Best 7 Hotels in Kansas City, Missouri

All the best places to stay if you happen to be visiting this beautiful Midwestern city!

Kansas City, MO is right on the border between Missouri and Kansas, and it’s definitely worth a visit. Whether you’re visiting for the food of “Barbecue City,” the historic jazz, or just the sights to see, you’ll want to make sure your stay is comfortable so you can be well rested. The easiest way to do that is to pick a good hotel!

As with every city, there are countless hotels in close quarters to the places you’ll want to visit— and, as you’ll see on this list, some hotels that are attractions in and of themselves —but you want the best of the best. Where you spend your downtime is an incredibly important part of any trip, so you should choose carefully.

All of the hotels on this list would make your trip to Kansas City a great one, and many of them happen to be supported by GiftYa, a virtual gift card company that allows you to send gift cards to people you know via an app. The recipient can then set that up with their credit or debit card so they don’t have to remember to bring anything extra along!

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816 Hotel

Spacious hotel rooms in the Westport area of Kansas City.

The rooms at the 816 Hotel are both spacious and comfortable with vintage Kansas City photos hung up on the wall. The same types of photos also decorate the lobby. Image courtesy of Instagram.

801 Westport Rd | Kansas City | 

Westport, Kansas City is known as an entertainment district, and so naturally there are plenty of popular restaurants and shops within walking distance of the 816 Hotel. Nearby in Midtown you can also find plenty of historical buildings, so it’s definitely a good place to be in the city.

The hotel itself has vintage Kansas City photos hung up both in the lobby and some of the rooms, so you’ll be able to learn about the city’s history indoors as well as right outside!

There are plenty of other amenities that make 816 Hotel worth your while, though, such as a hotel bar, a gym, a massage room, 24 hour reception, parking, and free Wi-Fi.

“The highlights of my experience included a nice, clean bed area and a ridiculously huge shower space! Throw in the mini fridge for a basic room and the courteous staff and I know I will return to stay here.” - Yelp Review

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Ameristar Casino Hotel

More than just a hotel— with a casino, restaurants, and more, Ameristar is a destination in and of itself.

Ameristar may not look like a hotel from the outside— it is a casino, after all —but the rooms inside are incredibly comfortable. Image courtesy of Instagram.

3200 N Ameristar Dr | Kansas City | 

Ameristar, located just seven miles from downtown Kansas City, isn’t just a hotel. It’s also one of the largest casino floors in Missouri with dining rooms, movie screens, parking, and childcare. The space amounts to 183 acres, and there’s plenty to do right there!

However, the hotel itself is luxury level, so you don’t need to want to go gambling to stay there. And it’s still in close proximity to more central areas of Kansas City. So this place is perfect for sightseeing or just a weekend getaway where you spend most of your time in the hotel.

There are plenty of different packages at Ameristar, both suites and rooms with lower rates, and as summer and vacation season come into full swing some rooms can be up to 20% off! It’s a luxury stay for less money than you’d typically have to pay.

“The casino is starting to pick up business, and the hotel is still an excellent value for a place to stay. We stayed for three nights and the overnight desk person was FANTASTIC and hospitable to all guests that needed her attention.” - Yelp Review

The Fontaine

A luxury hotel in the premier shopping district of Kansas City!

The rooms are so comfortable that you won’t want to leave them, even if the location of this hotel is ideal for walking around the city. Image courtesy of Instagram.

901 W 48th Pl | Kansas City | 

The Fontaine is a gorgeous hotel in a central area of Kansas City— Country Club Plaza. Even if there are plenty of shops and restaurants worth visiting, though, you’ll be so comfortable that you won’t want to leave your room. And if you do leave the room, it’ll still be hard to want to leave the hotel.

The Bar Lounge and the Solarium Cafe offer great dining and drinking experiences right in the building, and The Fontaine is decorated beautifully from the artwork hanging on the walls to the intricate chandeliers hanging from the ceilings.

If you want to mingle in the spacious public areas of the hotel, The Fontaine does ask guests to wear face masks in order to ensure the safety of themselves and others, but the individual rooms and suites were of course decorated with the utmost care, too. Better yet, this hotel is pet friendly!

