All You Can Eat, All In One Place, These Are The Best Buffet Restaurants in Panama City, FL!

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Ahh the buffet. Full of foods from every walk of life, from salads and fruits, to chicken, fries, pizza, soups, desserts, and more! It’s perfect for the picky family member/friend who isn’t quite sure what they want. One of the best things about a buffet is being able to grab however much you want of each portion, so you can load up on your favorites and enjoy every single second of the meal. 

With the buffet, there’s plenty of options for everyone and with the selections in these buffet restaurants in Panama City, FL, you’re sure to find something so delicious, you’ll end up coming back for seconds!

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Capt Jack's Family Buffet

A big and airy dining room with all you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Seafood stacked on seafood stacked on more seafood! Image courtesy of the Capt Jack’s Family Buffet Yelp Photo page.

8208 Thomas Dr | Panama City Beach | 

Welcome to Panama City Beach’s “original and finest” family buffet!  Since 1971, Capt Jack’s Family Buffet has been serving the best seafood with the best prices you can get right on the beach. If you’re a fan of truly fresh seafood, then Capt. Jack’s is definitely a place to try, from the ice cold waters on the Alaskan coast, to the buffet table, you’re experiencing the best flavors in every bite!

What’s great about Capt Jack’s Family Buffet is how simple the menu is for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s a list of all the foods that will be on the buffet table, so you can go in and check to see what’s on each menu in order to decide what time you’d like to head on in. But if you’re looking for a sneak peek into each menu, we got you covered!

“We came here on our way to Disney and are huge crab lovers! Our waiter George was awesome and super attentive. The food was really good compared to other buffets and we would absolutely come back! Price is worth it $100%.” -Yelp Review

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Granny Cantrell's

All you can eat Southern classics in a straight to the point atmosphere!

A mix of funky aesthetics mixed in with that “classic” diner feel. Image courtesy of the Granny Cantrell’s Yelp Photo page.

103 W 23rd St | Panama City | 

In the mood for some good Southern food? Granny Cantrell’s is here to bring you authentic Southern cooking at affordable prices for every member of the family. Since 2002, this restaurant has been offering a “friendly” buffet setting with all the very best comfort food with things like fried chicken, pot roast, macaroni and cheese, grits, and an assortment of homemade cakes, cookies, pies, and more! (There’s also a Breakfast Buffet on Sunday’s morning, so if you love breakfast foods…which breakfast foods are the best foods, then Granny Cantrell’s is for you).

Granny Cantrell’s has a weekly menu with different Southern dishes all throughout the week, Monday’s has Beef Liver & Onions, Beef Tips, and Baked Chicken, while Wednesday’s have Corned Beef & Cabbage, Uncle Doug’s Pork Chops, and Meatloaf, and Saturday has BBQ Pork, Spaghetti, and Hot Wings. While the Breakfast menu has those good breakfast classics like Scrambled Eggs, Pancakes & Waffles, Smoked Sausage, and more. Be sure to see what each day of the week’s food entails by visiting Granny Cantrell’s website! 

“That was some really good country style food the fried chicken was excellent collard greens were excellent hostess and waitress very good could not say enough The place was extremely clean and well taken care of I would return” -Yelp Review

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Chow Time Grill & Buffet

With an ample selection of Chinese and Korean dishes, this buffet got it all!

2343 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd | Panama City | 

Chow Time Grill & Buffet has a huge selection of all you can eat Asian fare, with seafood, steak, and other buffet favorites. An excellent value in both price and the sheer amount of food you get, with serving yourself you can go back as many times as you want to, changing the region/types of food with each go around the buffet table. What’s even better about Chow Time Grill & Buffet is the warm atmosphere you dine in, it makes for a relaxing time, from the moment you step through the doors, to finishing your third plate of food!

Chow Time Grill & Buffet has selections upon selections of different foods, like seafood with lobster, crab, oysters, and shrimp. A whole sushi buffet, along with your classic choices of fried rice, soups, spring rolls, noodles, orange chicken, salads, desserts, and plenty, plenty more to enjoy!

