7 Restaurants in The Bronx to Savor Bowls of Ramen and Relax

From rowdy izakaya to sterling ramen, here’s where to enjoy the best Japanese dishes in the Bronx!

Japanese cuisine in the Bronx has always been more than just simple mass-produced sushi rolls of California and some Spicy Tuna variety. Now more than ever, the Japanese culture is gaining momentum, with the best Japanese spots in the Bronx offering everything from steaming bowls of ramen to Michelin-starred sushi and street-style yakitori.

Whether you desire to dine at a western-style table, a counter, or on tatami mats on the floor with your shoes in the corner, here are the top spots where you can get awesome ramen in the Bronx.

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Aoyu Sushi

3532 Johnson Ave, Bronx, NY 10463 aoyusushi.com

Simple but modern Japanese spot with a sushi bar and a menu of delicious entrees like ramen and teriyaki!

If you’re on the hunt for fresh and creative ramen, you’re in luck. Aoyu Sushi offers a wide array of authentic Japanese fare including pork ramen, tuna sushi, California roll, Gyoza, Angel roll, just to mention a few.

Go ahead and try their Japanese Lunch special with delicious options such as sushi platter, chirashi lunch, sashimi lunch, and more. Lunch is served with miso soup, salads, and any two rolls on the menu.  If you come a bit early or even later in the evening, you can enjoy plenty of delicious options on the all-day menu including duck ramen, pork ramen, mushroom soup, yaki udon, garden salad, and more. Entrees such as ramen, teriyaki, basil filet mignon, and grilled spicy miso sea bass served with baby bok choy are also great choices to try.

The sushi bar has plenty of goodies in-store and you can order as much sushi and sashimi as you like and enjoy it with a hot or cold appetizer and one of your favorite drinks.

Tampopo Ramen

1 Bennett Ave, New York, NY 10033 tampoporamennyc.com

Funky, compact noodle shop serving Tokyo-style ramen, rice bowls, and craft beers!

Sometimes just a variety of ramen or sushi rolls can be perfect for anyone on any occasion. And if you’re looking for a favorite spot to get such treats, then you need to check out Tampopo Ramen today! It’s popular for serving fresh noodles made in-house, aged for the best flavor, and perfectly balanced with the house-made creamy Paitan chicken broth.

Stop by for dinner and enjoy the best bowls of ramen in town with classics such as Miso ramen, shoyu ramen, veggie miso ramen, and of course shio classic ramen – curry noodles served in creamy chicken broth with chicken chashu, slow-cooked pork, nori seaweed, marinated egg, scallions, and bamboo shoot toppings. For ramen specials, you can try the Dragon ramen which is a habanero spicy miso ramen topped with jalapeno and spice chili blend.

They also offer rice bowls as an accompaniment. Come in during happy hour and enjoy plenty of other treats and a selection of beers and sake shots.

Hinomaru Ramen

33-18 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105 hinomaruramen.com

Snug, trendy ramen bar serving sushi and Japanese small plates!

Perhaps you may be looking for something a little different when it comes to Japanese food, so why not try Hinomaru Ramen. Established in 2011, Hinomaru is among the first ramen-ya to open its doors in the Bronx. They specialize in seven regional Japanese ramen ranging from Sapporo in the north to Kagoshima in the south.

Make sure you try the signature Hinomaru Ramen that features Hakata-style pork bone broth with braised chashu pork, scallion, fireball, kikurage, bean sprouts, menma, and fish cake. If you want something spicy, try the Spicy Miso – chicken bone broth, with braised chashu pork, white miso, bean sprouts, shira, scallion, and big fireball. They also serve Gyoza and vegetarian ramen for vegetarians in the house.

Apart from ramen, they also serve rock shrimp tempura, takoyaki, salmon rolls, bowls of rice, curry don, and lots more. Make sure you visit Hinomaru Ramen and experience some amazing Japanese fare today!


2893 Buhre Ave, Bronx, NY 10461 facebook.com

Trendy restaurant offering an expansive Pan-Asian menu that includes sushi, ramen, kimchi, and pad Thai

At Shangerila, diners are treated to a unique restaurant concept that offers plenty of treats including ramen, sushi, and other signature rolls. It’s one of the most popular spots for Japanese delivery in the Bronx.

