8 Restaurants You Have to Try During Your Stay in Times Square

A trip to the Big Apple will always be something to remember, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll want everything you remember to be something you can look back on fondly. There are a lot of options for you to sift through when it comes to restaurants - especially if you’re staying in Times Square, which is one of the most touristy areas in the entire city - so we’re hoping to take some of the pressure off of you with a list of some of our favorites.

Below, you’ll find eight restaurants you have to try during your stay in Times Square.

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Making New York City a destination for the whole family to enjoy is quite the feat. It’s one of the most expensive cities in the entire country - and especially so if you’re staying in Times Square. GiftYa is very familiar with just how expensive it can be to stay in the Big Apple, let alone to dine there. That’s why they’ve come together with a number of New York vendors to help ease the cost of any dining out you may do during your stay in the city. Help a friend take a chunk off their bill at any one of these restaurants with an e-gift card from GiftYa!


Junior’s Restaurant & Bakery

Website: juniorscheesecake.com

Address: 1515 Broadway, New York, NY10036

Neighborhood: Theater District

The sugar crash will be totally worth it with a slice of cheesecake from Junior’s. Image courtesy of Junior’s Restaurant Instagram

Now, it isn’t usually best practice to tell people to skip dinner and head straight for the dessert, but we’ll make an exception when it comes to Junior’s. Located in the heart of Manhattan, Junior’s has gained national prestige as one of the best places to grab a slice of cheesecake.

And they live up to the hype. They do offer regular food as a part of their restaurant, so if you’d feel a little better about eating a more well-rounded meal before digging into your cheesecake, you can certainly do so!

Regardless, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to try a slice of their creamy original New York style cheesecake or maybe a fan favorite like their red velvet! If you really want to indulge in cheesecake, try one of their cheesecake-based milkshakes instead.

“It was everything I thought it would be. Delicious diner food. I had the biggest BLT Sandwich stacked with enough bacon for another sandwich...Let me tell you that Red Velvet Cheesecake is a winner! Delicious!” - Yelp Review

Burger & Lobster

Website: burgerandlobster.com

Address: 132 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036

Neighborhood: Theater District

The name is pretty straightforward...they serve burgers and lobster here - some of the best in the city! Image courtesy of Burger & Lobster Instagram

Like lobster? Like burgers? Then you’re definitely in for a treat here at Burger & Lobster, where every item on their menu is either a burger or has incorporated lobster into the dish. This is no joke!

Burger & Lobster is any burger and/or lobster lover’s little slice of heaven. If you’re a fan of both, you can order a little something of each by pairing a burger with a lobster roll, or if you’re a bit adventurous, try their lobster burger, which tops a beef patty  with some of their lobster.

Buy a GiftYa to Burger & Lobster >

“Incredible lobster burger!  This restaurant takes burgers to a whole new level. A delicious medium rare beef burger with Swiss cheese, truffle aioli, fresh delicious lobster, and a seeded bun. The truffle fries were also delicious and crisp.” - Yelp Review


The Lambs Club

Website: thelambsclub.com

Address: 132 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036

Neighborhood: Theater District

Most of the swanky clubs you’ll find around NYC are reserved for a very select clientele - but not The Lambs Club! Stop by any time at this club which is completely open to the public. Image courtesy of The Lambs Club Instagram

It’s no lie that New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the country - Manhattan being the priciest borough - but if you’re going to splurge on a trip to the Big Apple, you might as well go all in, yeah?

The Lambs Club is your chance to enjoy some of the finer things in life during your stay. Tucked away in Times Square, it has the ambiance of a bougie private club, but it’s entirely open to the public!

Enjoy a cocktail at any hour of the day along with your carefully crafted breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or if you’re just in it for the food, savor one of their specialty brewed coffees along with some brunch.

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“Typically my husband and I stop by The Lambs Club for drinks, however, we decided to stop in for brunch and I am sure glad we did! The service at The Lambs Club is always impeccable!” - Yelp Review


Website: margon.has.restaurant

Address: 136 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

Neighborhood: Theater District

Hamilton is all about the American Dream many immigrants are hopeful for when they first move to New York City. At Margon, you can see one of those dreams being realized in action. Image courtesy of Margon Restaurant Instagram

As one of the biggest and most easily recognized cities across international borders, New York City is often imagined as the heart of the touted “land of opportunity.” 

And when you walk around the city’s streets, you can see people from all over the world trying to take that opportunity to make a life for themselves. Margon is one of these vendors, and it’s one of the most beloved among natives and tourists alike, located right in Times Square.

They serve up cuban cuisine that will make your mouth water just smelling it, so don’t let the unassuming storefront discourage you from stopping by. It’s a favorite for a reason!

