Experience Unique Dining at These Seven One-of-a-Kind Restaurants in San Francisco

Are you craving something different in your dining out experiences? Come try out these seven unique restaurants in San Francisco today!

Sometimes dining at your usual spots can get boring. With the same food choices, drink options, and even the same old atmosphere you’re used to experiencing can get boring. We believe that change is a good thing and that there’s nothing wrong with switching things up every once in a while. If you’re craving a change to try out some new and unique restaurants, especially in San Francisco, we got you covered with seven of the best ones in the city!

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Urban Putt

Enjoy some American-fare food, along with having some fun with playing indoor mini-golf!

There’s nothing better than enjoying some tasty American food, along with playing some mini-golf at Urban Putt! Image courtesy of Urban Putt. 

1096 South Van Ness Avenue | Mission | urbanputt.com

Do you enjoy your typical American food along with mini-golfing? If you come to Urban Putt, you can experience both at the same time! Urban Putt’s two locations in San Francisco and Denver feature an upscaled version of tasty American-fare food and cocktails that go perfectly with your meal. Then, once you’re done eating, you can enjoy a unique indoor mini-golf course that is perfect for everybody of all ages!

If you wish to dine and eat some food before your big game of mini-golf, then you gotta try out these amazing dishes. From avocado toast, green eggs and ham, fried chicken and waffle skewers, thin-crust pizzas, bacon mac n’ cheese, and so much more, your tummy will be full and ready to play some golf. So why not try out Urban Putt today!

“Overall, I would definitely come back! Bring an appetite for booze and some good friends and prepare for a fun hour of mini golfing!” - Yelp Review 

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Foreign Cinema

Dive into some Califorian-Mediterannean food in an outdoor seating venue with giant movie screens!

Experience a beautiful outdoor seating venue at Foreign Cinema with tasty Californian-Mediterranean food while watching a movie on a large outdoor screen! Image courtesy of 10Best. 

2534 Mission Street | Mission | foreigncinema.com

Have you ever been to a restaurant that has a ginormous outdoor screen to be able to watch movies on as you eat? Well, if you come to Foreign Cinema, you can watch lots of your favorite movies while enjoying a unique and tasty meal! At Foreign Cinema, they offer Californian-Mediterannean food that uses seasonal produce, and locally sourced ingredients while you enjoy classic movies, such as The Princess Bride, and many more.

We know that if you go to Foreign Cinema, you’re going to love and enjoy the experience of getting to watch a movie outdoors in a beautiful seating venue, and we think you’re going to love the food too! With favorites such as Santa Barbara smoked salmon, baguette french toast, croque madame, brandade, and more, you’ll fall in love with this place instantly. Try out Foreign Cinema today to enjoy a fun atmosphere and some delectable food!

“The service was great, the food was delicious, the atmosphere was beautiful- what more can one ask for.” - Yelp Review

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Cliff House

Look out at some beautiful ocean views at this restaurant that serves California cuisine!

Experience beautiful ocean views when you eat some tasty Californian cuisine at Cliff House today! Image courtesy of San Francisco Chronicle. 

1090 Point Lobos Avenue | Sea Cliff | cliffhouse.com

Do you enjoy being by the sea whenever you get the chance? If this sounds like you, then you need to experience what it’s like to dine in at Cliff House! Cliff House is known for its big windows that feature magnificent sea views, and their tasty Californian cuisine that has been a popular hit for many years. 

Cliff House features lots of delicious dishes that you can enjoy on a date with a significant other, or even for a special occasion with friends and family. With favorites such as clam chowder, eggs benedict, crab cakes, fish and chips, dungeness crab, spicy fried calamari, and even french toast, you’re bound to find something delicious to keep you coming back for more. Try out Cliff House and their tasty food and ocean views today!

“Service was great. The view is spectacular! Definitely stop into this spot!” - Yelp Review 

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Brenda’s French Soul Food

Try a new take on Southern comfort food at this fun San Francisco venue! 

Enjoy some tasty Southern comfort classics whenever you stop at Brenda’s French Soul Food today! Image courtesy of Time Out. 

