9 Things to Do With Your 4 Legged Friend in the City of Bridges

A list of the top spots for dog friendly activities that’ll leave the dog owners of Pittsburgh begging for more

The economic transformation of the city in recent years has morphed the City of Bridges into a tech and medicine urban oasis.

All this change has also given birth to one of the most dog-friendly metropolitan areas in the Eastern US. Everywhere you look you’re bound to see a everything from a mastiff to a pocket poodle. Especially as the weather warms up, it seems every furry friend in the city can be found taking to the streets with their owners.

But not sure what to do with your canine pal?

Not to worry, that’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top 9 dog friendly activities to do all over the city of Pittsburgh just for you.

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Pup Nights at PNC Park

Pup Nights at PNC Park
The actual American dream is watching a baseball game with man’s best friend. Nothing could make a better summer day. Photo courtesy of MLB PNC Park

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$36 - 1 person and 1 dog package ticket

We all know there’s nothing a dog loves more than a thrown ball, and it’s no coincidence that America’s pastime has so many of those. With baseball season just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about enjoying a Pirates game with more than one kind of dog!

Hosted during every Tuesday home game of the season (that’s over a dozen opportunities!), Pup Nights at PNC Park are a Pittsburgh favorite. Just under $40 for you and your furry friend is an absolute steal to enjoy America pastime with your best friend. Make sure to add this outstanding dog friendly activity to your summer to do list now.

Hot Dog Dam

Hot Dog Dam
Photo courtesy of Google Review

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Living in the city getting you and your dog down?

Hot Dog Dam is an off leash area in Frick Park where your hot dog can get wonderfully wet and muddy jumping about in the stream. - Google Review

Leave the urban jungle behind you for some fresh air and hiking trails. A classic dog friendly activity, taking a walk through the miles of available trails in Frick Park is sure to lift any canine’s spirits.

Before you head out, it’s time to get your dog that new collar and leash set you’ve been eyeing. Experience the great outdoors without ever leaving the city!

Make sure to stop at the Hot Dog Dam on your walk as well. A dog friendly creek with areas allowing for dogs to roam without a leash, it’s the perfect spot to cool off after a good hike. Take a look at the park’s website for a map of the trails before you head out.

Lucky Paws Resort and Spa

Lucky Paws Resort and Spa
Nothing shows your four legged best friend how much you love them like a nice pampering. Image courtesy of Lucky Paws Pet Resort

Check out the Lucky Paws webpage for full pricing details

Looking to give your four legged best friend a total pampering?

My dog loves lucky paws. A super clean pool and dog park. Friendliest staff around... -  Google Review

Nothing says “I wuv you” like a day at the Lucky Paws Resort and Pet Spa. Probably the friendliest of dog friendly activities in Pittsburgh the Lucky Paws Resort has it all: grooming, pet hotel, training, day care, a dog park and dog friendly events and activities you are both sure to enjoy.

A bit North of the city, this doggy oasis has everything the proud pet pamperer could possibly be looking for to treat their canine companion.

Pet ‘N’ Play

Pet N Play
Photo from Pet ‘n Play facebook
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Free Admission

A newer dog friendly activity in the Pittsburgh area, Pet n’ Play has become an annual puppy event hosted by Allegheny County and Y108 Radio.

Last year’s event included dog friendly photo booths, a petting zoo, a costume puppy parade and so much more!

The date for this year hasn’t been announced yet so be sure to keep an eye on the Y108 website for event dates and details when they arrive because you’re not going to want to miss this date with your best friend!

Take a Stroll Through Shady Side

girls in Shadyside with a pup
Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Magazine

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Free! (Unless you decide to shop ‘til you drop)

Located between Oakland and East Liberty and just a short walk from Carnegie Mellon University, Shady Side is a beautiful area of Pittsburgh. With classic, historical architecture on every corner it’s a dog walker’s paradise!

Plus, it’s home to some of the most dog friendly activities and businesses in the city. With over 50 dog friendly businesses and restaurants there’s no shortage or places to go and things to see with your canine companion.

Check out ThinkShadySide.com/Bark for a list of businesses, and be sure to look out for the annual Puppy Parade held in Shady Side every summer!

Kimpton Hotel Monaco

Kimpton Hotel Monaco
Image courtesy of Hotel Monaco
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See Hotel Monaco webpage for full booking and pricing details, but your pup can stay for no extra charge!

Looking to stay in the Steel City but need a place that will accommodate your dog?

Look no further than the Hotel Monaco located in Downtown Pittsburgh.

We could not have had a better stay! Thank you for welcoming our dog. Everyone was so pleasant. We plan on coming back. -Google Review

Not only are the staff at the Hotel Monaco pet friendly, they’re pet crazy! With no limits, restrictions or charges associated with keeping a furry friend in your hotel room, the Hotel Monaco is just begging to have you and your dog stay with them.

Request a suite with 2 queen sized beds, and don’t forget the exclusive pillow and down dog bed for Bosco.

The Square Cafe

The Square Cafe
Image courtesy of @ginny_corgi
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<$20/ entree, but your four legged friend doesn’t have to pay a cent

One of many pet friendly restaurants located all over the city of Pittsburgh, The Square Cafe (located in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood) is more than happy to host your furry best friend.

With outdoor seating perfect once the weather warms up as well as a large indoor dining room, there’s no better place to get a bite for brunch with your dog.

Play Hide and Seek in the Snow

Dapper little gent in the snow
Getting out in the winter can be tough, but your dog will love the opportunity to rough around in the snow.
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It can be tough thinking of ways to keep active in the winter. The thought of trekking outside can be daunting, but if you have a dog you’re going to want to go out every once in a while. Your dog will thank you, trust us.

One way to make the best of a snowy situation is playing hide and seek in the snow! Bring along some toys (not the favorites though, you don’t want a disaster in case they aren’t dug up by the end of play time) and bury them in the snow.

A good way to make sure that prized toy isn’t lost is to grab a variety pack of dog toys special for the occasion.Then, sit back and watch as your four legged friend goes absolutely nuts searching for them. It’s hard to have a bad time watching your puppy play, even in the cold!

Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding
When playing with your pup in the snow be sure to bundle up!
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Wait, not that dog sledding. We mean sledding with your dog! Another perfect winter time activity for you and Fido, sledding is the perfect dog friendly activity at any of Pittsburgh’s many parks.

Not just for kids anymore, have a great time with you canine companion as you race down the snowy slopes of Pittsburgh. Just be careful, remember the temperature, after a while the cold can be harmful to your dog no matter how cold weather compatible their breed.

Be sure to bundle up your pup so you can both have fun and stay safe.

It can be hard finding things to do with a pup in the city. Just taking your furry friend on walks around the neighborhood can get boring! That’s why we’re sure you’ll find the perfect dog friendly activity to do around Pittsburgh with our list of the top 9 dog friendly activities all over the Steel City.

Be sure to check out the links above for more information including dates, locations and pricing, and give the gift of a GiftYa electronic gift card to the dog lover in your life. Go out there and have a blast with your furry best friend!

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