“Awesome buffet. So much food. 24+ kinds of sushi. Tons of different types of chicken, a variety of oriental food. Salad bar. Big desert bar plus ice cream. Great service.  Great atmosphere. Well worth the stop. If you go away hungry it's your fault. We will be back.” -Google Review

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Thai Chef Restaurant

A small and home-y mellow restaurant serving tasty Thai cuisine!

Dipping sauces for your shrimp makes the shrimp better, we said it. Image courtesy of the Thai Chef Facebook page.

301 Cherry St | Panama City | 

“Serving with Love. Tasty Products. Wide Range Flavors.” That’s the Thai Chef Restaurant motto. Sometimes you wanna go to a buffet when you’re in a casual, “let’s grab something fun and quick” to eat mode, that’s Thai Chef! This seemingly small spot doesn’t let its size take away from the sheer value and taste of the food. With very reasonable prices for Panama City, this restaurant has your afternoon cravings saistated with its menu that’s full of delicious foods.

With appetizers like the classic Spring Roll, to the ever popular Florida favorite Crispy Calamari, and maybe something simple like the Hot Wings, Thai Chef Restaurant is starting off strong! While the main menu consists of Pad Thai, Pineapple Fried Rice, Drunken Noodle, TomKah Gai Soup, Ginger Salad, all the Curries you can imagine, and much more! (Plus they have amazing Milk Teas and other drinks that pair so well with any platter).

“It was our first time dining here and it was amazing I had the pork pad Thai and my husband had beef fried rice Also I had a matcha boba tea Everything was excellent! The beef in fried rice was perfectly cook and my pad Thai was good also Definitely come back” -Yelp Review 

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TIDES Restaurant & Lounge

A hotel restaurant that has everything and more for a great buffet restaurant in Panama City!

Who doesn’t love a little food design right before digging in? Image courtesy of the Tides Restaurant & Lounge Yelp Photo page.

4114 Jan Cooley Dr | Panama City Beach | 

Before we get into our final buffet restaurant in Panama City, let’s quickly discuss this little spot that’s in the acclaimed Marriott BONVoY Hotel titled TIDES Restaurant & Lounge! Just one of the many dining ventures in the hotel, TIDES will have your “buffet itch” scratched with its charming selection of foods all while viewing St. Andrews Bay from their floor to ceiling windows!

A relatively simple menu, but enough food to make your day better, with foods including but not limited to, the Island Seafood “Chowda,” Coconut Lobster Fingers, Spinach and Arugula Salad, Ginger-Teriyaki Charred Ahi, and the Cider Brined Pork Chop!

“Chrissy & Terrence made our experience so great! The filet was cooked to perfection and the wedge salad was also amazing. Truly appreciated the excellent service from both Chrissy & Terrence. They will not disappoint!! Thank y’all again.” -Google Review

Although this restaurant doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!

Olive Garden

Family friendly Italian chain restaurant specializing in pasta, salads, and more!

So many carbs…yum carbs! Image courtesy of the Olive Garden Instagram page.

2397 FL-77 | Panama City | 

Now this isn’t a typical “buffet” restaurant, but it is an “all you can eat” extravaganza! If none of the other places caught your fancy, why not try out an old favorite? That’s right, we’re talking about Olive Garden! Olive Garden has hundreds of locations all around the world with many in multiple other countries! Established in 1982, this restaurant franchise has been delighting people with their ultimate comfort food, from fried goodness to their sweet desserts.

Now since Olive Garden isn’t your typical buffet, you might be wondering what you can eat that is buffet-like. Well if you’re new to this Italian restaurant, they have an unlimited salad bowl, with unlimited breadsticks, and their never-ending pasta bowl! If you’d like just a regular meal, Olive Garden has so. much. food. From Toasted Ravioli, Chicken Alfredo, Five Cheese Ziti Al Forno, Grilled Chicken Margherita, and Black Tie Mousse Cake for dessert!

“We had a large party last night for a special occasion and Mandy, Cassidy, Bryan, Hannah, and Sheena handled our orders with hospitality, patience and professionalism. They were rock stars and made our experience at Olive Garden so pleasant. Thanks team! Y’all were great!” -Google Review

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Congratulations! You’ve now explored the very best buffet restaurants in Panama City, FL! Any of these places are sure to bring you amazing flavors that will leave you full for the day in order to enjoy the sights of Panama City!


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