Swing and Aim For That Birdie at the Top 7 Golf Courses in Scottsdale

If you enjoy golfing, but want to check out some new local course in Scottsdale, make sure to check out these top seven today!

Golfing is not only a hobby to some, but it is a passion to others. From something that you enjoy doing in your past time to something that you want to perfect and improve your skill, golfing is a fun way to be able to release stress in an active way. This sport can be a great way to relax with being out in the sunshine by yourself and enjoying nature and the course, or just a fun thing to do with family and friends. If you live in Scottsdale and are looking for the best golf courses around the area, here are the top seven we think you should experience!

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Grayhawk Golf Club

Check out the golf club that offers two different courses with many unique features!

If you love golfing, but want to experience more unique courses, make sure to check out Grayhawk Golf Club! Image courtesy of YourValley. 

8620 E Thompson Peak Parkway | Scottsdale | grayhawkgolf.com

We know that golfing is a passion of yours, so make sure to check out Grayhawk Golf Club as soon as you can! Grayhawk Golf Club is known for having two very distinct courses named the Raptor Course and the Talon Course. The Raptor Course is very well-known in Scottsdale that hosts PGA Tour events, and the Talon Course was named one of the best courses in Golf Magazine. Both have lots of beautiful green areas to enjoy nature and a good game of golf. Make sure to check out Grayhawk Golf Club today!

“Driving range was blasting yacht rock, totally chill vibes all day. Cart girls every 2-3 holes and kept us well hydrated. Played Raptor and shot the best round of my life.” - Yelp Review 

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McCormick Ranch Golf Club

If you want to enjoy a long game of golf, check out this famous 36-hole course!

There’s nothing more fun than a day filled with golfing, so enjoy a long 36-hole game at McCormick Ranch Golf Club! Image courtesy of Two Guys Who Golf. 

7505 E McCormick Parkway | Scottsdale | mccormickranchgolf.com

If you enjoy a long day filled with golfing, having a few beers, and hanging out with friends or family, then you need to come to McCormick Ranch Golf Club today! At McCormick, you can enjoy the beautiful view of mountain vistas and lakes that gleam in the sunshine as you enjoy an extensive game of golf. At hole ten, you come across the challenge of having to play around water, but it makes it a fun thing to experience and try doing for yourself. Make sure to check out McCormick Ranch Golf Club today!

“I love McCormick Ranch!  I frequent this driving range when I am in town.  I played the Palms course and it definitely lives up to its name.  Palm trees everywhere! The outside service staff was excellent and so professional.” - Yelp Review 

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McDowell Mountain Golf Club

Located in the McDowell Mountains, enjoy a scenic game of golf at this premier golf club!

Check out McDowell Mountain Golf Club today and play a fun game of golf in the mountains! Image courtesy of GolfPass.

10690 E Sheena Drive | Scottsdale | mcdowellmountaingc.com 

Have you ever thought that you would be able to enjoy a game of golf in the mountains? Well, if you go to McDowell Mountain Golf Club, you’ll be able to experience going to a golf course right in the middle of the McDowell Mountains and it is known as being one of the most premier golf courses in Scottsdale! What is nice about this course is that you don’t need to have an annual membership to join, just come whenever you want. With that being said, make sure to check out McDowell Mountain Golf Club today!

“I've been a MMGC card holder for years.  I really think this course is laid out well for both my wife and I.  The holes are interesting, some a bit easy and others more difficult.  The course is always in good shape other than the sand traps.” - Yelp Review 

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Scottsdale Silverado Golf Club

A golf club featuring a bar and grill, an exciting course, and plenty of golf tournaments to participate in!

If you want to go to a golf club that has everything from golf to food, make sure to come by Scottsdale Silverado Golf Club today! Image courtesy of Scottsdale Silverado Golf Club. 

