Experience The Best Taste of Sacramento’s Best Ice Cream Scoops, Gelato’s, and Sundaes

Grab the scoop of your life with plenty of toppings at these top ice cream parlors in Sacramento!

Whether you like yours stacked on a cone or piled in a cup, ice cream is no doubt one of the best ways to cool off on a hot day. Sacramento is quickly transforming into one of California’s foodie destinations. Any food enthusiast can really appreciate the quality of ice cream, gourmet donuts, and incredible candy stored in this town. There is a mix of both classic family ice cream chains and a new trendy ice cream.

Here are the best ice cream and gelato shops in Sacramento.

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Gunther's Ice Cream

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2801 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818 gunthersicecream.com

Homemade ice cream with unique flavors served in a long-standing landmark with retro décor!

Established in 1940, Gunther's Ice Cream is a classic ice cream parlor located in the trendy neighborhood of Curtis Park. This ice cream shop has been serving locals quality scoops using the highest quality ingredients, and a slow-churn process that dishes out signature Gunther's Ice Cream experience.

There are over 40 different ice cream flavors, delicious sandwiches, fruit freezes, and novelty frozen treats on the menu. Enjoy favorite flavors such as banana rocky road, black walnut, chocolate chip, birthday cake, butter pecan, and more.

Sundaes are served with homemade whip cream, a cherry, and almonds. You can also choose your favorite toppings from chocolate, pineapple, blueberry, hot fudge, marshmallow, to strawberry. Enjoy handmade novelties, especially the mini nutty cones, ice cream sandwiches and oatwheels with vanilla ice cream between oatmeal cookies and dipped in chocolate. Don’t forget to add a specialty drink. A milkshake or smoothie blended with any flavor fruit freeze will be a perfect choice!

Leatherby's Family Creamery

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2333 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95825  leatherbys.net

Family-owned ice cream shop popular for sundaes, burgers, salads, and other American fares!

Voted as the number one ice cream spot in Sacramento for over 37 years, Leatherby's Family Creamery has continued to serve locals high-quality ice cream flavors and enormous ice cream sundaes.

When you come here, don’t leave without trying the rich banana split piled with strawberry and vanilla ice cream, chocolate, smothered in strawberry, chocolate, and pineapple sauce. The Marie's hot fudge is also a popular take here with loads of Vanilla ice cream loaded on a sliced banana and perfectly spread with homemade hot fudge. If you still want to try something awesome too, then the Pete’s Paradise is a great take with raspberry and mango sorbet, freshly sliced banana, then covered with strawberry and pineapple topping.

They also serve other popular creations like Alan’s Black and Tan that comes with creamy vanilla and toasted almond ice cream in chocolate fudge and Leatherby’s caramel, topped with nuts, whipped cream, and a cherry. The old fashioned sundaes are served with Vanilla ice cream and a choice of your favorite topping to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Yume Gelato

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5921 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95819 facebook.com

Famous ice cream shop offering Insta-worth gelatos, pint-to-go flavors, and more!

In Yume Gelato, you will find popular ice cream flavors that are fun and whimsical even if you’re here with family and friends. The staff is also super friendly and the atmosphere is lively to ensure you enjoy your scoop comfortably.

Go ahead and try the pint-to-go flavors such as chocolate heaven, cappuccino, matcha red bean mocha, creamy strawberry, and more.

They also serve delicious gelato with flavors such as caramelized honeycomb, creamy strawberry, mango coconut swirl, lemon-lime, and white peach. All their ice creams are hand-made using simple and fresh ingredients to ensure you get the best quality ice cream that makes you feel good and refreshed.  Whatever size you want, they have got it!

Vic’s Ice Cream

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3199 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818 facebook.com

Old-school ice cream shop offering savory desserts and comfort food in a vintage diner setting!

Right in the heart of Land Park is another old-school ice cream parlor that was established in 1947 and has been serving dozens of flavors on hand. On the menu, you will find plenty of seasonal flavors such as lemon chiffon and egg nog.

