their mission to protect these animals at all costs from becoming endangered, and plus, it is a great date night location! Stop by today for a great date with your significant other at the Houston Zoo today! 

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“We've visited many zoos and I loved this one as I lived in bigger cities. The property itself is gorgeous and well kept. They have gorillas, lions, rhinos, giraffes, sea lions, bald eagles, a bug house, a small aquarium, and much more.” - Yelp Review

Kemah Boardwalk

215 Kipp Avenue |

Take your date to one of the most premier boardwalks in the United States with over 60 acres located in downtown Houston!

 There’s nothing better than a boardwalk date with your significant other. That’s why we think that going to the Kemah Boardwalk is a perfect date in Houston! Image courtesy of Visit Houston.

Want to take a short drive twenty miles south of downtown Houston and go to a fun boardwalk full of amusement park rides, restaurants, retail stores and more? We know that you do, so you should take your significant other on a date to the Kemah Boardwalk, which is not too far away from Houston. They are open everyday starting at noon, and they stay open until almost 10 pm every night.

There are lots of different amusement park rides to ride at the Kemah Boardwalk, ans some of the most famous rides are the Wonder Wheel, the Ferris Wheel, the HypnoSpin, and the famous Boardwalk Tower. All of these rides cost between $4 and $5 to ride, or you can purchase a bracelet to be able to ride all of the rides there. This is even a great way to get to know your partner more! You can also get delicious amusement park food, such as funnel cakes, chicken fingers, tacos, pizza, and even ice cream! What better way to enjoy a date then amusement park rides and some good food! Make a day out of the Kemah Boardwalk for a great date night today!

“Great place to take the family or that special someone for a nice day at the water! They have some good restaurants for lunch and/or dinner.” - Yelp Review

Houston Improv Comedy Club

7620 Katy Freeway | Spring Branch |

Come by today for a hilariously fun time at a place where international comedians perform at, with a perk of some delicious food and drinks!

Do you want to have a good laugh on date night with your significant other? Stop by the Houston Improv Comedy Club today for some good laughs, along with delicious food and drinks too! Image courtesy of Eventective.

Want to have a good laugh alongside your partner? Why not go to the Houston Improv Comedy club to see lots of international comedians perform to make you laugh all night long? There’s nothing better than sharing a good laugh, especially when it helps to make date night a lot more fun! The Houston Improv Comedy Club is open Thursday through Sunday at 4 pm and here, you can order delicious food and drinks to go along with having a good laugh!

Here at the Houston Improv Comedy Club, they serve lots of delicious food such as a grilled angus hamburger, a buffalo chicken sandwich, grilled honey glazed salmon, and many different kinds of fruity cocktails that you will enjoy on your date night! They also have lots of international comedians come and perform, such as Mark Normand, Damon Wayans, and many more! What better way to spend a night out with your significant other than by going to have a good laugh with some great food and drinks at the Houston Improv Comedy Club!

“I truly enjoyed the experience at the venue. It is small enough to feel intimate but large enough to house a real crowd. We went for Amanda Seals and she did not disappoint!” - Yelp Review 

There can be a lot of pressure when it comes to deciding what to do on date night. We know that you want to stray away from the typical dinner and movie date, but sometimes not knowing what is around can prohibit you from changing things up for date night. Now that you know the top four best places to take your date to, we know that you will have a great time! Is there somewhere you like to take your date out to for a night out that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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