Looking for the Best Places to Sleep In the Shade of Joshua Tree National Park?

A List of All the Best Campground Near Palm Desert California

If you are looking for great campsites near Joshua Tree National Park, or in the Palm Desert area in general then you are in the right place. Today I have a list of all the best places to camp near Joshua Tree. I’ll give you the address of all these campsites so you can find your way there, but also so you can check and see which site would be most conveniently located for your trip depending on what else you have planned while you are visiting Joshua Tree. I’ll also link you to each of these campgrounds websites when I can so that way you can check out their prices or call ahead and reserve a spot. And when it’s possible, I will even let you know when one of these amazing campsites near Joshua Tree accepts our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards. 

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Stock up on outdoor essentials near Joshua Tree before you head to the campground.

Whenever you are planning to camp, you need to be sure to stock up on camping supplies. But that is especially true when you are planning to camp in the desert. So check out a couple of these stores near Joshua Tree if you need some camping supplies before you head out!


Great National Brand to Stock Up On Camping Gear Near Joshua Tree California

Text a Lowe’s gift card

35900 Monterey Avenue | Palm Desert | lowes.com/store/CA-Palm-Desert

Lowe’s is a great national brand that is going to have all the camping supplies you need before you head out to one of these great campgrounds in Palm Desert. Lowe’s is also somewhere you can stock up on just about anything except for groceries. 

“I enjoy visiting Lowe's because the team members don't make me feel like an idiot when I don't know what I'm talking about.” - Yelp Review 

Buy a Lowe’s gift card

Home Depot

Great Spot to Get Tents and Chairs to Sit in Around the Fire

Text  a Home Depot gift card

58705 29 Palms Hwy | Yucca Valley | homedepot.com/l/Yucca-Valley/CA

If you are in need of some of the larger camping essentials then Home Depot is going to be a great stop for you before you head out camping in the desert. So if this is a spur of the moment camping trip and you need to grab a tent, or a bunch of chairs so you have something to sit on after you build a fire, then be sure to stop at Home Depot to stock up before you head out for your camping desert adventure. 

“We've had only great experiences here. The staff is always friendly, helpful and attentive. Especially the front end.” - Yelp Review

Buy a Home Depot gift card

Now that you’re all stocked up for your trip, let’s check out some of the best campgrounds near Joshua Tree National Park.

1. Indian Cove Campground

Least Crowded Campground Near Joshua Tree

7295 Indian Cove Rd | Twentynine Palms | nps.gov/jotr/index.htm

If you are somebody who enjoys going camping, then I am sure you have run into the problem where you show up to a campsite and every single lot is full. And on top of that most of them are filled with RVs and campers. You were hoping for a night under the stars but there’s so many people there that the light pollution kills your chances. 

Well you don’t need to worry about that at Indian Cove Campground, they are sure to provide enough area for all the different campers they allow in. You’ll be sure to have plenty of room to enjoy your camping experience, and you will also be able to fully enjoy the beauty of Joshue tree in the star light. 

“Beautiful spot in the park to pitch a tent! Basic campground- firepits, tables, pit toilets, dumpsters. No sinks/showers that I found- BYO food, water, trash bags and firewood. $25 a night for a site large enough for 30+ people.” - Yelp Review 

2. Hidden Valley Campground

Amazing, But Busy, Campground In Joshua Tree

74485 National Park Dr | Twentynine Palms | nps.gov/campgrounds

Hidden Valley Campground is another great spot near Joshua Tree where you can go camping. The only real issue is that the spot is so popular that if you don’t get a spot reserved early, I can’t guarantee that they’ll even have one available for you. But really when the worst thing I have to tell you about a campsite is that they are too busy, it’s gotta be a pretty great campsite right? Well apparently it is. Or at least it is according to the universal five star rating they boast in their reviews. 

“Best campground in Joshua Tree! Get there early (or earlier in the week) to claim a camp site! They are typically full on weekend haha! There are about 36 sites here -- you can drive around on both sides and try to find a site that does not have a orange permit.” - Yelp Review

3. Black Rock Canyon Ranger Station

Best Bathrooms Of Any Campsite Near Joshua Tree

9800 Black Rock Canyon | Yucca Valley | fs.usda.gov/recarea

Black Rock Canyon Ranger Station is definitely one of the best campgrounds in the Joshua Tree area. Not only are the camping spots themselves pretty spacious, the campsite itself also features fantastic and well maintained bathrooms. And listen this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal when that’s how it is, but you would certainly notice it if it wasn’t up to grade. 

“Awesome camping spot when visiting Joshua tree! All campsites have a fire pit and table. Campsites are pretty spacious. Campgrounds are well kept and rangers are very friendly.” - Yelp Review 

4. Ryan Campground

Smaller Camp Site Near Joshua Tree

6554 Park Blvd | Joshua Tree National Park | nps.gov/ryan-campground.htm

There are lots of great campgrounds near Joshua Tree, so don’t discount Ryan Campground just because it is a little further down the list. They are conveniently located near great hiking trails. And they also feature plenty of recycling bins and clean bathrooms. But like many other campsites near the national parks they fill up fast on the weekends, so try to get there early if you want to get a spot. 

“Cozy and fun, around 30 campsites. Great location in Joshua Tree, clean bathrooms. Requisite hike nearby and amazing rock formations in camp. Well located refuse and recycle bins. Wonderful.” - Yelp Review 

5. AutoCamp

Best Glamping Near Joshua Tree

62209 Verbena Rd | Joshua Tree | autocamp.com/joshua-tree

If you are looking to go camping, but aren’t really into roughing it, then you should give the autocamp a try. They provide plenty of excellent rv style sites that you can spend your camping trip in. So if you want to be out in nature, but still be able to enjoy the benefits of running hot water in the morning, then give the AutoCamp a try. It’s a much more vacation style of camping than the traditional tent on the ground. 

“My wife and I had a great time. The airstream was a fun place to stay for the night. The bed was comfortable, there was ample space inside, and you have your own shower and toilet!” - Yelp Review 

And those are the most popular campgrounds near Joshua Tree National Park!

There you go dear internet traveler. You finally have a list of all the best campgrounds there are near Joshua Tree National Park in California. I mean there are really only so many things that separate one campsite from another, but I tried to give you some insight into how these different campsites might be a better choice in certain scenarios. 

The most important thing to me when I am camping is being out in nature and being able to see the night sky. But that’s not for everybody so I tried to include a little bit of everything. I even found a place that specializes specifically in glamping and lets you set up in the RV of your choice for your camping stay. So I hope no matter what kind of camping trip you are trying to have, this article was able to help you nail down just where the perfect camping spot for you near Joshua Tree would be.

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