652 Polk Street | Tenderloin | frenchsoulfood.com

If you’re venturing out into the Tenderloin District, there lies Brenda’s French Soul Food, a Southern comfort food restaurant that features French and New Orleans favorites! Established in 2007, this restaurant has been a hit in San Francisco that offers French favorites and lots of fried chicken options that are popular in the south too that are all delicious with this unique combination.

If you’re willing to try out what there is to offer at Brenda’s French Soul Food, then you need to try out these awesome dishes! With favorites such as crawfish beignets, eggs benedict, granny smith apple beignets, french toast, and even fried chicken eggs benedict, there is always something you’ll find worth trying. Try out Brenda’s French Soul Food today for their awesome flavors with a combo of French and Southern favorites!

“This was my favorite meal when I stayed in San Francisco - which is a difficult distinction to make since I ate So. Much. Deliciousness! But this place has a special place in my heart.” - Yelp Review

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Asia Sf

Check out some amazing choreographed shows while you enjoy some asian fusion food!

Experience some amazing live shows at Asia SF while enjoying some tasty Asian fusion classics! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.

201 9th Street | SoMa | asiasf.com

If you want to enjoy a live choreographed performance as you enjoy some Asian fusion dishes, then you need to try out Asia SF today! Established in 1997, Asia SF is the perfect place to go to for bachelor, bachelorette, or even birthday parties because of the live performances and the lively crowd. The food is exceptionally good and you’re able to enjoy a free show along with it!

We know that you’ll have the time of your life at Asia SF, but what about the food? It’s delicious that’s for sure, and they have amazing dishes like truffled soba noodles, portobello mushroom soba noodles, orange lamb, blackened tuna sashimi, and even miso glazed king salmon. With all of these tasty food options and a fun performance, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t come to Asia SF today!

“The show was so much fun and the courses were served at the perfect time throughout the show. Definitely an experience worth having!” - Yelp Review

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State Bird Provision

Surround yourself in an urban-rustic restaurant that is beautiful and one-of-a-kind serving American dishes!

Enjoy an urban-rustic atmosphere at State Bird Provision, a beautiful restaurant selling exquisite American dishes! Image courtesy of Eater SF. 

1529 Fillmore Street | Western Addition | statebirdsf.com

Are you just looking for a simple, yet breathtakingly beautiful restaurant to go to? We think that you are, and if it’s true, then you need to try out State Bird Provision today! This American-fare restaurant is perfect when you want to enjoy many different kinds of bird dishes, like quail, hen, seafood dishes, and so much more. 

State Bird Provision has lots of different food options to choose from that are all delicious! With favorites such as the California state bird, Guinea hen dumplings, smoked trout parsnips, pork ribs, red trout, hedgehog mushroom toast, and so much more, you’re going to find something delightful with this unique menu. Try out State Bird Provision today! 

“My favorites since day one and continue to rock my world are: the guinea hen dumpling, oyster, duck liver mousse and heck, everything on the menu!” - Yelp Review 

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El Mansour

Interested in seeing some live belly dancing shows? Check them out at this Moroccan restaurant in San Francisco!

Experience the Moroccan culture with nightly belly dancing as you enjoy a delicious meal at El Mansour! Image courtesy of SFGate.

3119 Clement Street | Outer Richmond | elmansour.com

Have you ever seen a live belly dancing performance? If you want to see one live and in person, you have to check out El Mansour and all of their tasty Moroccan dishes! El Mansour features decor from Morocco all around the restaurant along with serving authentic Moroccan food that you’re going to love!

Are you curious as to what El Mansour has to offer? We’re sure you’re going to love the dishes they have like seared prawns and scallops, chicken kabobs, couscous with lamb and veggies, lamb with eggplant, and so much more. Enjoy a night of belly dancing shows and delectable Moroccan dishes at El Mansour! 

“5 course meal for $40 and belly dancer entertainment! The staff are so kind and the ambiance is spot on! I tried the rabbit tagine and I was very pleased! Make a reservation! This place was a hit!” - Yelp Review 

Buy a gift card for El Mansour 

There are lots of different restaurants to visit in San Francisco and we know it can get old going to the same place over and over again. Just know that there’s always going to be some hidden gem buried in the city that is both unique and fun to experience. We hope we helped you broaden your horizons with these fun and unique restaurants in San Francisco today!

Is there a unique restaurant in San Francisco that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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