Fight Off the Summer Heat by Grabbing a Scoop of the Best Ice Cream in Houston

There’s no better way to fight off the summer heat than by sitting on a pool chair with a scoop of your favorite ice cream in your hand. Whether you are an ice cream aficionado or someone who just has a soft spot for Oreo ice cream, there is no shortage of Houston ice cream parlors to get your fix. Check out these top 7 ice cream parlors in Houston the next time you need something sweet to cool off from the summer heat now. 

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SweetCup Gelato & Sorbet Originale

3939 Montrose Blvd, Montrose, Fourth Ward |

Houston Ice Cream Shop Offering a Wide Selection of Creative Flavors

Try a scoop of root beer float and milk chocolate in a waffle cup. Image courtesy of Yelp

Located in the Montrose District of Houston, SweetCup Gelato & Sorbet Originale continues to push the norm of gelato tradition. Many of SweetCup’s unique flavors are inspired by the founder’s travels and memories of growing up in Texas. As a shop that is passionate about its craft, many of its ingredients are locally-sourced. All of the gelato and sorbet dishes are also handmade from scratch, on-site. 

“Love this place! Cute inside and there is outdoor seating. We got the small waffle cups and tried the root beer float, milk chocolate, cookies and cream, and Nutella s' mores flavors. All were great and you can actually get up to three flavors in the small size which is plenty!” - Yelp Review

milk + sugar

1848 Westheimer Road, Montrose |

Montrose Ice Cream Shop Offering Mouthwatering Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream

Try a scoop of the almond cheesecake ice cream. 

Founded by two ice cream enthusiasts who simply wanted to share their passion with others, milk + sugar offers a fun variety of delicious ice cream flavors and toppings for hungry customers. All ice creams are made in-house and onsite. At milk + sugar, life is too short to just have plain vanilla. That’s why you can find some of the most unique ice cream flavors in Houston here. From the Thai tea to the dulce de horchata, there is no shortage of exciting flavors to try at this bustling ice cream shop. 

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“They have a rotating menu of 10 or so unique flavor profiles, just enough variety to be interesting but not overwhelming. The ice cream itself is very high quality - smooth, rich and creamy. I do love that each flavor comes with its own set of mix-ins such as pound cake, pretzels or toffee; it adds that extra flair to "complete" the ice cream, both in taste and texture.” - Yelp Review

Magnolias Ice Cream & More

6421 Brady St, Magnolia Park |

Popular Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Shop in Magnolia Park

Share a sugary ice cream sundae with a friend. Image courtesy of Magnolia’s Ice Cream & More

Ice cream, smoothies, fruit waters, snowcones, and more await you at this lively ice cream shop in Magnolia Park. For a sweet and unique Mexican-style ice treat, try the Mango Deluxe, AKA the Mangonada. If you are looking for some candy, they have that too. From chamoy to tamarind, Magnolia’s Ice Cream has everything you could want in a dessert store — and more. 

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“This is the awesome place I have ever been great customer service I love all the chamoy goodies they have. The best mangonadas ever made with real homemade mango sherbet. The chamoy bears and watermelon belts are the best I ever tasted.” - Yelp Review

The Freezing Point

Houston, TX 77005 |

Catering Company That Uses Table-Side Liquid Nitrogen Technology to Make Unforgettable Dishes

Frozen ice cream delivered in minutes. Image courtesy of Yelp

Delight and entertain guests at your next event with The Freezing Point. Distinguished by their use of liquid nitrogen to make delicious ice cream on the spot, this catering company will help you throw an unforgettable event. The Freezing Point has worked at a variety of events, including birthdays, bridal showers, employee appreciation events, and even fashion shows. 

Clients can choose from a wide selection of ice cream, sorbet, floats, and kosher dishes. International flavors from South Asia such as the Malai and spiked ice cream dishes are also popular among customers. 

“My company has hosted Freezing Point multiple times in downtown Houston and in the Galleria. Carolyn prepared the ingredients before she arrived, but the live demonstrations were a huge hit. She took the time to explain the science behind her creamy creations.” - Yelp Review

Fat Cat Creamery

1901 N Shepherd, The Heights |

Popular Ice Cream Shop Offering a Wide Assortment of Flavors

A scoop of carrot cake ice cream set against a whimsical background. Image courtesy of Yelp

Known for its handcrafted, small-batch ice cream made from local ingredients, the Fat Cat Creamery has built a loyal fanbase over the years. And it is easy to see how. All of their ice creams are made with whole milk, heavy cream, sugar, and egg yolks. The charming ice cream shop uses milk and heavy cream from local Texas farmers Mill-King Creamery and eggs that are delivered twice a week by Ole Dad Farms. In order to promote sustainability, all ice cream pints and single-serve packages are built from leftover, compostable wheat straw. 

The Fat Cat Creamery serves five flavors year-round: the Cat’s Meow Mexican Vanilla, Milk Chocolate Sout, Waterloo Strawberry Buttermilk, Amaya Coffee & Cream, and dairy-free Chai Tea Coconut. The ice cream shop also offers seasonal flavors such as Bourbon Pecan Pie and Bunny Bait. However, this list changes daily so you might want to check ahead of time to see if they have the flavor you want. 

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“Today I ordered from their seasonal flavors -- honey lemon and Amaya Coffee and Cream. Surprisingly those paired somehow worked. I loved both flavors! The texture is super creamy and their waffle cone is on point. I can't say which out of the two were my favorite because they were both so good and distinct in flavor.” - Yelp Review

Honeychild’s Sweet Cream

The Heights, Houston |

Frozen Custard Perfect for Cooling Off During a Hot Summer Day 

The Texas Sheet Cake is a popular flavor at this vibrant ice cream shop. Image courtesy of Yelp

Honeychild’s Sweet Creams offers an expansive menu filled with mouthwatering flavors. Filled with only fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, these dishes are sure to be a delicious snack during a hot summer day. Some of the shop’s year-round flavors include Buttermilk Pie, Pecan Praline, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Texas Sheet Cake. In addition to their regular flavors, Honeychild’s also serves seasonal flavors such as Grapefruit Crunch and Sweet Tea. 

“I’m addicted and will be going back for more and more. I picked up the vanilla, pecans and praline, and the sweet tea flavors. They were all delicious. Very smooth, full of flavor and doesn't taste artificial. My favorite was the sweet tea. It was out of this world!! I can't wait to try all the flavors.”- Yelp Review


4444 Westheimer Road, Highland Village |

Italian Gelato Shop in Highland Village Serving Only the Best Dishes to Hungry Visitors

Grab a bowl of ice cream and go on a movie binge. Image courtesy of Yelp

For people who love to take a photo of their dessert for their latest Instagram story, Amorino provides the perfect backdrop and aesthetic dishes that will enhance your feed. Their gelatos are pretty good too. Both organic and vegan-friendly flavors are offered, making the shop a perfect stop for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Some of their most popular flavors include the Banana Nanica from Bresil, Caramello al Burro Salato, and amarena cream and black cherries.

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“Picture perfect with tons of flavor, Amorino is the place to go if you're looking for a pretty dessert. They have a wide range of gelato flavors. We went with the classics and were not disappointed. The daisy size is perfect for the kids since gelato can be so filling!!” - Yelp Review

Finding the best ice cream in Houston is a breeze thanks to the city’s wide variety of ice cream shops and parlors. What is your favorite ice cream spot in Houston? Tell us in the comments!

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