7 Movie Theaters in Sacramento to See the Biggest Blockbusters of the Year

Are you looking to enjoy one of the newest movies out this year? Check out these seven awesome movie theaters in Sacramento!

While there are many streaming services out there that will feature the newest Hollywood blockbusters, there is nothing more fun than being able to go see the movie in the movie theaters. There’s something about holding a large popcorn in your lap, having a cold soda in the cup holder next to you, the reclining seats, and the movie on the big screen in front of you that makes the movie so much better. If you are looking to see a brand new movie that is out, why not check out one of these seven amazing movie theaters in Sacramento!

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Regal Delta Shores & IMAX

Looking for the best seating in any movie theater? Make sure to check out this movie theater!

If you are looking for a movie theater to check out in Sacramento, then you need to stop what you’re doing and check out Regal Delta Shores & IMAX! Image courtesy of CSI Construction Company. 

8136 Delta Shores Circle S | Sacramento | regmovies.com

Are you looking forward to going to the movies to see the newest Marvel movie, or Disney movie that just came out? If so, then you need to check the Regal Delta Shores & IMAX movie theater right now! This theater is regarded as one of the best ones to go and see a good movie because of how comfortable it is, and how good the refreshments are too.

If you are looking to go to the movie theaters soon, you should know that the Regal Delta Shores & IMAX features everything from comfortable seats, fresh buttered popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, slushies, packaged candy, and so much more that you can enjoy in a comfortable atmosphere. Why not come and check out a movie at Regal Delta Shores & IMAX right now if you’re looking to get out of the house!

“Been to two movies there since I started going again this year. I am impressed. Solid movie theater and good selection of films it seems.” - Yelp Review 

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Century 16 Greenback Lane & XD

Check out a movie theater that also has its own game room in it too! 

Looking into a movie theater that has areas to waste some time before your movie starts? Why not check out Century 16 Greenback Lane & XD right now! Image courtesy of Business Yab. 

6233 Garfield Avenue | Sacramento | cinemark.com

There is nothing worse than having to wait for your movie to start at the movie theaters. The feeling that the time is slowly passing by can be a pain, but why not go to a theater that has some areas to hang out in like Century 16 Greenback Lane & XD! This place has a game room and a cafe and bar that you can check out whenever you’re trying to waste some time before your movie starts, and more.

Make sure to check out Century 16 Greenback Lane & XD as soon as you can where you can enjoy a lot of amazing features, such as the game room, the cafe and bar, and also comfortable seating, good food, and of course, amazing screens to show the movie. Why not come and check out Century 16 Greenback Lane & XD today!

“This theater has definitely changed the way I watch movies! Watched a few special screenings here in the past.” - Yelp Review 

Country Club Cinema

If you’re in need of a fun luxury movie theater to check out, stop by this cinema today!

Come to the Country Club Cinema if you’re looking for one of the best movie theaters to go to in Sacramento! Image courtesy of Cinema Treasures.

2405 Butano Drive | Sacramento |fandango.com/countryclubcinema

Are you interested in  going to a luxury cinema for something different in Sacramento? If so, then you need to stop what you’re doing and head on down to the Country Club Cinema right away! Why should you go to the Country Club Cinema? Well, not only will you feel like royalty just sitting in this theater, but you can also enjoy all of the services that you get on top of that.

Come to the Country Club Cinema right away where you can check out their amazing full bar, recliner seating, classic refreshments made with top notch quality, large movie screens, and a sound system like no other to emerge you into the film you’re watching. Check out Country Club Cinema right away for a good night!

“Love this place. Never crowded and the air conditioning is always chilly. Ordered in advance to get the perfect seats. Scanned from my phone and went right in.” - Yelp Review 

Crest Theatre

Want to go to an old historical movie theater? If so, check this place out now!

Sometimes there’s nothing better than going to a theater that is truly unlike any other, so come to Crest Theatre today! Image courtesy of SacPark. 

