10 Last Minute Wedding Shower Gifts Any Couple Would Love

Gifts that the Soon to be Bride will Love and Cherish

Wedding showers tend to be a part of a series of last few events that women get to have before the day that they say the forever life changing words of “I Do.” This only happens once in a lifetime, maybe twice. It is meant to be a time of fun and celebrating with the girls before the next chapter in your life begins. The importance of them is to have fun and embrace the next chapter of your life that is to come. 

Now if you are someone with an extremely busy schedule, or have times that you forget that important events such as your best friend's wedding shower coming up, then you have come to the right place. We all know life gets in the way, which is why we put together a list of our top 10 amazing last minute wedding shower gifts that you can get for your friend! One of our top picks would be a trendy men's band from a company like mensweddingbands.io that caters specifically for engaged and newlywed couples.

1. Gift Card

There are so many out there to choose from that the choices are endless.

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Now before you get upset with this first idea let us explain. By visiting GiftYa you have the opportunity to scroll through thousands of local and national e-gift card options available and decide from there which one you think the bride-to-be will appreciate. 

The beauty behind gifting a gift card is that it permits the recipient to go to whatever store the card is for and purchase items that they are in need of, the only drawback being that they only have the ability to shop at that particular store. Either way what matters most is that it is the thought that counts. The recipient will be grateful for whatever they may end up receiving.

Text a last minute wedding shower gift

2. Blanket

Perfect for those warm winter months.

Image courtesy of New York Times.

All the ladies out there can more likely than not agree to the fact that fuzzy blankets are wonderful gifts. They are not only fantastic for the cold winter nights, but are also great to hangout under while watching your favorite television shows or reading a book. 

The best part is, they come in all sorts of sizes and colors as well as patterns allowing you to be creative with your choices on what you feel like gifting the bride to be. It is important to note that if you live somewhere that it either gets extremely hot, or if you know that the recipient isn’t the biggest blanket user then you may want to consider the other gifts mentioned throughout the piece.

3. “Mr and Mrs” item. 

From matching mugs, to socks there are a number of “Mr and Mrs” items to choose for the bride and groom to be.

Image courtesy of Brides.

The beauty behind this is that this is a great gift topic to consider gifting your friend that her and her soon to be husband can use or wear either before or after their wedding. There are so many different items like this out there that we know it can be hard to choose. A couple different “Mr. and Mrs.” items that we recommend include socks, coffee cups, as well as pillows for the bed to name a few.

4. Champagne Flutes

Perfect for the Wedding night and any other occasions for the soon to be married!

Champagne flutes are a must have-- they are fun to drink from no matter what the occasion. And you can’t help but admire how nice they look. Image courtesy of Crate&Barrel.

Now why these? Well, first off what are the chances that the bride to be has already bought champagne flutes? And second, aren’t these a must by the time the bride to be’s wedding day comes up.

Not only are they essential for the wedding night itself, but it is also nice to be able to pull out champagne flutes for special occasions such as celebrating a new job, getting that promotion, the happy couple’s first house, anniversaries, and even for New Year’s Eve to ring in the new year! The fact that they won’t be used all the time is a factor that will justmake the gift that much more special!

5. What I Love About You Book

Who doesn’t like being given compliments?

Image courtesy of Amazon.

For those who aren’t familiar or want a reminder, there are books sold in bookstores and little trinket stores that individuals can get and fill out for their loved ones and friends. This is a great gift to give for those who have known the recipient for a long time and who are looking to gift something a bit more sentimental. The fill-ins for the book will typically read things like “ I love when you do ______ with me. Or I love when you _____.” You know you will have found the right book if there is space to fill in on the cover for you to write your name as well as the recipient's name on it. 

6. Wedding Survival Kit. 

It’s best to be prepared for anything.

It is always best to have an emergency kit and be prepared – and that includes your bestie’s wedding day.Image courtesy of Etsy.

Despite sounding extreme, this is nothing to be scared of getting the bride to be. You can either create a kit yourself or buy a premade kit. The point of them is to be an “emergency” kit of sorts that the bride can use on the day of her wedding if she comes into a pinch with something. Some of the most common things that one would find in a wedding survival kit include but are not limited to are safety pins, feminine products, bandaids, floss, pain reliever, hand lotion, mints, hair ties as well as lip balm. 

7. Picture frames. 

Will allow for the bride-too-be to hang up pictures from the big day or any future memories made.

Image courtesy of insiderenvy.

Although it is more fun to gift picture frames with pictures inside them already, empty picture frames are a great wedding shower gift. What makes them such a great gift is the fact that they can use them to either frame pictures that they already have of them and their soon to be husband, or they can leave the frames empty till after the wedding and use pictures from the ceremony and the wedding reception.

An added bonus is that with picture frames they can be used over and over allowing the recipient to change out the images that they have within them whenever they want. In a sense it is the gift that just keeps on giving.

8. The Ultimate Couples Card Game. 

What a way to spice up your love life!

“What’s the first thing that you noticed about me?” OR “When did you first know that you loved me?” Are two potential examples of questions that one may find within this game. Image courtesy of easy event planning.

If the bride and her soon-to-be husband enjoy games, then this is a must consider gift. The game is meant for the couple to play ideally before they get married, but can after, as it will prompt different discussion prompts that permit the newlyweds or the soon to be newlyweds to have deep conversations with one another.

 And who knows, they may even learn things that they have yet to learn about the other person. The purpose is to help the relationship continue to grow, be happier as well as healthier, which is a great start for individuals who are about to make the commitment of marrying one another.

9. Kitchen Towels with Funny Sayings

Allow for both kitchen decor and a good laugh.

Now with these it is hard to go wrong. Who doesn’t like laughing at jokes, puns or silly sayings? Not a lot of people would say that this is something they would frown at. Everyone has a kitchen or bathroom so kitchen towels with funny sayings on them are a great gift to consider. 

Along with that this is something that you can almost guarantee will be used daily and chances are high that they will end up hanging off the oven or be ready to grab near the kitchen sink. Although it may be tempting to get kitchen towels that have a vulgar joke on them this is one thing that we recommend that you try to avoid. You want them to be funny, but funny in a classy way.

10. Personalized Visa Gift Card 

Make it Personal!

Similar to many of the other suggestions above, giving thea personalized Visa gift card as a wedding shower gift not only shows that you care, but allows you to have some fun with what you put on it. 

If you are interested in getting this for the bride-to-be, we recommend visiting Gift Card Granny’s build a card feature, and follow along with the steps posted there. Visa gift cards are versatile, so it gives the recipient an opportunity to look for items that they want or may need.

We hope that you were able to find a gift or two that would work for your last minute wedding shower gift needs. If you found yourself enjoying this piece and finding the gift suggestions helpful we recommend that you go check out 10 Last Minute Bridal Shower Gifts Any Bride Would Love  as well as 10 Last Minute Engagement Gifts Any Couple Would Say Yes To.

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