These 7 Hole in The Wall BBQ Spots in Washington DC Will Truly Make Your Taste Buds Go Insane

For all the smoked briskets, ribs, pulled pork, sausages, and other favorites, be sure to treat yourself at these sizzling BBQ restaurants in Washington DC.

The subtext here is more obvious because what you actually lose with not having a backyard of your own is this: the ability to cook with open fire.

Luckily for all of us yard-less individuals, Washington has in recent years undergone what we would call a barbecue boom. We now have good and even great, BBQ with a strong tilt toward Texas-style brisket. From upscale BBQ to neighborhoods smoked-brisket joints, D.C has everything a BBQ lover could ever want.

Here are seven BBQ spots you need to check out in Washington DC.

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DCity Smokehouse

Upscale BBQ spot popular for its sweet sandwiches and combo platters with plenty of wine and bourbon drinks!

Source: Yelp

203 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Dcity has ditched the traditional smokehouse hierarchy and a single master chef leads the crew in producing a little bit of everything from wings, briskets, pulled pork, turkey, ribs, and even a house favorite half-smoke. The sandwiches are quite delicious, and it’s hard to settle on just one.

Regardless of what you’re craving for you won’t go wrong with The Brisket Champ that comes with crispy onions, pickles, and house BBQ sauce or The Meaty Palmer served with thick-cut turkey breast, pork belly married with tomato, avocado, and chipotle aioli. DCity’s half-smoke that includes half-smoked sausage, brisket chili, red onions, and yellow mustard is also a great addition to the favorite meal list. Although they serve you a little four-ounce cup of sweet sauce, you’ll probably have no desire to use it – the meat is that good.

Don’t leave without ordering a small side of the signature Mac and Jack Cheese and other great sides such as fried Brussel sprouts, smoky brisket chili, and more. Their wide selection of brews on draft and bottles go along well with your half-smoke or DCity’s pit-smoked wings.

Texas Jack’s

Smoked briskets, Lone Strat-style cue, and unique sides await you at this lively rustic-modern hangout!

Source: Yelp

2761 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

If you’re in and around Arlington in Washington and are craving some delicious BBQ, swing by the Texas Jack’s BBQ spot. This powerhouse features some delicious smoked meats including beef brisket, pork spare ribs, beef short ribs, turkey, pork belly, homemade sausages, and chicken.

In addition to hefty beef ribs, you will also find a selection of favorites on the bun options including brisket sandwiches, prime brisket cheeseburger, veggie burrito, and more. All these are served with a choice of fries or mixed green salads. Drop by during the happy hour and grab some shareable bites such smoked wings with a choice of buffalo, barbeque or Old Bay, or Jack’s tacos that include three corn tortillas, cilantro-jalapenos, and pico de gallo dressing. If you’re in the mood for drinks be sure to try out their wide selection of craft cocktails, wines, canned and draft beers.

Federalist Pig

Classic wood-smoked BBQ sandwiches and platters served in a laid-back atmosphere!

Source: Yelp

1654 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009

What happens when a fine-dining master chef takes on his passion for barbecue? In the case of Pitmaster Rob Sonderman, a good reward that includes serving the entire American population with the best BBQ in town with great emphasis on fresh ingredients curated sandwiches, and weekly specials made from scratch.

Watch out for the daily specials and “faux cue” creations such as smoked-mushroom meatball. Rob Sonderman has brought the great work from DCity Smokehouse to Federalist Pig with wings being a big hit here. On the menu, you’ll also find delicious options such as chopped or sliced brisket, pulled pork shoulder, turkey breast, pork spare ribs, chicken wings, and jalapeno cheese sausage – all served with Texas toast and pickles. Platters and delicious combos are also available and you might want to try the Pitmaster special for two that allows you to pick any four types of meat and three small sides.

If you come as a group, you can order the “Feed the Fam” option that includes a little bit of everything from brisket to chopped pork, and more. Dessert lovers will also have a good time here with options such as Nana’s banana pudding on the menu.

