6 Restaurants Serving Up the Best Pizza in Wilmington, NC

From Thin Crust to Thick, New York Style to Local Favorites, We’re Breaking Down the Best Pizza Places Wilmington, NC Has to Offer

Wilmington is a beautiful City in North Carolina. Filled with all kinds of bars and restaurants, it can be tough to decide on the perfect bar or restaurant for an evening out on the town. Especially when you’re craving pizza. Pizza is so good when it’s good – flavorful sauce, melty cheese, just the right amount of crust – but on the flip side, when pizza isn’t good, it’s pretty terrible.

Luckily for you, you’ve landed on this article. Today we’re going to discuss where to find the best pizza in Wilmington. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best pizza that Wilmington has to offer, and we’ll give you the address and website to all of these locations so that way you can check out the menu or stop by if something catches your eye. 

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Now, onward to the list:

Agostino’s Pizza & Pasta

Pizza & Pasta with a Distinctly Wilmington Twist

4712 New Centre Dr | Colony Woods | agostinospizzapasta.com

Agostino’s Pizza & Pasta tops our list of best pizza in Wilmington, NC, but pizza is far from the only thing on their menu. Agostino’s offers a wide variety of other Italian fare – like bruschetta and heaping antipasto plates, if you’re looking for an appetizer. Or for dessert, you can treat your sweet tooth to zeppole or decadent cannoli.

But back to the pizza – that’s what we’re really here to talk about, right? Whether you order a whole pizza pie or just a slice, a personal pan or enough for the whole family, Agostino’s has something for everyone. Their signature thin, crispy crust serves as the base for dozens of flavor combinations. Some of their creations call up classic Italian flavors like their eggplant parm pizza or the traditional margherita, but others get more creative. If you’ve ever wondered what a chicken marsala pizza would be like, you don’t have to wonder anymore!

“We have tried different items on the menu from subs, dinners and pizza.  Generous servings and cooked to perfection.  That’s coming from an Italian. Our favorite place for pizza.  slice or whole pizza. Try their cannolis too.” - Yelp Review 

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I Love NY Pizza

Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple Without Leaving Wilmington

28 N Front St | Historic District | ilovenypizzawilm.com

New York is known for many things: the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Museum Mile, and of course, New York-style pizza. Thankfully, you don’t have to take a bus or a car or a plane to get a taste of authentic New York pizza because I Love NY Pizza brings those flavors right into the heart of Wilmington’s Historic District.

I Love NY Pizza hits the nail on the head with its thin, crispy crust that any New Yorker would sign off on. Combine that with excellent, friendly service (okay, maybe this part is a little less authentic!) and you’re in for one of the best pizza experiences you can find in the Wilmington area.

“Love this place for a great slice of NY pizza! This location is easy to get to downtown and close to a parking deck if you're picking up takeout. I love the foldability and would say this is the best NY foldable slice in the Wilmington area.

” - Yelp Review

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Benny’s Big Time Pizzeria

Big Slices to Feed Big Appetites at One of the Best Pizza Places in Wilmington

206 Greenfield St | Wilmington | vivianhoward.com/bennysbigtime

If you’re looking for pizza that packs a huge punch of flavor, then Benny’s Big Time Pizzeria really takes the cake (or… pie?) The thin, crispy crust is topped with just the right amount of sauce and a mouthwatering cheese blend unlike any other pizza in town and high quality toppings that only highlight the freshness and flavor of all the ingredients involved.

Grab yourself a giant slice or a more reasonably sized pizza pie. Plus, Benny’s offers a number of delicious cocktails to round out your dining experience. 

“Holy delicious pizza Batman! I cannot rave about this pizza enough. It has the perfect crust that is thin but has structure and texture with sauce and toppings that sing … On top of the wonderful food, our waitress Susie was so sweet and the best waitress we've had in a while!!

