Your Guidebook To The Top Thai Restaurants In Albuquerque!

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New Mexico’s largest city, Albuquerque, sits in the Chihuahuan Desert, a wide valley stretching around 30 miles! Known for its gorgeous “red and orangish” colored mountains, their International Balloon Fiesta, and unique architecture, Albuquerque is a touchstone that thrives on good cuisine, fun activities, and rich culture. Today we are jumping into the world of Thai restaurants in Albuquerque to find the best of the best and hopefully some hidden gems you’ve never heard of!

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Thai Spice

The finest and freshest ingredients to make great tasting Thai food!

Image courtesy of the Thai Spice Yelp photo page.

7441 Paseo Del Norte NE | Albuquerque |

Friendly staff, good fresh food, and an exciting atmosphere for all of your Thai food needs? Thai Spice in Albuquerque is the spot to welcome you through their doors to try any number of their artfully styled dishes! Their meals reflect traditional recipes from Thailand and they have their own select personal styles from each chef to offer you a good experience that will hopefully lead you back for more!

Now their menu, it’s filled with so many options that you won’t know what to pick! From their appetizer menu that has the likes of chicken satay, coconut shrimp, and vegetarian spring rolls. To a numerous selection of salads and soups, and more Thai traditional foods such as: Panang curry, Pra Ram, Pad Thai, and Pad Woon Sen. They also have selections of fried rice, fish, stir fry, and a vegetarian menu! You might wanna check out their menu ahead of time so you won’t be stuck not knowing what to get at Thai Spice!

“This is the best Thai place in Albuquerque! I always come here and the service is so amazing. The environment is clean and trendy. The wait staff is very accommodating I also love the food and how affordable it is.” -Yelp Review

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Orchid Thai Cuisine

Putting time and care into making every dish come out just right.

Image courtesy of the Orchid Thai Cuisine photo gallery page.

4300 Central Ave SE | Albuquerque |

Coming to America, Bounnome or Nome as his friends call him, always wanted to be a chef. Working in a variety of restaurants, learning different styles of cooking, and eventually he studied under legendary chef Thai Chef Willa Pan in Udon, Thailand. 

After working 8 hour days and gaining experience, Nome returned and eventually opened up Orchid Thai Cuisine with the help of his wife and kids. Bringing a bit of Thailand to the mouths of Albuquerque, and sharing the therapeutic herbs used in Thai cooking.

Their menu includes their in-house made recipe, Pud Thai, which is thin rice noodles with egg, bean sprouts, green onions, and fresh peanuts. Also, fried dumplings, rice noodle soup, pineapple curry, and much more are all served at Orchid Thai Cuisine.

“Orchid Thai never disappoints. The staff is always so friendly and the food is beyond delicious. Servings are large and I love that their Thai hot option really is hot. I've been coming to this establishment since 2004 and it's always been spot on. Hands down the best Thai food in Albuquerque.” -Yelp Review

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Thai Vegan

Serving reinvented Thai food to Burques and all who visit!

Image courtesy of an Instagram post in the ThaiVegan at NobHill location page.

3804 Central Ave SE | Albuquerque |

Doing what you enjoy is something everyone strives to do and that is what Thai Vegan in Albuquerque is doing for you. They want to share the enjoyment of good food and service to all who come on in. Offering delicious meals for catering and they have a private party space offered for anyone looking to host an event.

With vegan cuisine and meat-protein cuisine menus, Thai Vegan offers a variety of dishes for all palates. You have options like Spicy Eggplant Lunch Combo, Green Curry Lunch Combo, Cashew Nuts Lunch Combo, Edamame, Golden Tofu, and much more! Thai Vegan is a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for all your Thai food cravings.

“Since we are Gluten-free & dairy-free this is our new favorite spot to eat!! The staff is friendly & helpful too! The quality & the flavor of the food is amazing & we sometimes forget we're eating healthy food!! We love Thai food & we can't get enough of this place!!!” -Yelp Review

Thai Cuisine II

An ambience that allows guests a look into true Thai cuisine.

Image courtesy of the Thai Cuisine II Yelp photo page.

4201 Central Ave NE | Albuquerque |

Thailand native, Sagol Yaparwong, owns and operates the acclaimed Thai Cuisine II, a restaurant that offers guests “true Thai cuisine”. Their extensive menu has dishes from multiple regions in Thailand. Plus each dish is made fresh, and can be customized to your own liking!

