5 Chinese Restaurants in Albuquerque You Should Run, Not Wok To Try

All Your Favorite Chinese Fare – Egg Rolls, General Tso's Chicken, Noodles, and More – in the Heart of Albuquerque? Yes Please!

So you are looking for Chinese restaurants in Albuquerque huh? Probably searched something like “Chinese restaurants in Albuquerque New Mexico” or “what’s the best Chinese restaurant in Albuquerque” right? What’s that? How did I know that? Well I mean this is on your phone or computer so this article will only show up for so many keywords that you searched in Google so I know it had to be something like that. 

Either that, or you got here from another GiftYa post or article in which case thank you for reading two today! Well today, just like everyday I have exactly what you are looking for. This is a list of the best Chinese restaurants in Albuquerque and where you can find them. I also made sure to include links anytime one of these restaurants accept our super convenient virtual gift cards!

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Tsai’s Chinese Bistro

Family-Owned Chinese and Taiwanese Restaurant Est. in 2016

2325 San Pedro Blvd NE | Uptown | facebook.com/tsais-chinese-bistro

Tsai’s Chinese Bistro makes it to the top of my list of best Chinese restaurants in Albuquerque New Mexico for one very simple reason. They have an overwhelming number of positive reviews from their customers and patrons. And on top of that, they also add a little bit of variety to the list today. 

When I comprise these list for GiftYas dedicated audience on best restaurants, it can often be difficult to have interesting things to say when it’s all about restaurants of the same style. When every restaurant on the list is a Chinese restaurant, me describing the different dishes they serve quickly becomes redundant.

So it’s nice for me and for you that Tsai’s Chinese Bistro not only serves the best Chinese food you can find in Albuquerque, they also serve a selection of Taiwanese dishes as well. So whether you are looking for strictly Chinese food, or just something delicious with an eastern origin, Tsai’s Chinese Bistro is sure to have what you are looking for.   

“This has to be the best Chinese food in Albuquerque. The food is always fresh. The flavors and taste are absolutely delicious. I personally love the garlic eggplant and any of the tofu options.  I have ordered some of the meat dishes as well and they also are just as wonderful.” - Yelp Review 

Tsai’s Chinese Bistro is one of the thousands of restaurants that accepts digital GiftYa gift cards but it is also among one of the highest rated Chinese restaurants in Albuquerque!


American Chinese Food Restaurant in East Albuquerque Featuring Bold Cantonese Flavors

2010 Wyoming Blvd NE | Eastside | selflane.com/chinshan-restaurant

Chinshan comes in at number two on my list of best Chinese places in Albuquerque, New Mexico because they literally had one less positive review than Tsai‘s Chinese Bistrto did. So if just one more of their customers had left a positive review then Chinshan would have been at the top of my list today.  If you are looking for the best strictly Chinese food you can find in Albuquerque then Chinshan is going to be an excellent choice for your lunch or dinner plans. 

“Wow wow!!!! This place is just the best! So I ordered the appetizer tray and everything was delicious! Specially the ribs!!!!

The sesame chicken was perfection! Not coated in flour! You can actually taste the chicken!!!! The house fried rice was also delicious! The Shrimp Pad Thai was very tasty! Definitely going back! The service was also great!” - Yelp Review

Chinshan doesn’t offer GiftYa digital gift cards just yet, but check back soon because we are always adding Chinese restaurants and attractions in Albuquerque!

Noodle Works

Your Source for a Casual, Locally-Owned and Operated Chinese Food Experience in Albuquerque

5901-S Wyoming Blvd NE | Academy Acres | noodleworksnm.com

I feel it goes without saying, but Noodle Works is going to be your Chinese restaurant of choice if you are really craving some amazing Chinese noodles. I mean they serve all the classic Chinese dishes as well, but who goes to Noodle Works and doesn’t order something with noodles? While some of the other restaurants on our list might have better chicken or better beef, you can count on Noodle Works to have the absolute best Chinese noodles that you can find in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

And I feel good recommending them to you knowing that they add a little sense of variety to a list of just Chinese restaurants. You can definitely get some noodle dishes at Noodle Works you won’t be able to find anywhere else on this list. 

“Food was delicious and fresh to order. It can take a bit of time for the for to be ready but know it's because everything made fresh. Staff was friendly and environment was small and quaint.

Definitely a go to stop if you're around the area.” - Yelp Review 

Get a GiftYa digital gift card for yourself or a loved one to Noodle Works and enjoy one of the best Chinese restaurants in Albuquerque by following the link!

Lucky Wok

Big Portions, Big Flavor, Small Price Tag – Which Is Exactly What We’re Looking For When it Comes to Chinese Restaurants in Albuquerque

4501 4th St NW | Los Ranchos | facebook.com/luckywokalbuquerque

Lucky Wok would have come in higher on my list today if it weren’t for the fact that they are still pretty new compared to some of the more established restaurants on the top of the list today. However, Lucky Wok boasts a four and a half star rating from their customers which ties them as the highest rated restaurant on the list today. The only reason that four and a half star rating didn’t bump them up to the number one or two spot is because they just don’t have as many reviews yet as the restaurants that have had more time to establish their online presence. 

But the people who have been leaving reviews have disproportionately positive things to say about the food, service, and atmosphere at Lucky Wok. 

“I've recently moved from the San Francisco area, where we have many great Chinese restaurants..but I have to tell THIS is some of the Best Chinese food I've ever had.” - Yelp Review 

Lucky Wok is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Albuquerque and they accept GiftYa digital gift cards and you can grab one for you or someone on your list by following the link!

ChopstiX Chinese Cuisine

Authentic Chinese Food, Plus Some Excellent Taiwanese and Japanese Options for Good Measure

Japanese egg tofu is just one of many mouth watering options you can order on Chopstix Chinese Cuisine’s extensive menu. Image courtesy of Yelp.

6001 Lomas Blvd NE | Uptown | chopstixabq.com

ChopstiX Chinese Cuisine rounds out my list of the top 5 best places to get Chinese food in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The only reason they are at the bottom of the list is because the higher restaurants on the list had an overwhelmingly positive number of reviews. But that isn’t to say that ChopstiX doesn’t have a ton of positive reviews. In fact they boast a four star rating with 150 distinct and separate reviews. Which is still a very high ratio of positive reviews so I feel quite sure of myself by rounding out this list with ChopstiX Chinese Cuisine.

“Go to Chinese food in ABQ. Garlic eggplant is the stuff dreams are made of; in fact, I can't bring myself to order anything else. However, I'm always game to try whatever my family passes around the table. General Tso's was outstanding on the few bites I had. Much more interesting flavor profile compared to the average restaurant.  I'm so glad we have leftovers. Still thinking about it the next day . . .” - Yelp Review 

You can’t get a digital GiftYa gift card to ChopstiX Chinese Cuisine at the moment but be sure to check back soon as new Chinese restaurants and locations in Albuquerque are added all the time!

There you have it! All the best rated Chinese restaurants you can find in Albuquerque. Albuquerque is a major hub of business and commerce so it isn’t easy to narrow down the list of great Chinese restaurants to only what can fit in this post. But just from what we gathered for you here today you’ll be sure to find a location that's convenient for you with plenty of excellent options. 

And remember, if you or someone you love is out in Albuquerque, we marked off which Chinese restaurants accept convenient GiftYa digital gift cards. And you can use them at any of the locations we indicated on this list today. But even if you choose a Chinese restaurant that doesn’t accept GiftYa, you’ll be sure to find authentic Chinese food and you can even count on finding some authentic Vietnamese food as well. Albuquerque and GiftYa definitely have something to offer.

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