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“There are few places, especially by times square, that are authentic and inhabited mainly by locals. this place has the best cuban sandwich in the city & when you walk through the doors you're transported to a different place. SO. GOOD.” - Yelp Review

Family Style Italian Restaurant - Tony's Di Napoli

Tony's Di Napoli

Website: tonysnyc.com

Address: Casablanca Hotel, 147 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036

Neighborhood: Theater District

Hungry? Tony’s Di Napoli cooks up enough pasta for you to pass around the entire table. Image courtesy of Tony’s Di Napoli Instagram

Yes, you absolutely can indulge in carbs while you’re in the Big Apple. We’d almost go as far as to say you absolutely should  - and especially if it’s at Tony’s Di Napoli, where their specialty actually is pasta.

Located right in the Theater District of Times Square, Tony’s might be a little noisy, but it’s the perfect place for you to bring your entire theater-going party to share a pre-show dinner that everyone will enjoy.

Meals are served family style, which means that they’re huge - but they’re also perfect for sharing with several people at the same time. You can order a few different pastas and salads to split between your entire group before you head off to see your favorite show on Broadway!

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“Water glasses always seem to magically refill themselves when they get a little low! The portions are HUGE and family-style so plan accordingly one of the best family-style salads you could hope for!” - Yelp Review


The Perfect Pint

Website: theperfectpintnyc.com

Address: 123 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036

Neighborhood: Midtown

The pints really are perfect, and they have some of the best traditional Irish fare in the city. Image courtesy of The Perfect Pint Instagram

The bad news? It’s probably even more expensive for you to travel to Ireland than it is for you to travel to the Big Apple. The good news? Over the years, many Irish natives have immigrated to New York City and they’ve brought recipes from their home countries along with them!

Just off of the main part of Times Square is an entire row of authentic Irish pubs for you to get your fix of shepherds pie, Guinness stew, fish and chips, and - of course - a selection of beers you can’t miss out on, and the best of these by far is The Perfect Pint.

You can enjoy Irish classics or American staples at The Perfect Pint, and they’ll treat you really well with some of the best beers in the city - let alone the world.

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“They had yummy food, your typical pub food. I ordered a yummy burger with fries and my co-worker ordered fish and chips. The rooftop...was poppin' and bumpin' with some good tunes.” - Yelp Review

R Lounge

Website: rloungetimessquare.com

Address: Two Times Square, 714 W 7th St at W 48th St, New York, NY 10036

Neighborhood: Theater District

At least one meal should have a fantastic view while you’re in Times Square. R Lounge is that spot. Image courtesy of R Lounge Facebook

You’re going to get a pretty amazing view of Times Square from almost any restaurant you eat at in the borough, but none of them give you a view quite like R Lounge does. Located inside the R hotel of Times Square, R Lounge looks out over one of the streets of Times Square.

Not only will they treat you to some pretty delicious food, but you’ll have one of the most incredible views in the city when it comes to both people watching and seeing what’s going on in the entertainment world at large.

You can watch which ads flash across the billboards (hello, new people to listen to on Spotify!), tourists looking confusedly at their maps as they try to figure out where they should be going, and even some of the street artists performances! 

Buy a GiftYa to R Lounge >

“There are some hidden cocktail bars above the crowds and craziness. Our favourite is the R Lounge in the Renaissance Hotel which offers incredible views of the bright lights and yellow cabs that the city is so famous for!” - Yelp Review


Patzeria Perfect Pizza

Website: patzeriaperfectpizzanewyork.com

Address: 231 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

Neighborhood: Theater District

At Patzeria Perfect Pizza, you can get the perfect New York pizza you’ve always dreamed of. Image courtesy of Pixabay

As a restaurant that only allows for to-go orders, you won’t be able to sit down to enjoy your pizza at Patzeria Perfect Pizza, but isn’t that the native New Yorker way, anyway? 

You can call ahead or order online at their website, or just stumble in for a slice if you happen across it, but whatever you choose, we know you’re going to love it. With thin, crispy crust, fresh ingredients, and pizza made just the way you want it, what’s there not to love?

We recommend grabbing an entire pie if you can. It might be a little cumbersome to carry around with you at first, but talk about a great way to make some friends as you walk around Times Square. Imagine how many new LinkedIn connections you could make just by sharing a slice from your pie!

Buy a GiftYa to Patzeria Perfect Pizza >

“I think I have found the quintessential NYC thin crust pizza parlor!!! Words cannot describe how insanely thin and crispy and fluffy this pizza crust was.” - Yelp Review

A stay in Times Square comes with a high price point, but you might as well enjoy all of the best food it has to offer while you’re in the area. These restaurants are some favorites of New York natives and passersby alike!

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