For meat lovers and also vegan/vegetarians, Thai Cuisine II dishes are “prepared with passion”. Thai soups, salads, stir-fried noodles, stir-fried rice, curries, teriyaki, desserts, and drinks are all available here. Just have a look at their menu to see all of the delicious options they have available and you won’t have to worry about going hungry at Thai Cuisine II!

“This is a staple in our house! I've had several menus items & not once have I been disappointed. The soup has a delicious broth, the noodles are always fresh, the vegetarian options endless. The servers are always helpful and sweet. We love this place!” -Yelp Review

Thai House Restaurant 

Serving authentic Thai cuisine since 1985!

Image courtesy of the Thai House Restaurant Instagram page.

2000 Carlisle Blvd NE | Albuquerque |

Head chef and owner, Busaba, was born in Sattahip, Thailand. Coming to New Mexico in 1975 with the cooking expertise that her grandmother and mother taught her, Busaba created the Alburquerque staple now known as Thai House Restaurant. On the menu they offer a variety of Thai dishes from her own family’s recipes, and Busaba was the first person to introduce Thai desserts to the Albuquerque area!

Thai House Restaurant is best known for its famous “Goong Thai House” (special Thai house shrimp). They also provide foods like Massamun Curry, Gai Pad Med (Cashew Chicken), Pad Priew Whaun (Sweet and Sour), Laad Nha, Garlic Pork, and a fan favorite dessert tapioca pudding with young coconut! They do note that all dishes can be modified with changes to levels of spice or can be made vegan or vegetarian! Thai House Restaurant has got all of its bases covered with their home cooked recipes and good service!

“Great customer service! They took my order right before closing and the food came out great. Some of the best Pad Thai I've ever had. If you can, I highly suggest going here and supporting local businesses. :)” -Yelp Review

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Pad Thai Cafe

Come for the Pad Thai in their name, stay for their other Thai food aims!

Image courtesy of the Pad Thai Cafe Yelp photo page.

110 Louisiana Blvd SE a | Albuquerque |

Located in the front of the Talin Market in Albuquerque, Pad Thai Cafe is made with “fresh quality ingredients and authentic Thai food”. Not too big or small, this restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere if you’re in the mood to get some Thai food on your lunch break or hanging out with your family/friends!

Appetizers like egg rolls, Thai fish cakes, deep fried squid, and fried potstickers. A range of curries with the likes of Panaeng Beef, and Kaeng Khua Saparoat. Tom Yum Gai, Kang Jued, and Rice Noodle soups. Stir fry, entrees, desserts, salads, and of course Pad Thai, there’s no running out of food at Pad Thai Cafe!

“Probably the best Pad Thai I have ever had before. Service was pleasant and attentive the the green ice tea was quality. What a hidden little gem! Will definitely be back.” -Yelp Review

Thai Kitchen

Offering a variety of flavors, this spot brings those genuine Thai flavors!

Image courtesy of the Thai Kitchen Yelp photo page.

10707 Corrales Rd | Albuquerque |

Subtle mixes of herbs, spices, and market-fresh ingredients, Thai food gives the consumer a flavor profile that is different and unique compared to other dishes, especially American leaning meals. The main staple of Thai food is rice, mixed in with a combination of flavors that will lead any seeking palate happy with their dish. That’s exactly what Thai Kitchen in Albuquerque is doing with their menu.

Stir fry that includes the likes of Pad Krapow, Pad Khing, Pad Kee Mow, Namprigpow, and more, with side additions of different noodle dishes such as the classic Pad-Thai, then Rad Na, Pad See-Ewe, and a for more adventurous eaters a Spicy Jungle Noodle, a noodle dish with their special spicy sauce. All of this and more can be found at Thai Kitchen!

“Happy to be able to come inside to dine at Thai kitchen... It's a beautiful atmosphere. The service is just as great as always. This is my favorite Thai restaurant because it has my favorite Thai dish... Pumpkin chicken curry! The servings are very very generous. I shall return!” -Yelp Review

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Sweet, salty, sour, or spicy, Thai food has a blend of flavors that cater to any palate looking to try something new or in the mood for one of these central flavors in these carefully crafted dishes. 

If you’re new to Thai food, there can be a lot of questions you may have, like what exactly these meals consist of or “how spicy is this really?” Well these Thai restaurants can answer any of those questions and more to expand your palate! Or rather come back to old (and new) favorites if you are an experienced Thai food connoisseur!


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