1013 K Street | Downtown | crestsacramento.com

Want to go to a really neat looking historical movie theater in Sacramento that is unlike any other theater you’ve ever been to? We know you’re tempted, so why not check out Crest Theatre right away! Crest Theatre is home to the Sacramento French Film Festival, the Sacramento Film and Music Festival, and so much more, where you can watch movies, watch a comedy performance, and much more.

We know you probably want to check out the Crest Theatre, so why not stop by so you can experience the beautiful palace-like decorations, and the vintage-ness of it since it was built in 1949. This is the perfect place to go for any occasion, so why not stop by today and check it out for yourself!

“ Being born and raised here, I've been to the Crest many times over the years.  No matter if it's a music act, a movie or the animated film festival, the Crest is an awesome place.” - Yelp Review 

Esquire IMAX Theatre

Enjoy 3D films and other famous blockbusters on this theatre’s giant movie screens!

Come to the Esquire IMAX Theatre right now for some of the best movies to see in all of Sacramento! Image courtesy of Esquire IMAX Theatre. 

1211 K Street | Downtown | imax.com

What’s better than going to the movies? It’s going to the movies knowing that you can watch some of the best 3D films and other fun blockbusters too and you can get exactly that at Esquire IMAX Theatre! At this fun movie theater in Sacramento, you can enjoy the comfortable seating in each theater, along with the art deco decor throughout, and their amazing 80 inch screens.

Stop by Esquire IMAX Theatre as soon as you can where you can reserve your seats online ahead of time for any movie that you wish to see for any time, which is important to know since they fill up fast. With over eighteen years of service, the Esquire IMAX Theatre is the perfect place for you to go to, so why not check it out today!

“The gigantic screen and the almost deafening crisp sound is what you expect for an IMAX theater, and when watching movies specifically made for IMAX, the experience is truly so much more spectacular.” - Yelp Review 

The Guild Theater

Come to this theater for movie screenings, concerts, plays, and so much more! Image courtesy of

If you love to enjoy a little bit of everything at your local theater, why not stop by The Guild Theater today! Image courtesy of St. HOPE. 

2828 35th Street | Oak Park | sthope.org

Are you wanting to go to a theater where you can check out movie screenings, concerts, plays, and other events as well? Why not check out The Guild Theater in Sacramento for something different then! At The Guild Theater, You will love how historic the building is on both the inside and out, and you will also enjoy the comfortable seating and more.

Check out The Guild Theater today where you can check out the newly refurbished theater, along with enjoying local shows, movies, plays, and so much more as well. This place could also be great as a unique date night place to take your significant other to as well, so why not come to The Guild Theater today!

“The fabulous Guild Theater deserves all the admiration that is usually directed towards the Tower and the Crest. While overshadowed, this tiny gem regularly shows its potential as a grand movie house.” - Yelp Review 

Sacramento 6 Drive-In

Who else loves drive-ins? We do too, so why not check out this famous one in Sacramento!

If you are someone who is looking for the best drive-in movie theater in Sacramento, don’t miss out on the Sacramento 6 Drive-In! Image courtesy of Comstock’s Magazine. 

9616 Oates Drive | Sacramento | westwinddi.com

Do you want to enjoy the late summer night breeze while also watching a movie with a group of friends or a loved one? If so, then you need to stop what you’re doing and go to Sacramento 6 Drive-In today! Drive-in movie theaters seem to have been dying over the years, but the ones that are still standing are amazing, and it’s important to go to them to keep supporting them as well. 

At the Sacramento 6 Drive-In, you can enjoy chapter prices when coming to see the newest and biggest movies that are out at this time. Just pull in, turn your car on the radio station needed (or bring a portable radio!), grab some snacks, and enjoy a movie or two at the Sacramento 6 Drive-In today!

“Big fans of drive-ins and recommend checking out some movies here! Pricing is the same as a Regal but cheaper for some ages so that is a win!” - Yelp Review 

There are plenty of movie theaters in Sacramento that you need to check out, but with so many to choose from, it can be difficult. Why not check out one of our seven favorites in Sacramento today!

Is there a movie theater in Sacramento that you love, but we didn’t mention? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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