Mamma Mia! 7 Italian Restaurants in Houston to Make Your Mouth Water

Looking for some delicious and fresh Italian food in Houston? Here are seven of the best Italian restaurants in the area!

There is nothing better than Italian restaurants. The food is full of big flavor, spices, and is packed full of carbs, which isn’t a bad thing because of how delicious it is! Italian food is something that many people enjoy because of the combinations of pizza, calzones, pastas, and so much more. With so many different options to choose from, we’re sure you’re starving and want to find the best Italian restaurant around, so here are seven of the best ones in Houston!

Main image courtesy of Reach Houston. 

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Cavatore Italian Restaurant

Check out this restaurant in an old barn that serves lots of delicious Italian goodies!

Sit back and enjoy some tasty Italian dishes when you stop by Cavatore Italian Restaurant today! Image courtesy of Postmates. 

2120 Ella Boulevard | The Heights |

If you’re looking for traditional Italian food in a cozy environment, then you need to come and try out Cavatore Italian Restaurant today! Cavatore Italian Restaurant is located in an old barn to give it that rustic feel to it, and it serves some traditional and delicious Italian dishes. They offer lasagna, fettuccine alfredo, pasta pescatore, and so much more. Come try out Cavatore Italian Restaurant today because we know that you won’t regret it!

“My wife had the pork chops with spinach last night and I am totally hooked on their pizza these days, artichoke and tomato. Yum! Anything we've ever ordered though has been wonderful and we can't wait til we can eat at the restaurant again!” - Yelp Review 

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Prima Pasta Italian Restaurant

Enjoy a laid-back Italian restaurant where all the food is good and you can always have a good time!

Sit back and enjoy a delicious meal at Prima Pasta Italian Restaurant today for Italian food you’ll never forget! Image courtesy of Uber Eats.

6811 Kirby Drive | West University |

If you’re looking for an easy-going Italian restaurant where you can sit back and relax while having a delicious meal, then you need to try out Prima Pasta Italian Restaurant! Prima Pasta is an authentic Italian restaurant where everything is made from scratch, enhancing the flavor and deliciousness of each dish. You should try out the lasagna, spaghetti, primavera, bruschetta, fried zucchini, and many of their other dishes. Why not try out Prima Pasta Italian Restaurant today!

“What a great experience. Prima Pasta never fails when a good meal is needed. The wait staff was pleasant, the harpist was beautiful and the manager even went above and beyond to find our missing wallet. I appreciate this establishment! Highly recommended. Perfect for date night.” - Yelp Review 

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Sorrento Ristorante 

Experience elegance at its finest at this Italian establishment that plays live piano!

Try out Sorrento Ristorante, a delicious and elegant Italian restaurant that you’ll love! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

415 Westheimer Road | Montrose |

There’s nothing better than a fancy night out. If you’re looking for the perfect Italian restaurant for date night, or just a special occasion, then why not check out Sorrento Ristorante today! Sorrento Ristorante represents elegance and authentic Italian meals all in one location where they play live piano and have murals lines along the walls. You should come here and try out their filet mignon, the wild mushroom ravioli, lobster bisque, lamb chop lollipop, wild mushroom risotto, and so much more. Experience an authentic and fancy night out at Sorrento Ristorante today! 

“Had the most absolutely BEST dinner for my husband's birthday! We were seated privately and enjoyed the tasting menu with the wine pairing. Excellent all around! Our server was gracious and knowledgeable, so kind and sweet!” - Yelp Review 

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Maggiano’s Little Italy

A simple chain Italian restaurant that is full of big flavor and endless options!

Check out Maggiano’s Little Italy for some of the best Italian dishes at many different locations! Image courtesy of Maggiano’s Little Italy.