The most popular flavors include chocolate chip cookie dough, French Vanilla, mint chip, cherry amaretto, fudge ribbon, maple nut, and more. In addition to delicious ice cream, they also serve sherbet flavors, sundaes, and shakes that are truly refreshing.

Feeling hungry? Well, they have the best lunch-counter-style sandwiches such as sliced turkey, roast beef, ham salad, turkey salad, and albacore salad. You will also have fun enjoying the American cheese sandwich, egg salad, cheese dog, and tuna. Don’t forget to try one of the fountain desserts such as double scoop dish, small sundae, and hot fudge sundae topped with chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, marshmallow, and some almonds!

The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs

D:\David\Best Taste of Ice Cream Scoops In Sacramento - Images\The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs.jpg

2620 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95864 theparloricecream.com

Contemporary ice cream shop serving unique flavors, specialty ice cream puffs, and donut presses!

At The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs, everything including their ice cream and desserts is uniquely done using only the freshest ingredients available. They take their ice cream, seal it inside a hot glazed donut, and add plenty of toppings. The experience of bitting into the stuffed hot donut and into the cold creamy ice cream is out of this world which is what has made this ice cream parlor famous.

The menu is ever-changing as the team here constantly strives to include unique combinations. The customized ice cream flavors and toppings of choice offer you the chance to bring out your wildest dreams to life. Go ahead and select your ice cream of choice from the 50 shades of earl grey, green with envy, to Thai tea-infused ice cream, then choose your style, either single scoop, double scoop, milkshakes, ice cream puff, and more, and choose your toppings. How cool is that!

There are still more eccentric creations to come, so be on the lookout as you enjoy the current options on the menu!


D:\David\Best Taste of Ice Cream Scoops In Sacramento - Images\Icicles.jpg

1431 Howe Ave Ste 200, Sacramento, CA 95825 iciclescreamroll.com

Enjoy the ultimate ice experience with plenty of toppings at this cozy ice cream chain!

Making different ice cream flavors in from of customers is what makes Icicles an outstanding spot. On the menu, you will find only handcrafted ice cream made daily using the freshest fruits and ingredients around. Every bowl is made to your satisfaction. All you need to do is choose a flavor of choice from the menu and one of their ice cream baristas will roll up your ice cream bowl as you watch.

Check out the popular ice cream roll such as basic vanilla custard, butterface with cookie butter and graham crackers, strawberry fantasy with graham crackers and condensed milk, or the cereal killer with a choice of cereal including cinnamon toast crunch, fruity pebbles, or cap n crunch. They also serve a couple of different non-dairy and vegan flavors including pink swirl, the man goes wild (mango sorbet rolls), the fruit roll-up, and more.

Make sure you add as many toppings as you can with options such as bananas, whipped cream, chocolate chips, mint Oreo, toasted marshmallow, graham crack crumbs, just to mention a few.

Sweets & Sugars

D:\David\Best Taste of Ice Cream Scoops In Sacramento - Images\Sweets & Sugars.jpg

3051 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818 sweetsandsugars.net

Mexican fruit drinks, snacks, and other desserts await you at this basic ice cream parlor!

Next time you have friends over, take them to the Sweet and Sugar ice cream parlor and treat them to the best scoops in town. What really stands out at this ice cream shop is the fact that they serve handcrafted ice creams flavors in addition to delicious Mexican fruit drinks and mouth-watering snacks.

Curious about what’s on the menu? Plenty of treats. Go ahead and sample the waffle with ice cream, fruit freeze, crazy cucumbers, micheladas, banana split, and delicious milkshakes. Other delicious scoops include bionico that comes with one scoop, volcano, and the three marias.

In addition to ice creams, they also serve delicious Mexican signature drinks, and you can even order a snack and one of their savory desserts as an accompaniment. Come in any time of the day and enjoy incredible flavors at the Sweet and Sugar ice cream shop!

Going out on a hot afternoon can be fun, but make sure you grab something to cool off at the best ice cream flavors in town. Sacramento has a wide array of ice cream shops, but these seven will surely cure your craving for a delicious ice cream scoop. So, which is your go-to ice cream spot in town? Let us know in the comments!

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