Craving for Some Finger-Licking Cuisines? Try these Indian Restaurants in Washington, DC

Do you crave great comfort dishes and amazingly delightful high-end restaurant food? These seven Indian restaurants give you both of those experiences in one package.

Washing DC boasts an impressive restaurant scene. Among the many eating spots are lively and authentic Indian restaurants that perfectly cater to the range of eaters from those who like their food with no spices to those that can’t get enough heat. If you live in the city or plan to visit any time soon, you can’t afford to miss out on some of the best Indian cuisines on this list. Everything from high-end tasting dishes to traditional, homey dishes to contemporary takes, is available and ready for you to enjoy.

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Indian hot-spot in Washington popular for its traditional Indian street food.

Source: Yelp

243 K Street Northeast, Washington, DC 20002

Do you desire some upscale dining with a sophisticated Indian flavor to all of the cuisines that are served? If this is you, make your way to Indigo restaurant in Washington, DC. Located in a cool neighborhood on a cheerful house that features a patio full of colorful picnic setting, Indigo is your fancy restaurant to order some well-cooked, traditional Indian dishes. But how can you not admire a spot where love notes from happy customers cover the walls?

Tourists and residents alike line up to enjoy lots of delicious and creative dishes such as spicy chicken masala, daal (packed with a smoky flavor and soused in a cardamom-scented sauce), paneer paratha, and more. All their dishes are prepared from scratch with some fresh ingredients.

With all these flavorsome, well-spiced, and authentic Indian dishes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t stop by Indigo for some extensive food tasting.

Punjab Grill

Try out Chef Jaspratap Bindra’s Indian cuisines at this opulent downtown attraction

Source: OpenTable

427 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

A customer’s favorite located in Pennsylvania Avenue, the royal-inspired restaurant is an exquisite Indian restaurant that is popular for its opulent interiors that are hard-carved with gold-patterned wallpaper that surrounds the place. With such an appealing setting, you would think their cuisines matches what you see when you first arrive at this restaurant. And you’re right, it exceeds the expectations.

Their menu is equally dazzling and luxurious with an extensive list of dishes that include the palak paneer filled with olive tapenade and caviar or leg of lamb with a gold leaf. Also, don’t miss out on the house favorite, aloo tikki chaat, which includes crispy potato cake with some mashup of slightly roasted Brussels sprouts. Pair the dishes with a variety of cocktails like Punjab mule, with lemon, vodka, curry leaves, and ginger. The drama continues with some sweet dessert, with the well-dressed and mouth-watering chocolate pistachio.

With all these great options for Indian dishes, Punjab is a must try to treat your taste buds to some delicious food.

The Bombay Club

Cheerful Indian restaurant with posh old-world dining experience delivering sophisticated Indian cuisines, wine, and beer

Source: OpenTable

815 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006

Do you enjoy eating some delicious Indian dishes on a raw club? Then the Bombay club is the place to be. Located just a stone throw from the White House, this sophisticated joint brings the finest of India to the heart of Washington DC. You might even cross paths with some of the prominent politicians and Beltway insiders.

The Bombay club serves a lot of creative takes on classic Indian dishes. The menu includes a fair share of Northern grilled meals, coconut-inflected cuisines, and Southern seafood. The meals are prepared with fresh ingredients and regional spices to bring out refined flavors that are true to the culture and origin of these dishes.

Treat yourself to some of the bar’s Signature wines to accompany the power lunch. The winning menu, plus its highly sought wine list, great service, and refined interior along with live piano tunes has not only played a major role in putting the restaurant at the top but also hosting dinners for prominent individuals such as President George Bush, President Clinton, Nelson Mandela, among the few.

Rasika (Multiple Locations)

Get a taste of delicious food served in banquet style at this award-winning Indian restaurant

Source: Yelp

3512 Connecticut Avenue, Northwest Washington, 20008,

Nothing is fulfilling like enjoying a modern Indian dish with a view of chefs in action cooking on the tawa (grill) and sigri (barbecue) through an open kitchen. Rasika has it all. This fun, the family-friendly eatery is perfect if you want a kick of unique flavors and a good mix of different dishes.

Rasika has plenty of food options for you to enjoy. When you visit the restaurants, you have a good chance to try executive chef Vikram Sunderin’s layers of gujarati vegetable dresses, cauliflower Buzele (with green chilies, mustard seeds, and curry leaves), a mixture of ground Bengal gram flour, and chicken tikka masala. Make sure you also try the signature palak chaat, Salmon Tandoori, and bhindi amchoor.

The “Ayurvedic special” kichadi makes a great traditional cure for those with a common cold.


Upscale Indian restaurant famous for its modern, classic Indian dishes

Source: Yelp

3512 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Indique is a unique Indian restaurant located on Connecticut Avenue. It’s famous for its sophisticated interior that features brightly painted walls with Indian-themed art hanging all around and a twist of a moody bi-level setup with colorful cushions to sit on while enjoying your dishes.

Guests can start their meal with one of Indique’s signature dishes such as samosa chaat, a sweet tamarind sauce as well as a spicy cilantro-chile chutney. The menu offers an extensive blend of modern and classical dishes from Northern and Southern India cuisines, with mussels, lamb chops, and even tacos.

It caters to children and adults alike, especially with their delicious chicken cheese kebab. Their boneless chicken breasts are perfectly marinated in yogurt and cream cheese, fried in a clay oven and served with scented fenugreek leaves.

Don’t miss out on their cauliflower Pecorino kulchas and dosa specials that have simple but classic flavors.

Bombay Street Food (Multiple Locations)

Childhood-Inspired Indian Joint with serving tasty and hearty classic dishes

Source: Yelp

1413 Park Road NW, Washington DC, 20010

What’s better than bringing back your childhood memories, but in this case through creative cuisines. This is what you find in Bombay Street Food. It’s the go-to place whenever you feel like you want to have a fun but tasty meal for all occasions.

On the menu, you can choose from the favorite Bombay palak chaat ( a concoction of crispy fried spinach topped with chutney (dahi puri) and yogurt, to Indo-Chinese favorites such as chili chicken, to bhel puri (puffed up rice mixed with a medley of raw onion, chutney, and tomato), as well as vada pao (spiced potatoes mixed with garlic, ginger, and cilantro chutney, all served with a roll).

Bombay thali which is an assorted platter that features rice, bread, vegetables, and curries, are without a great reason for you to swing by this restaurant.


Choose from one of eight deeply-flavored bowls of diverse dishes

Source: Yelp

1247 First St SE, Washington, DC 20003,

If you’re in the mood for something different from your normal dish, why not try the mouth-watering cuisines at RASA? This Indian-Inspired bistro is famous for its made-to-order Indian bowls that are filled with chicken, rice, lamb kebab, turmeric shrimp, tikka, spiced beef, and a stunning variety of toppings.

Stopover and try their tamarind margarita, mango lassi soft serve, or masala chai cookies. End the meals on a sweet note with India’s creamy version of ice cream, and kulfi pops. It’s also a good idea to pair those with the best wine, beer, and gin selections.

Washington is a city that is not only vibrant but also offers an exciting variety of delicious cuisines. Finding the perfect Indian restaurant in Washington can be tiresome considering the huge number of restaurants that rocks every corner of this city. But this list will help you narrow down to the most popular joints to grab your favorite Indian meal. No matter which type of Indian dish you like, these restaurants are sure to get you exactly what you need.

What Indian joint do you plan to visit next? Let us know in the comments.

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