Authentic Coffee Hangouts to Get an Energy Refill in Sacramento

Get your daily caffeine refill in style at these top coffee powerhouses in Sacramento!

When you think about the hottest places to visit in California, we are willing to bet that Sacramento doesn’t come anywhere near the top places to visit. But, Sacramento has some remarkable spots in case you need to refuel your energy levels with the best coffee in town.

Throughout the pandemic, Sacramento’s coffee shops have remained brisk and busy, even without tables filled with laptops or early-morning commuters grabbing a cup before they go to work. We understand that every person in Sacramento has a favorite spot, but there is a standout selection of cafes and roasters in the city worth checking out if you want to get caffeinated.

Check out this list of the best Coffee shops to try in Sacramento.

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The Mill Midtown Café

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1827 I St, Sacramento, CA 95811

Hip specialty coffee spot offering espresso drinks, pastries, and a garden patio!

Just like food on the table, coffee in the cup is an absolute must take especially when it’s brewed to the highest standards. At The Mill Café, they prepare the best coffee with much focus on the roasting process, preparation, as well as presentation.

It’s a haven for the busy pace of life for folks who want to come early in the morning, in the midday pause to relax, or in the evening to have an energizing treat before heading home. At the Mills, they roast their own beans under the brand Bouquet, and their interior is stunning and graceful, with hand-designed décor that is lovely to watch.

Their seasonal menu keeps everyone curious and begging for an additional dose of a drink or jam before heading home.

During summer, enjoy popular options such as matcha sparkler in fizzy refreshing style or their Wildwood flower latte, or even one of their signature beverages that highlight the awesome magic of herbs and roots in every house-made syrup. Also, you might want to try the yeasted waffle, the famous yeast-risen waffles that are crispy, light and made to order. While at it make sure you try the Americano with a double espresso and hot water that is enough to give you that energy boost you need for the day!

Insight Coffee Roasters

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1901 8th St, Sacramento, CA 95811

Specialty espressos and other unique drinks await you at this industrious coffee shop in Sacramento!

If you’re looking for some great coffees and a relaxing spot, then swing by any of the Insight Coffee Roaster stores. All their stores produce the best flavors of coffee and they prepare their drinks on the spot and by order. A carefully executed process is taken over every aspect of getting the coffee in the cup, from sourcing to farming to roasting and brewing.

They offer both home-roasted coffee and raw coffee strong enough to keep you energized throughout the day. If you’re not sure what to order, make sure you try the options such as espresso, cold brew, cappuccino, sweet latte, pourover, cortado, and even honey cinnamon latter.

If you don’t like the caffeinated stuff, you can try options such as chai latte, hot chocolate, or matcha latte. If you’re feeling hungry, make sure you order the breakfast sandwich, cookie, granola bowl, or even the popular Insight pie. They also serve teas selections and bottle options to ensure you’re satisfied all the time!

Temple Coffee Roasters

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1010 9th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Laidback coffee shop serving a variety of espressos and rare java options made from sourced beans!

Temple Coffee Roasters sets themselves apart from the pack with unique roasting skills. They mean it when they say that the coffee at Temple’s is the smoothest, most evenly roasted selection you can have.

For over 15 years, the multi-award-winning coffee shop has been recognized as a powerhouse in Sacramento and the entire world. They advocate for a farm-to-cup process, stressing the need to source their beans locally to prepare only the best quality coffee in town.

Try the blended or single-origin espresso at one of their popular locations or even indulge in the three pillars blend that include cocoa, brown sugar, and dried fruit. You can also try their rarer coffee options prepared in a French press or in the pour-over style.

Also, try other creative drinks such as Kyoto slow drip, Mexican mocha, and Enlightenment. There are also delicious pastries to enjoy along with coffee as well as vegan options if you’re not a fan of meat!

Old Soul Co.

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Rear Alley, 1716 L St, Sacramento, CA 95811

Hip coffee bar serving house-roasted beans, light fare, and homemade bread in an industrial setting!

Tucked away in a beloved old horse storehouse, Old Soul Co. features numerous customer tables and shelves made from reclaimed wood giving it an attractive look earning its rightful designation as a community treasure.

Here, they serve coffees from a wide range of origins across the world alongside an impressive selection of baked goods and tea. They also roast coffee in-house in all their different stores in Sacramento. Enjoy energizing takes such as drip coffee, espresso, cappuccino, Americano, latte, mocha, as well as cold brews. If you’re feeling hungry, go ahead and order some pastries, specialty sandwiches, or pizza. Throw in one of their savory desserts or sides, and make sure you order one of their signature drinks to watch it down!

Milka Coffee Roasters

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1501 G St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Enjoy carefully crafted coffee and quick drinks in this popular contemporary spot!

Named after the great grandmother Milka Radonich, Milka Coffee Roasters is dedicated to serving well-roasted and balanced coffee options that satisfy every taste bud. Located inside a beautifully decorated Victorian home, a spacious coffee shop exists with a quiet space to hang out.

Everything here is excellent but most folks like their coffee especially cappuccino. They also serve interesting options such as Inglaterra and Verano tropical which are pretty awesome. They also serve several non-dairy milk options on hand for anyone who prefers to take ordinary milk instead of coffee.

You can also have ice mocha, but cartodas and cappuccino keep the crowd coming back for me every time. Milka is also among the few coffee shops that offer coffee by monthly subscription and you get unlimited coffee supply as long as you’re on the subscription plan. How cool is that!

Camellia Coffee Roasters

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1104 R St STE 150, Sacramento, CA 95811

Cozy coffee café and roaster offering espresso, pastries, and other unique cocktails!

If you have been to Camellia Coffee Roaster, then you know it’s a rare gem that has nearly infinite varieties. When partners Ryan Harden and Robert Watson opened the doors of Camellia in 2018, they made it a mission to serve only the best coffee cups accompanied by specialty pastries to the community in Sacramento. And they have made that promise come true.

Any of the specialty breakfast sandwiches on the menu here will pair perfectly with the roaster’s delicious coffee. You will love when the sandwich comes with everything including sausage, bacon, and avocado. Make sure you try options such as cortado, cappuccino, espresso, mocha, and horchata cold brew for that extra kick you need to start the day.

They also serve delicious food, just in case you come in hungry. Enjoy the smoked salmon, horchata croissant, holed-up bagel, and even rotating hand pies. You can throw in a couple of extras such as babyccino, cold brew quart, topo choco, or even the kids' hot chocolate. They are definitely worth it!

Pachamama Coffee

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919 20th St, Sacramento, CA 95811

Coffee farmer-owned nook with an open-timbered seating area serving quality coffee in town!

At Pachamama, coffee is produced organically to maintain the best quality possible.  It comes straight from the farm to the Pachamama roastery in Sacramento, where it’s freshly roasted and shipped out to happy customers across the world. This farmer-owned allows farmers to grow the beans, roast them, and directly sell them at grocery stores in the country.

If you want to have the taste of the best coffee, then you should try the single origins options, blends, espresso, unroasted, and decaf. We are sure you will love the subtle flavors and balanced structure that are created by blending multiple single-origin coffee varieties. We love the classic espresso, the Five sisters, French Roast, or the bridge blend.

You can also order raw coffee beans and roast them from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to worry about the quality since these varieties are certified organic, whole beans, and unroasted.

Finding a fun and new spot to hang out any time of the week is exciting especially when it’s a coffee shop. That said, there are many local coffee houses to go to in Sacramento, which allows you to change your setting, and try new coffee types blends, and even lattes. This list contains the best coffee hangouts you should try in Sacramento. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments box below!

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