Best Donuts In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has plenty of delicious donut options to enjoy around town

That’s not to say those with a sweet tooth can’t indulge in the classic fried dough treat whenever they have a craving, they make a perfect mid-morning pick up or after dinner dessert. Fortunately, in Pittsburgh you can choose from an array of top notch donut shops and makers to get your fix! We’ve compiled a list of

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Peace, Love, And Little Donuts

Release Your Inner Hippie And Indulge In Original Sweets

peace love and little donuts
Image Courtesy of Facebook . S’Mores and donuts? Yes please!

Peace Love And Little Donuts | 412.904.4649

Strip DIstrict | 50 21st Street

Mon-Tue 7am-2pm| Wed-Sat 7am-8pm

Sun 9am-4pm

Facebook | Instagram

With various locations around Pittsburgh, their flagship store in the Strip is where it all began. Their trademark mini donuts happened by accident, but they took it as a sign and went with it! You can watch as your fresh donuts roll down the conveyor belt, to be freshly topped with a delightful choice of delicious toppings, from S’More to Samoa.

“A friend and I had sweets craving and decided to try Peace, Love and little donuts on a whim. We were not disappointed! Walking in the staff person greeted us and was extremely friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend the raspberry lemonade donut! It was the perfect mix of sweet and with a little bit of sour. While it might seem expensive for the size they do really fill you up. Can't wait to go back and try some more flavors!” -Abby K. Yelp Review

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Just Good Donuts

Satisfy Your Craving With Delicious Treats

good donuts at Good Donuts
Image courtesy of Good Food Pittsburgh.

Just Good Donuts | 412.381.2447

Southside | 1830 E Carson Street

Mon-Sun 6am-3pm

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The Pub Chip Shop is worth a trip whether you’re seeking sweet treats or savory Anglo-fare, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night bites. While their known for authentic fish and chips, and other British cuisine, their breakfast is equally as cravable including the “Just Good Donuts” they serve each morning. Large, fresh, and smothered in perfectly unique toppings, you’ll make a stop to them a part of your morning routine.

“Probably the best donuts I've had in Pittsburgh. Staff is always super helpful. I was greeted, asked if I had any questions, and I was told what donuts were going out of season and which new ones were gonna replace them. I can always leave the selection up to them because any donut is a good donut. Definitely would recommend if you're gonna buy any for a small party of people.” -Steph V. Yelp Review

Bella Christie & Lil Z’s Sweet Boutique

Order Custom Made Donuts To Hit The Spot

bella christie and lil z's sweet boutique
Image Courtesy of Facebook . Fresh donuts are great, but custom made donuts are even better!

Bella Christie & Lil Z’s Sweet Boutique| 412.772.1283

Lawrenceville | 3511 Butler Street

Aspinwall | 213 Commercial Avenue

Wed-Fri 10am-6pm| Sat 8am-4pm

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While you can’t go wrong with any of the baked goods and pastries at Bella Christie’s, you’re you’re looking for a unique catered treats their Donut Danger Zone is a whimsical touch to any event. You can order classic or gourmet in regular sized or minis, with special decorated options like a Bride & Groom, unicorn, mermaid, or the galaxie. You can also stop by the either location in Lawrenceville or Aspinwall to grab one, or a dozen, on the go.

“So glad they've come to Lawrenceville! Their little donuts are SO good, and the shop smells amazing when you walk in. In addition, their lunchy food (salad, soups and sandwiches) are really good, really fresh are really filling. It's become a favorite weekly stop for me. Plan on stopping by for something great!” -Heidi H. Yelp Review

Schorr Bakery

Taste Quality Made Donuts For Your Guilty Pleasure

schorr bakery
Image Courtesy of Facebook . Simple classic donuts from this famous North Hills Family owned bakery.

Schorr Bakery | 412.321.7568

Perry North | 3912 Perrysville Avenue

Mon-Sat 6am-4pm

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This old school bakery isn’t full of gimmicks, with a simple classic shop and authentic baked goods. Patrons rave of all their amazing treats the donuts are the stars. Enjoy glazed, cake, cinnamon rolls, bear claws, all the classics are there in perfect form.

“This is the gem on the northside! Everything we have ever bought here has been great. The donuts are out of this world. My office always appoints me to get donuts so I can bring them from schorrs. Their birthday cakes are a favorite of the family and we always have their italian bread in the house. Definitely joely the best bakery in Pittsburgh.” -Winston P K. Yelp Review

Big Daddy’s Donuts

Fresh And Creative Donuts Will Captivate Your Taste Buds

big daddy donuts
Image Courtesy of Liz. H on Yelp . Too many delicious options to decide? Just grab a dozen...or two!

Big Daddy’s Donuts | 412.921.4441

Crafton | 90 Noble Avenue

Mon-Sun 6am-3pm


A blast from the past, you’ll travel back to a simpler time at their traditional counter from another era. Their basic cake donuts often sell out within the first hour, but don’t worry there are plenty of unique flavor combos to try if you miss out on the basic favorites.

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“My boyfriend and I had the biggest craving for a donut when we stumbled across this place. The donuts were fresh, soft, delicious and reasonably priced, even though we arrived at the shop well after noon. The staff and what we think was the owner were friendly and welcoming. We will definitely be returning.” -Liz H. Yelp Review  

Gluuteny Bakery

Gluten-Free and Dairy Free Options

gluuteny bakery
Image Courtesy of Facebook . People with dietary restrictions often don’t get to indulge on delicious donuts, but thanks to Gluuteny now they can!

Gluuteny Bakery | 412.521.4890

Squirrel Hill | 1923 Murray Avenue

Tues-Sat 9am-6pm

Facebook| Instagram  

Gluuteny is heaven for anyone with any dietary restrictions or preferences that don’t typically get to enjoy baked goods. Their donuts are vegan and soy free, but still full of flavor and fun! A perfect stop for those who don’t get to enjoy donuts often.

“This bakery is absolutely adorable and has a huge selection of delicious sweet treats to choose from! The day I went, I got the last chocolate donut with chocolate icing and it was very good. I also got a pumpkin cupcake and that was really good as well. Will definitely be back to try more goodies! Highly rec!”

-Aditi G. Yelp Review

No matter where in Pittsburgh you live, you’re not far from fresh delicious donuts! Enjoy a dozen or share a GiftYa personalized gift with the donut-lover in your life.

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