Experience North Scottsdale With These Seven Appetizing Restaurants

November 17, 2020
Food & Drink
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Are you moving to North Scottsdale, a tourist, or just a current resident that wants a new place to eat out at? Try out these seven amazing restaurants today!

North Scottsdale, Arizona, known for its amazing climate, low taxes, golf, and so much more, is one of the best and safest areas to go to in the state. With so much to do there like check out historical landmarks, go to museums and amusement parks, and even check out lots of different parks and preserves, this is definitely one of the most exciting places to see in Arizona. Let’s say that after a long day of hiking, or just going to a museum, you want to treat yourself to a delicious dinner. Well, we got you covered with the seven best restaurants in North Scottsdale today!

Main image courtesy of Nationwide Vision. 

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Spiga Cucina Italiana

Sit outside in a brick-walled patio space while you enjoy some pizza, pasta, and much more!

Enjoy a brick-walled setting as you enjoy some tasty Italian dishes like pizza, pasta, and so much more! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

7500 East Pinnacle Peak Road | North Scottsdale | spigaaz.com

Are you in the mood for some amazing Italian dishes? We’re sure that you are, so why not try out Spiga Cucina Italiana today! At Spiga Cucina, they feature Italian dishes with a mix of Mediterannean cuisine as well for a unique taste and flavor. This restaurant also features a rustic setting that makes for a relaxing atmosphere that you will love!

Spiga Cucina Italiana has lots of different tasty food options to choose from! With favorites such as beef short ribs, beet ravioli, linguini nero, grilled octopus, veal chops, and even done delectable mushroom risotto, you will find something here, fall in love, and want to come back over and over again. Try out Spiga Cucina Italiana today!

“Another amazing dinner! Always enjoy spending an evening here. Fabulous experience and food.” - Yelp Review 

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Coconut’s Fish Cafe

Try out this seafood restaurant with their award-winning fish tacos that are a fan favorite!

Experience what it’s like to eat the best fish tacos around at Coconut’s Fish Cafe today! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

16640 North Scottsdale Road | North Scottsdale | coconustsaz.com

There’s nothing better than a delicious fish taco, so why not try out some of the best in the world right at Coconut’s Fish Cafe in North Scottsdale! Coconut’s Fish Cafe is a family-friendly restaurant that serves lots of different seafood options that have won many awards since first being established. 

We know you’re dying to try out Coconut’s Fish Cafe’s award-winning fish tacos, but they also have many other dishes that are absolutely delicious. From favorites such as the mahi mahi, coconut shrimp, fish and chips, ahi poke bowl, and so much more, you’re going to enjoy every bit of this fun restaurant. Make sure to stop by Coconut’s Fish Cafe today for some of the best seafood around!

“Highly recommend! As I was leaving I saw another person's order of fish tacos and they looked really good, so now I know what to get for next time!” - Yelp Review 

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The Herb Box

Eat healthy at this organic restaurant that features American-style food in a country setting!

Experience some healthy and organic food options when you stop by The Herb Box today! Image courtesy of The Herb Box.

 7051 East 5th Avenue | North Scottsdale | theherbbox.com

Since its opening in 1995, The Herb Box has been the place to go to get some innovative American-style food, along with it being super healthy too! At The Herb Box, their main mission is to produce healthy food that everyone loves and will continue to love. All of their food is made with the freshest ingredients that make the meal that much better, so there’s no reason why The Herb Box shouldn’t be in your list of places to go!

The Herb Box is a great place to start eating healthier with some of the freshest and best food around. With serving some of their favorites like Korean fried cauliflower, Market Street short rib tacos, pear and gorgonzola flatbreads, grilled chicken and sage pesto, and even vegetarian sweet potato tacos, there is something here for everyone and it’s delicious. Make sure to try out The Herb Box and have a healthy meal!

“ The Herb Box always comes through when we are visiting Scottsdale Arizona. Their ingredients are so fresh, organic and well executed. If you're ever in the area wondering where to go and eat I would highly recommend this restaurant.” - Yelp Review 

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Soul Cafe

Come here to get the tastiest Southern soul food that you can in a contemporary setting!

If you’re craving some soul food, make sure to try it at Soul Cafe today! Image courtesy of Total Happy Hour. 