Hill Country Barbecue Market

Hearty BBQ classics served in a rustic-chic, cafeteria set up!

Source: Yelp

410 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Great BBQ doesn’t need a long list of ingredients, just high-quality meat, a simple dry rub, and post oak wood. That’s exactly what Hill Country Barbecue Market serves and much more. Slices of meat benefiting from Hill Country’s low, slow method of cooking include beef shoulder clod (for those who love lean meat), gargantuan bone-in short ribs, brisket, pork spare ribs, and pork loin.

Roll in during lunch and order a great amount of Pitmaster’s specials especially the Cue and Two. Also, select a choice of two meats and two sides, or three meats and two sides. Their signature chopped brisket sandwich made from scratch with pickles, onions, and sauce is also a great choice to try. If you’re into sausage, be sure to order the house Jalapeno cheddar sausage. A great deal for anyone looking for a lot of satisfying food.

2Fifty Texas BBQ

Savory BBQ dishes, unique sides, and other classics await you at this laid-back barbecue spot!

Source: Yelp

4700 Riverdale Rd, Riverdale, MD 20737

Oak-smoked and thick, wagyu beef make the brisket stand out at this popular option for Texas-style BBQ in Riverdale Park. Master chefs and owners Fernando Gonzalez and Debby Gonzalez have turned their love for cooking into a large restaurant with an amazing barbecue ship that offers giant beef ribs, turkey, sausage links, and pork ribs, too.

Among the standouts in 2Fifty Texas, BBQ are Smoky St. Louis-style ribs with just the right tug, pulled pork with the sweetest smoke profile. House specials such as brisket tacos that come with cilantro, pico de gallo, and onions on the side are also a great addition to your meal.

If you want to try out desserts, blueberry cheesecake and key lime pie with a natural, light yellow filling are among the best on the menu. Don’t forget to a drink or two with friends the next time you visit this restaurant.

Monk’s BBQ

Enjoy some delicious smoked meat, bourbon, and craft beers at this chilled joint with weekly live music!

Source: Yelp

251 N 21st St, Purcellville, VA 20132

While the drive to Purcellville might be long, taking a break over a plate of Memphis nachos at Monk’s BBQ offers savory justification. Every day, Monk’s BBQ fires up its grill to produce the best barbecue in Washington that makes the restaurant among the best family-owned BBQ joint in the area.

On the menu, you will find favorites such as seasonal smoked BBQ such as Pork shoulder hams, butter injected turkey with chorizo sausage cornbread stuffing, mouthwatering briskets rubbed with a mixture of spices, terrific pulled pork with a unique blend of sweet and spicy rub, and more. You can also order many different sides such as potato salad, Monk’s beans, vinegar slaw, dill pickles, smoked gouda mac and cheese, and more.

You might want to come here on the weekend to enjoy your favorite dishes while listening to the best live music that Loudoun has to offer.

Hammerdown Barbecue

Relaxed, a rustic-BBQ eatery serving counter-serve barbecue smoked meats and other hearty side dishes!

Source: Yelp

41153 John Mosby Hwy, Aldie, VA 20105

Even the city folks drive miles just to get to Virginia for Hammerdown’s tender, thick, and fatty brisket that seems to be a favorite for many. On the menu, you’ll find nothing but the good stuff.

The recipe runs within the family that owns it and they have added a mix of modern trends and improved the already delicious flavor. Their dishes are made from scratch and you can enjoy plenty of meat by the pound including sliced brisket, ribs, pulled pork, sausages, and chicken. Their sandwiches are delicious perhaps because they’re served on a fresh, locally-made, brioche roll.

There are also great sides to accompany your brisket or pulled pork including coleslaw, potato salad, seasonal greens, fresh fruit, and more.

Whether you’re looking for something to satisfy your craving for brisket, or you just want to try a new twist on the fatty sandwiches, Washington has all the BBQ spots you could possibly want. Which other barbecue restaurant are you planning to visit? Let us know in the comments!

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