Wondering what’s popular at this evening go-to spot? Well, they offer delicious options such as Tonkutsu ramen – Japanese ramen noodles dipped in creamy rich pork bone broth. They come with soft boil egg, braised pork belly, bamboo shoots. They also serve hot spicy wontons, spicy tuna rolls, and crab Rangoon served with cream cheese and crab meat filling.

If you aren’t ready to mix your sushi with other options, don’t worry. The Shangerila offers a wide selection of signature rolls, vegetable rolls, cooked rolls, and hand rolls. The sushi bar offers options such as sushi, chirashi, unaju don, sashimi, and more are also great selections to try.

Signature cocktails, handcrafted shakes, and soft drinks are also available to enjoy alongside your unique dishes.

Kiraku Japanese Restaurant

1948 Williamsbridge Rd, Bronx, NY 10461 kirakujapanese.com

Traditional, relaxed Japanese spot with a sushi bar and tableside hibachi grilling!

If you want to enjoy a delicious ramen meal in a serene and zen-like atmosphere, then you should try out Kiraku Japanese Restaurant. Here you will find delicious dining, takeout, and delivery options for every guest who comes in. This cornerstone restaurant has been recognized for outstanding Sushi cuisine, friendly staff, and excellent service. Their modern interpretation of classic dishes is beyond this world and you can be assured that you will be enjoying a high-quality meal prepared with only the fresh ingredients in the area.

Make sure you try out the ramen especially the Japanese style ramen or udon or even seafood ramen. Noodles are also available with options such as beef, tempura, seafood, vegetable, and nebeyaki noodles. While at it, why not try their hand rolls, hibachi, sushi sashimi, and tempura.

Vegetarians will have a good time here enjoying the veggie combination of hibachi vegetable and vegetable tempura. Be sure to grab a dessert and your favorite drink to enjoy alongside your meal.

Jin Ramen West Harlem

3183 Broadway, New York, NY 10027 jinramen.com

Busy Japanese spot offering rice bowls and ramen noodle dishes in a casual setting!

Trendy. Innovative. Upbeat. These are just a few unique words one can use to describe Jin Ramen West Harlem. Here, they offer a vibrant atmosphere, high-end service, and top-tier ramen dishes. Whether you’re looking for a new hangout spot or a date night restaurant to chill and enjoy a good meal, Jin Ramen is sure to become a top destination on your list.

Along with the sashimi and sushi options, you will find an abundance of specialty rolls on the menu. For lunch, you have plenty of options to explore. Go ahead and try the spicy Tonkotsu ramen, shio ramen, and shoyu ramen which is a smokey, soy sauce-based chicken broth with ginger and garlic topped with porked seasoned soft boiled egg, chashu, scallions, bamboo shoots, and sesame seeds.

Other lunch options include sweet sesame, potato salad, crispy chicken gyoza, edamame, shishito peppers, tofu salad, yasai don, and more. Why not try the shrimp tempura, soba noodles, white seaweed salad, tuna rolls, and so much more? Come to Jin Ramen West Harlem and experience all they have to offer and order some on your way home!

Roc N Ramen Bronx

606 E 187th St, Bronx, NY 10458 rocnramenbronx.com

A sleek and trendy spot that offers an expansive menu along with a full selection of ramen and sushi rolls!

Roc N Ramen Bronx is a hidden gem, but you will be surprised to find out that they serve the finest ramen noodle dishes at affordable prices. Featuring a unique sushi counter and lots of ramens, Roc N Ramen is the perfect spot if you’re looking for a restaurant that specializes in some mouthwatering ramen. Using only the finest ingredients for all their food, this restaurant is proud to serve locals in the Bronx with their tasty ramen, sushi, sashimi, and other delicious treats.

Some classic favorites on their menu include ramen and noodle delight with options such as curried oxtail, curried chicken, BBQ chicken, spicy bone yard rib tip ramen, and more. Make sure you order a rice bowl to enjoy alongside your ramen. Although you will find lots of ramen on the menu here, you will also find delicious appetizers, soups, as well as organic, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. They also have the finest sake and tea to complement your main meal.

Japanese fare is an experience. Whether you want to enjoy some delicious sushi, ramen, noodles, vegetarian rolls, or other savory options, there are so many different places to go to in the Bronx. We hope these spots will help narrow down to only the best place to get delicious ramen and other Japanese dishes in town. Which other ramen spot did we not mention? Let us know in the comments!

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