Best Restaurants in Midtown Sacramento

Enjoy a night out on the town at these popular restaurants in Old Sacramento

So you're looking for a restaurant in midtown Sacramento huh? Well don’t worry you came to the right place. If you live in midtown Sacramento, or even if you are just there for an afternoon, this list will feature some of the best restaurants for a lunch or dinner you can find around the midtown area. This list features some new restaurants and some old restaurants but it features some of the best reviewed restaurants in midtown. With everything from prime cuts of meat, to fresh seafood, to vegetarian cuisine that is sourced locally, there is sure to be something on the list that peaks your interest, or at least peaks your appetite. 

The list also includes their address so you can just punch them right into your GPS. Or I guess probably the GPS app on your phone, but either way you’ll be able to quickly navigate to the restaurant. And if you aren’t driving and want to order takeout we even linked to all the restaurants' websites so you can take a look at their menus so you can call in and order. We have even listed if a restaurant accepts GiftYa digital gift cards or not. And since this is a GiftYa post I feel the need to remind those of you who may not know exactly what a GiftYa is.

A GiftYa is a digital gift card that can be sent digitally in seconds to your phone. Which comes with a few benefits really. First of all since its on your phone you don;t have to worry about keeping track of where the physical gift card is. You never have to worry about not having it with you when you go out for the night. Secondly since they are handled digitally, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of the balance. The balance is kept track of automatically for you so the next time you go out to the restaurant you know exactly how much you have to spend. And finally, the digital format almost makes GiftYa a great idea for well, a gift of all things. Since they can be sent digitally, it means they can be sent instantly. So if there’s a loved one in your life that you want to treat to a special night you can send them a GiftYa at your convenience just by going to the GiftYa website.   

The Rind

Cheese, Wine, and Beer in Midtown Sacramento 

1801 L St | Midtown |

The Rind is a restaurant after my own heart. Its a restaurant that specializes in a love of cheeses. That is cheese paired with fine wines and beers in a unique bar and restaurant setting. They feature a selection of Artisan and Farmstead Cheese Plates. Making it one of the most unique restaurants in midtown Sacramento. As well as being one of the most beloved restaurants in the area with almost a thousand reviews in their 8 year history the rind stands out above the competition for having withstood the onslaught of the internet and come out on top. 

And not to worry just because the restaurant has so many reviews doesn’t mean that its insanely upscale or high to do about itself. The restaurant features both indoor and outdoor seating as well as a bar filled with wines and beers. The menu features all the classics you would expect like Mac N Cheese and even grilled cheese sandwiches. If there is a way to enjoy cheese in a meal The Rind probably has a speciality dish for it, 

“First time in. Far from the last. This isn't the type of place you come to on your own... you need to have people with you so you can try eevvverrything! ” - Yelp Review 

Unfortunately you can’t get a GiftYa digital gift card to The RInd just yet.

Beast and Bounty 

Food, Drinks, Service, and Ambiance in Midtown Sacramento. 

1701 R St | Midtown  |

Beast and Bounty is a newer restaurant in the midtown area having been established only in 2018. But, that hasn’t stopped the restaurant for making quite a reputation for itself already. With over 700 Yelp reviews and a 4 star rating, Beast and Bounty has done very well for itself serving modern American cuisine and top notch cocktails. However, you will want to go in the afternoon/evening as the restaurant is only open from 5Pm until 10PM most days. Meaning that it makes for a wonderful dinner location but isn’t great for a late night on the town.  

“Food, drinks, service, and the ambiance is always great… This is definitely one of our go to's when we want to indulge ourselves with gourmet food and yummy cocktails.” - Yelp Review

You can purchase a digital GiftYa gift card to Beast and Bounty right here.

Frog & Slim

Brand New Seafood and Steak in Midtown Sacramento 

1420 16th St | Midtown  |

Opened only in the past year but already boasting a high rating in their reviews is Frog & Slim. Surrounded by a lively but intimate atmosphere of jazz and Blues standards, Frog & Slim features a menu that is dedicated to the best steaks and seafood available. With prime meats and fresh caught wild fish the menu has depth. But it doesn;t just stop there, Frog & SLim also features many innovative and intricate vegetarian creations and cuisines. 

Frog & Slim aims to provide a memorable evening for any occasion, and with their select premium drinks, batch crafted beer, and local wines they are sure to do when they accompany your meal with the perfect drink pairing. And I mean what else can you ask for besides delicious food matched with the perfect drink? 

“Absolutely loved the food and ambiance! Robert (Slim) and Frog has a great thing going here. We came on their 6th day of opening and left really satisfied we did. Everything on the menu was delicious!” - Yelp Review 

You can’t get a GiftYa Frog & Slim quite yet since it's brand new.