7605 E Indian Bend Road | Scottsdale | scottsdalesilveradogolfclub.com

Interested in checking out Scottsdale most popular 18-hole golf course? Scottsdale Silverado Golf Club is the place to be then! With affordable prices when it comes to a round of golf, this course is suitable for golfers of all skill levels with its beautiful and fun terrain to play on. They also feature an American bar and grill that serves some tasty food after a good game of golf with friends or family. Have fun playing a round of golf when you go to SCottsdale Silverado Golf Club’s unique 18-hole course today!

“One of my favorite courses to play. Discovered this with the Women On Course group. The first time was a putting lesson and playing four holes. I've been back a couple of times now and love it.” - Yelp Review 

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Starfire Golf Club

Play on either 9 or 18-hole golf courses, or just perfect your swing at the driving range!

Stop by Starfire Golf Club for a fun filled day of hitting golf balls at the driving range or one of the two courses there! Image courtesy of Starfire Golf Club.

11500 N Hayden Road | Scottsdale | starfiregolfclub.com

Do you enjoy playing on a golf course, or perfecting your golf swing at the driving range? Either way, we think that you should come explore Starfire Golf Club today for one of the best golf experiences you can have! Starfire Golf Club is a public golf course that features 9 or 18-hole courses for either a quick or extensive game, so you can fit in a game of golf that works well with your schedule. This is known for being one of the oldest golf courses around Scottsdale, but for many, it’s one of the best. Make sure to check out Starfire Golf Club today!

“This course feels very welcoming, and can be played by a wide variety of players. You don't have to be a scratch golfer to shoot a good score here and feel good about yourself. They have different water holes, and ones that go through neighborhoods.” - Yelp Review

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Coronado Golf Course and Lighted Driving Range

Looking for a map that is perfect for beginners? Make sure to check out this fantastic course!

Stop what you’re doing and go to the Coronado Golf Course and Lighted Driving Range in Scottsdale for a golfing experience you won’t forget! Image courtesy of GolfPass. 

2829 N Miller Road | Scottsdale | coronadogolfscottsdale.com

Thinking about golfing for the first time, but don’t know where to go? If you’re looking for the best beginner golf course around Scottsdale, then you need to check out Coronado Golf Course and Lighted Driving Range today! Coronado Golf Course is a cash only course and driving range that is one of the most affordable in the area. Known for their lighted driving range, putting, and chipping facilities, this range is perfect for anyone that is just learning the sport, or someone that wants to perfect their golf swing. Come to Coronado Golf Course and Lighted Driving Range to either experience a fun day of golf on the driving range, or on their legendary 9-hole golf course today!

“In a city FULL of beautiful, challenging and famous golf courses, Scottsdale Coronado golf course is a fun, affordable jewel of a course. Located in south Scottsdale near Old Town, Coronado is just 15 minutes away from Sky Harbor airport, Arizona State University and literally walking distance from the shops and restaurants in Old Town.” - Yelp Review 

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Scottsdale National Golf Club

Three famous golf courses for each exclusive member to experience at this course!

If you enjoy being a member of an exclusive golfing team or club, make sure to check out Scottsdale National Golf Club today! Image courtesy of Scottsdale National Golf Club. 

29001 N 122nd Street | Scottsdale | sngc.com

Thinking about being a part of an all-exclusive golf club? Make sure to look into Scottsdale National Golf Club today for some of the best perks when it comes to golf and their exquisite courses today! Scottsdale National Golf Club features three unique courses, the Mine Shaft Course, the Other Side Course, and the Bad Little Nine Course where they all have one-of-a-kind challenging holes, a sequence of pars, and one with a thirteen-foot bunker. Come experience Scottsdale National Golf Club today!

“Wonderful course, wonderful villas, wonderful staff...it's always a perfect day here!” - Yelp Review 

Golfing is a fun sport that many people enjoy doing. If you’re looking to learn more about the sport, how to play, perfect your golf swing, or just want to go out and play a game with friends and family, we know it can be a challenge finding the perfect golf course. Make sure to check out one of these top seven best golf courses in Scottsdale, Arizona today!

Is there a golf course in Scottsdale that you love, but we didn’t mention? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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