10/10 recommend.” - Yelp Review 

Benny’s Big Time Pizzeria doesn’t offer GiftYa digital gift cards just yet, but check back soon because we are always new restaurants and attractions in Wilmington!

Brooklyn Pizza Co.

Calzone and Pizza and Pasta, Oh My!

6932 Market St | Wilmington | www.facebook.com//Pizza-place/Brooklyn-Pizza-Co

Brooklyn Pizza Co. calls themselves “just a traditional pizzeria and restaurant, pizza, pasta, calzone, stromboli, hot sandwiches, and rolls,” but that doesn’t quite capture the quality that lands them on this list of best pizza in Wilmington. Maybe pizza of this caliber blends in in Brooklyn, but in Wilmington’s very southern and seafood inspired food scene, Brooklyn Pizza Co. is something special.

Pizzas from Brooklyn Pizza Co. are big, tasty, and affordable. As of this writing, a large half cheese, half pepperoni will run you less than $20, which isn’t half bad when you think about the tasty leftovers you’ll have in your fridge for days to come.

“Best pizza I have found in Wilmington.  Can't say much more than that, it's NY style pizza that is Head and shoulders above the competition. I was born and raised in NY and I'm happy I found this place.” - Yelp Review 

Right now you aren’t able to get a GiftYa digital gift card to Brooklyn Pizza Co. but check back because there’s more best pizza and stores in Wilmington added all the time.

Your Pie

Get Your Favorite Pizza Flavors, Your Way

4403 Oleander Dr, Ste H | College Oleander Center | Yourpie.com

What does the perfect pizza look like to you? Is it extra cheesy, loaded with veggies, packed with as many varieties of meat as you can fit onto the pie? The folks at Your Pie believe that the best pizza is the one that’s made your way, and that’s why they’ve designed a unique pizza experience that allows you to customize your pizza so that it’s exactly how you like it.

Choose from a wide variety of toppings and flavor combinations to shape your pizza night to your exact preferences. Your Pie also makes accommodations so that people with food allergies and sensitivities can enjoy a delicious pizza pie, including gluten-free crust. 

“For dinner one night I was craving pizza. I had seen a special happening at Your Pie for a truffle pizza with roasted red peppers and mushrooms that I just had to try. Highly recommend Your Pie for tasty treats!” - Yelp Review 

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Wheelz Pizza 

Gourmet Neopolitan-Brooklyn Style Pizza Right Here in Wilmington

7037 Wrightsville Ave | Wilmington | www.wheelzpizzawilmington.com

If thin crust pizza isn’t quite your style, you’ll love what Wheelz Pizza is pulling out of the oven. The chewy, tender crust combined with fresh toppings and delicious flavor combinations makes Wheelz Pizza a local favorite spot to grab a slice. 

Every pizza at Wheelz Pizza – from their New York Style to their Hawaiian to their Italian Sausage to their Buffalo Chicken – is made from high-quality, organic ingredients that don’t add any preservatives or conditioners into the mix. Maybe that still doesn’t make pizza “health food,” but it does mean that you can feel good about every gourmet bite.

“One of, if not the best pizza crusts around! Actually, it is the BEST. Overall excellent chew and flavor. Love the curly, crunchy peperoni and my honey loves the white pie. Best ingredients. We suggest you try this place, sit and eat and then head to the beach or visa versa.” - Yelp Review 

You can’t get a digital GiftYa gift card to Wheelz Pizza - Wrightsville Beach at the moment but be sure to check back soon as new best pizza and locations in Wilmington are added all the time!

That’s a wrap on the best pizza in Wilmington!

There ya go! You finally have a list of the best pizza places to get in Wilmington, North Carolina. I hope that you get the chance to try at least one of the places on the list today. And I tried to offer a little bit of variety in the style of pizza being served. But you would be surprised how popular New York style pizza is in North Carolina!

And remember, you can check out GiftYa’s website specifically for Wilmington to see every location in the area that accepts our convenient digital gift cards that can be sent wirelessly in seconds right from your phone!

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