7615 East Pinnacle Peak Road | Scottsdale | soulscottsdale.com

If you’re craving some delicious Southern soul food, there’s no better place to go than Soul Cafe! Inspired by the many different flavors of Arizona, Soul Cafe uses the freshest and best ingredients for all of their customers to love and enjoy. Soul Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so it is a perfect option for any time of the day whenever you’re craving comfort food! 

Since Soul Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can enjoy many different kinds of meals that are all delicious! With favorites such as chilaquiles, buttermilk fried chicken, french toast, blueberry pie, and even jalapeno corn cakes, you’re going to love diving deep into Soul Cafe’s cuisine. Stop by today for tasty and affordable food where the employees care about customer satisfaction!

“This is a five star restaurant in it's class. You cannot beat the food, the service or the ambiance.” - Yelp Review 

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Preston’s Steakhouse

Check out this steakhouse and seafood restaurant where you can sit outside and enjoy your meal by a fire pit!

Enjoy a juicy steak whenever you stop at Preston’s Steakhouse today and even enjoy it by the outdoor fire pit! Image courtesy of Arizona Restaurant Week.

8700 East Pinnacle Peak Road | North Scottsdale | prestonscottsdale.com

We believe that delicious, tender, and juicy steaks are sometimes the best thing to eat. If going to a steakhouse is what you’re feeling tonight, then you need to go to Preston’s Steakhouse today! Preston’s Steakhouse is perfect for their delectable steaks and even their seafood. They have also won the award of excellence for the past five years, so it says how good they are!

Do you want to know what kind of steaks and seafood that Preston’s Steakhouse has to offer? Of course you do! With favorites such as a bone-in ribeye, a rack of lamb, house smoked prime rib, chopped salad, french onion soup, and even their signature Preston’s burger, you’ll love everything here. Make sure to try out Preston’s Steakhouse today!

“The food was delicious! Perfectly cooked steaks, not over-spiced. Cream, flavorful mashed potatoes.” - Yelp Review 

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Jalapeno Inferno

Experience some Mexican-Southwestern dishes in a restaurant lined with art!

There’s nothing like adding some spice and heat to your meal whenever you come to Jalapeno Inferno! Image courtesy of OpenTable. 

23587 North Scottsdale Road | North Scottsdale | jalapenoinferno.com

If you want to add some spice and hear to your meal, then you definitely need to come to Jalapeno Inferno today! Jalapeno Inferno is a Mexican-Southwestern restaurant that is unique as soon as you step inside. With beautiful art lining the walls, you can enjoy a spicy meal in an ambiance that is filled with creativity.

Jalapeno Inferno, as you would figure, has lots of dishes that are spicy and full of heat. Some of their signature dishes include green chile enchiladas, tequila lime shrimp tacos, lobster street tacos, and even baja-style fish tacos. With all of this delicious goodness, you need to come to Jalapeno Inferno today!

“As far as the orders, they are always tasty and hot with special attention to providing chips and salsa as if you are dining in. Thank you for continual good food and service.” - Yelp Review 

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La Torretta Ristorante

Gaze at some beautiful mountain views while enjoying some tasty pasta and other Italian favorites!

Enjoy some refined pasta dishes, along with other tasty Italian dishes when you come to La Torretta Ristorante! Image courtesy of Wheelchair Jimmy. 

16640 North Scottsdale Road | North Scottsdale | latorrettaaz.com

We know you’re craving some of the tastiest Italian dishes around, so why not come to La Torretta Ristorante today for some of the best around! La Torretta Ristorante is a locally owned restaurant and they strive to bring people together through their authentic Italian cuisine by using the freshest ingredients possible.

La Torretta Ristorante has lots of tasty favorites for you to indulge and dive into. With some classic Italian favorites like lasagna, butternut squash ravioli, caesar salad, filet mignon, cheese ravioli, and even tortellini con ricotta, you’ll enjoy everything here, that’s a guarantee. Take a trip down to La Torretta Ristorante today for an authentic Italian meal with your friends or family!

“My absolute favorite Italian restaurant in the greater Phoenix/Scottsdale area! I bring all of my visitors & family members here!” - Yelp Review 

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North Scottsdale is a fun and exciting place to visit. With so many things to do, diving into the history of the area, and even just trying some new restaurant, the options are limitless and it’s a place that you need to visit. We hope we were able to help you satisfy your hunger need with these top seven restaurants in North Scottsdale, Arizona!

Is there a restaurant in North Scottsdale, Arizona that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!


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