2019 Post Oak Boulevard | Uptown |

If you’re looking for a chain restaurant to go to with many different locations no matter where you are, then you need to stop by Maggiano’s Little Italy today! Maggiano’s Little Italy is a great place to go to it you’re looking for some classic Italian food that is delicious at every location you go. Why not try out their spaghetti, lasagna, cheese ravioli, gnocchi, stuffed mushrooms, chicken marsala, and the many, many more options that they offer. Come by Maggiano’s Little Italy today! 

“Generous portions of salad, pasta (love the lasagna), and chicken entree.  We order the family meal for four to feed three adults, and always have enough for a full meal the next day. So definitely a good deal.” - Yelp Review 

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Riva’s Italian Restaurant

Stop by this intimate Italian restaurant lit up by Christmas lights to make for a unique setting!

Come to Riva’s Italian Restaurant for an intimate setting with some delicious Italian food! Image courtesy of Taste Altas. 

1117 Missouri Street | Montrose |

If you’re looking for some simple Italian dishes, but in an intimate setting that is unique from the rest, then you need to stop by Riva’s Italian Restaurant today! Riva’s is a great place to go to for date night because of the Christmas lights that are strung all along the ceilings of this place, giving it that romantic feel, and of course, the great food. You definitely should taste the chicken funchezzi, crab cakes, fettuccine alfredo, chicken and shrimp penne, chicken piccata, and so much more. Experience Riva’s Italian Restaurant today for its romantic atmosphere and one-of-a-kind food!

“This place is so funky and fun - I love it! The vibe of it all - with all of the Christmas lights shining and bright, with all the hip music playing, just a super fun ambience for dinner. Nothing too crazy. I brought my parents and we all had a grand time.” - Yelp Review

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Coltivare Pizza & Garden

Taste some wood-fired Italian pizzas and sit in a beautiful vegetable garden today!

If you’re looking for some of the best pizza around Houston, then you need to try out Coltivare Pizza & Garden today! Image courtesy of Agricole Hospitality. 

3320 White Oak Drive | The Heights | agricolehospitality/

We firmly believe that there is nothing better than some deliciously wood-fired pizza straight from the oven. If you’re looking for the best place in Houston that sells wood-fired pizza, then you need to try out Coltivare Pizza & Garden today! This Italian joint features a beautiful vegetable garden behind the restaurant that you can sit in and enjoy your meal in, which adds a nice touch to the overall experience. Why not come and try out their wood-fired pizzas, black pepper spaghetti, ricotta gnocchi, wood grilled chicken, pickled butternut squash, and so much more. Stop by Coltivare Pizza & Garden today!

“We had the Black Pepper Spaghetti, Oxtail Pasta and the Brussel Sprouts and Beets pizza. Everything was extremely good and flavorful. My pasta was the perfect size and went well with two hot toddy's to keep me warm on the surprisingly cold Houston night.” - Yelp Review

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Buca di Beppo

Family-style restaurants are the best, and this Italian restaurant should make your list of places to go to!

Come experience a family-style restaurant like Buca di Beppo today and their delicious Italian food! Image courtesy of Buca di Beppo. 

5192 Buffalo Speedway | West University |

Are you craving some delicious family-style Italian dishes in a fun restaurant? Check out Buca di Beppo for all of their classic and tasty Italian dishes that the whole family can enjoy all together! We think that you should try out the spicy chicken rigatoni, lasagna, prosciutto stuffed chicken, chicken carbonara, and so much more. Make sure that you get a group of you to go to Buca di Beppo where you will be full from all of the great Italian dishes that you can try out!

“I came here tonight and had the most amazing time! Food and service was phenomenal and the staff was delightful, especially the managers. I will definitely be back!” - Yelp Review 

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Trying to find the best Italian restaurant around Houston can be quite difficult because you have so many different options to choose from. When it comes to Italian food though, you can’t ever go wrong with it because all of it is super good. We hope we made your decision a little bit easier with these top seven delicious Italian restaurants to check out in Houston today!

Is there an Italian restaurant in Houston that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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