The Best Possible Dining Experience in Midtown Sacramento 

2031 S St | Midtown  |

Localis aims to offer the best possible dining experience you can get. And with their menu and staff they are sure to do so. I’m not kidding around either. They definitely will offer you the best possible dining experience you can get in midtown Sacramento. The only thing that keeps Localis from being the top of our list is because it is not for the every night dinner. And that’s because it can get a little bit pricey.

Localis features a tasting menu at the Chef’s counter as well as a standard dining room for seating. This small intimate space is now actually owned by the chef. So you can be sure that each dish is served up with care because the owner and the chef making the courses are one in the same. A chef so committed that he owns the restaurant speaks volumes about an establishment.  That’s why the restaurant boasts a four and a half star rating with nearly 600 reviews on Yelp.

“Service was amazing! We were greeted immediately upon walking in, throughout our meal, and the chef happily thanked us as we walked out despite how busy he was behind the counter. ” - Yelp Review 

If you want a GiftYa digital gift card to Localis you can get one by following the link.

The Red Ribbon Kitchen & Bar

Think Global, Act Local Right in Midtown Sacramento 

2718 J St | Midtown  |

With over one thousand reviews The Red Ribbon Kitchen and Bar boast a four star rating on Yelp. And it's easy to see why. With a menu that features farm to table rustic food accompanied by craft cocktails, this is a business that really believes in working locally. Making it the perfect restaurant to be in midtown actually. Its almost ironic that a restaurant in midtown believes in acting locally since its in the perfect position to do so.

However, the restaurant boasts that it supports farms, ranches, and fisheries that are guided by principles of sustainability so you know you can feel good when you grab dinner at the Red Ribbon. Because not only is the restaurant supporting other local businesses, it also supports businesses that are environmentally conscious. Leading to a meal that you can really feel guilt free about which is so rare in the modern world. 

“A fun place to hang out in downtown with friends! We went in for late dinner and drinks to celebrate our friend's birthday. The cocktails are fantastic and the food just fine and service was exceptional.” - Yelp Review 

The Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar doesn’t accept digital GiftYa gift cards just yet.


Fresh Ingredients and Pasta Made In House 

2107 P St | Midtown  |

Offering authentic Sacramento cuisine with a chef born and raised right in the city. Adamo’s offers modern American cuisine in the form of modern takes on classic italian dishes. Although pretty small, Adamo’s offers a very welcoming environment that is perfect for a date night the next time you are out on the town with your special someone. With comments on how helpful and friendly the staff is littering their online reviews, Adamo’s is certain to make you feel like a welcomed customer when you stop by. Let the staff take care of your worries for the evening and just enjoy each other’s company instead. Whether you come with a loved one or friends Adamo’s is sure to make sure you have a delightful evening.  

“AMAZING! DELIZIOSO! MOLTO BENE! Adamo's was spectacular!  The food was delicious.” - Yelp Review 

Get a digital gift card from GiftYa to Adamo’s by clicking on the link. 

Cafeteria 15L

Extraordinary Everything RIght in Midtown Sacramento 

1116 15th St | Midtown |

Cafeteria 15L is a staple of the Sacramento restaurant game. With nearly three thousand reviews and a four star rating on Yelp, its hard to say something about Cafeteria 15L that hasn’t been said already. If you don’t trust three thousand reviews saying its good I’m not sure why you would trust me saying it's good. But you can be quite sure that your food is going to be good time after time with a consistency that is unparalleled by other restaurants in the midtown Sacramento area. Serving traditional dishes that are served with a twist meant to invoke nostalgia for home cooked meals you can be sure you get your money's worth whether you order takeout or sit down and eat in their eclectic and modern dining rooms or outdoor patios. 

“Cafeteria 15L may have an unassuming name, but everything from its architecture and layout to its menu is quite extraordinary--as well as to be expected--having been masterminded by W Hotels designers.” - Yelp Review 

You can get a GiftYa digital gift card to Cafetaeria 15L right here. 

There you have it, a list of the best restaurants you can find in Midtown Sacramento. You can find everything from meals designed to invoke your home cooked nostalgia goggles to upscale bars and restaurants, midtown Sacramento has something to offer for everybody. And remember you can grab a GiftYa digital gift card to the participating restaurants for you or a loved one and send them instantly. 

But even if you pick a restaurant that doesn’t accept GiftYa you are sure to get a delicious meal in midtown. There is a real diversity of cuisine offered just on this list alone. With everything from prime cuts of meat to vegetables farmed in an environmentally conscious fashion, you are sure to find the restaurant that meets your needs in midtown. 

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