“The rooms (are) clean and well thought out. The service from (the) moment you arrive to the hotel's restaurant and bars and valet are thoughtful and warm, and more importantly...the overall vibe and ambiance is amazing.” - Yelp Review

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The Raphael Hotel

An award winning hotel that brings European inspired decorations to Missouri.

The rooms at the Raphael Hotel are fairly large— good thing, too, with how big the beds are! No doubt that you’ll have no trouble relaxing here. Image courtesy of Instagram.

325 Ward Pkwy | Kansas City | 

Also located within close quarters of the Country Club Plaza with its many destinations and events, The Raphael is an elegant boutique hotel that’s won many awards as one of the city’s finest. 

They offer a variety of different rooms and packages, so even if it is luxury the price range is more flexible than you might imagine. Guest rooms, guest suites, premier suites, and business/bedroom suites are all available here.

And of course, The Raphael has all the amenities you could want for your stay. They have meeting and event spaces as well as spots for you to work remotely if need be, dry cleaning services, event catering and planning, a fitness center, valet parking, a restaurant as well as 24 hour room service, and much more!

“They seem to be doing a great job complying with COVID-19 protocols. While the rooms aren't large, this is a great hotel due to its proximity to the Plaza and it's not a massive property so the service is much much more personalized.” - Yelp Review

Southmoreland on the Plaza

A beautifully decorated inn dedicated to providing maximum comfort!

The Southmoreland Inn looks just as inviting on the inside as it does when you walk up to the front door! Image courtesy of Instagram.

116 E 46th St | Kansas City | 

The Southmoreland is yet another hotel located nearby to the central location of Country Club Plaza. In fact, walking one and a half blocks from the door will take you there! As a result of both this and it’s inviting exterior, it’s a popular hotel among those who may be celebrating or simply wanting to explore the city.

The interior of the inn is decorated beautifully too, however, and all the rooms are unique since the building was built as a colonial revival mansion. There are 12 available guest rooms for booking on the three floors as well as the two Carriage House Suites.

All rooms include a variety of amenities, such as a private bath with a tub and shower, high quality linens and toiletries, high-speed internet connection, flat-screen televisions, and a sleep sound machine to ensure that your stay is as relaxing as possible!

“We had the best experience at this inn. The building is decorated so beautifully, and the room is superb. We got a room with a fireplace, and it was so nice to unwind with the fire at night.” - Yelp Review

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21c Museum Hotel

A hotel that doubles as an attraction that’s worth a visit!

This hotel has beautiful rooms that are spacious enough to bring a pet into! Luckily, at 21c Museum Hotel, you’re allowed to do just that! Image courtesy of Instagram.

219 W 9th St | Kansas City | 

21c Museum Hotels— or 21st Century Museum Hotels —are located in multiple different cities, but the Kansas City location in particular is right between the Power & Light District and the River Market downtown. As a result, there’s plenty of other attractions in the area besides the museum itself

The 21st Century Museum showcases the work of contemporary artists via rotating exhibits as well as some permanent installations. Visiting the museum is by appointment only, but those that are already staying at the hotel don’t need to make reservations.

There are 120 guest rooms and suites available for book at the Kansas City 21c Museum Hotel, and many of them also have artwork inside along with large windows and beautiful furniture. 

“This hotel in Kansas City was funky and friendly. Everyone who worked there was very accommodating and kind. We loved eating at the restaurant downstairs-- and the art installations everywhere were amazing!” - Yelp Review

Harrah’s Kansas City

A hotel and casino that’s close to many attractions in Kansas City!

With over 392 rooms available for guests to book, Harrah’s is just as spacious as it looks when you’re standing outside, even with the casino inside! Image courtesy of Instagram.

1 Riverboat Dr | Kansas City |

Harrah’s is an enormous building, and for good reason. Not only does the hotel have nearly 400 rooms and suites, but there’s also dining and entertainment opportunities. The most popular of these is of course the casino, which boasts over 1,500 slot machines.

Though you can easily entertain yourself inside, however, you’ll still want to venture out of the hotel to visit the sights that happen to be very close by such as the Kansas Speedway, Kansas City Zoological Park, Truman Sports Complex, and Truman Presidential Library.

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