10 Last Minute Engagement Gifts Any Couple Would Say Yes To

From Pre-Wedding Getaways to Home Goods They Actually Need, These Are the Top Engagement Gifts of the Year

If there is a couple in your life that has recently got engaged and you are trying to figure out what to get them as an engagement gift then I have a list today that should come in handy. It’s never easy to know exactly what to get somebody as an engagement gift, but with this list today I think you will find a wide variety of options that will help make their upcoming wedding planning process a little bit easier on them. And as an added benefit, all of these suggestions accept our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards. Which makes a great option for  last minute gifts because they can be bought and then texted directly to the recipient in just seconds!

You’ll <3 GiftYa for Last Minute Gifts 🎁

To get started, let’s take a minute to talk about what a GiftYa is. On the surface, it’s a digital gift card, but it’s way more convenient than that.

Yes, a GiftYa to any of these spots will let your favorite couple pick out something they actually want for their future together. But you can also customize your gift with a personal message, picture from the engagement, or even that video clip of the ring sparkling in the sunshine they posted to Facebook for all the moms in the family to like. 

GiftYa can be used like any other digital gift card, from your phone, where it keeps track of the balance so the happy couple doesn’t have to. Or it can be linked to one of the credit cards they have in their wallets every day anyway, which lets them rack up rewards points as they cash in your gift. And if their credit card has travel perks, those can really come in handy for someone who’s planning a honeymoon.

Pro tip: You can even schedule GiftYas in advance. Which means if there’s more than one vendor on this list you think they’d like, you can schedule your birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift to them today to save a little stress in the future 👍

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get going. We’ve got a lot of last-minute engagement gifts to go over.

1. Airbnb

Forget The Honeymoon – Help Them Plan a Pre-Wedding Getaway

Buy a last-minute Airbnb gift card

Getting engaged is just the beginning. Of a lifetime of happiness, yes, but it’s also the beginning of the notoriously stressful process of wedding planning. There will be vendors to talk to, details to plan, invitations to send out, responses to tally, family to introduce… the to-do list alone is enough to make stressed couples want to throw in the towel and head for the hills.

And when cake samples and flowers and opinionated family members are coming at them from every angle, that’s where an Airbnb gift card card comes in. They might be counting the days until their honeymoon already, but with Airbnb, they can plan a mini-getaway anytime the wedding stress gets to be too much.

Buy a last-minute Airbnb gift card

2. Home Goods

Help Them Create the Love Nest of Their Dreams

Buy a Homegoods gift card

Weddings themselves are the traditional place to give home gifts – the logic being that buying the happy couple silverware and nice plates and crock pots will help set their new home together for success. But in the modern world, things aren’t quite that cut and dry – many couples cohabitate before getting engaged or tying the knot, so they probably have a lot of those basic home goods covered.      

That’s not to say helping them spruce up their home isn’t a great gift idea. Redecorating their space together can help them mark the transition into a new phase of their relationship and their lives. But rather than trying to guess whether or not they have (or even want) a bread-maker or a new blow dryer, just grab them a gift card to Homegoods instead.

Buy a Homegoods gift card

3. Bath & Body Works

Home & Personal Fragrance Any Couple Would Love

Send a Bath & Body Works gift card

Bath & Body Works is one of the country’s leading retailers when it comes to self care and incredible fragrances.They sell things like body lotion, hand soaps, candles, and air fresheners. Which means that the newly engaged couple in your life will be able to keep their home smelling incredible all through the stress of planning their wedding. Whether they live together already, or are planning on beginning their cohabitation soon, Bath & Body Works has everything they need to make their new home feel like… well, home. They’ll be able to pick out their favorite scents to help give their new dwelling their desired style and smell.

Send a Bath & Body Works gift card

4. Red Lobster

Affordable Seafood for Anyone Who Has Found Their Lobster

Send a Red Lobster gift card

Looking for the ultimate love story? Look toward the ocean floor. Popularized by Ross and Rachel on Friends, it has become a well-known fact that lobsters mate for life. And as the newly engaged couple in your life prepares for their own lifelong commitment, what better way to celebrate them than with a cute gift for a nice dinner?

That’s where Red Lobster comes in, of course, with delicious cheddar cheese biscuits and enough shrimp and crab legs to fill the happy couple up to the gills. Seafood dinners are always a nice treat, and if your favorite couple is a fan of 90s sitcoms, they’ll definitely lol at the lobster reference. 

Send a Red Lobster gift card

5. Barnes & Noble

For Reading Up on the Next Step in Their Relationship

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card 

Entering into a marriage can be an intimidating idea. The married couple-to-be might find themselves reaching out to friends, family, and other loved ones looking for advice. How do you know when you’ve found the one? How do you make sure your marriage is rock solid from day one? How do you communicate with your spouse to make sure both of your needs are being met, or diffuse arguments so that they don’t fester?

While there’s no substitute for life advice from the mouths of people you trust, books written by psychologists and relationship experts can also provide some helpful insight into what it takes to make marriage work. So if you’ve got a bookish engaged couple on your hands, or one that’s struggling to find their footing as they prepare to make a lifelong commitment to one another, a gift card to Barnes & Noble and the countless helpful titles on the subject could be a great gift option.

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

6. Dogtopia

Keep Their Fur Baby Safe and Happy While They’re Busy Planning

Text a Dogtopia gift card

Dogtopia is the nation’s fastest growing business when it comes to pet care for dog owners. And while everybody loves having their dog around being cute and getting into plenty of dog related mischief, it can be a bit much to have to watch after your pet all day when you are drowning in all the work it takes to plan a wedding. So if you get them a digital gift card to Dogtopia, they can have their dog watched after for them for a couple of days when they are in the most arduous parts of the wedding planning process. 

And on top of that, Dogtopia even offers plenty of grooming services on top of their doggy daycare so they can even take some of the pet owning chores like trimming their dog’s nails or giving them a bath when they are already overwhelmed by the wedding planning process.

Text a Dogtopia gift card

7. Ubereats

Dinner, Delivered for When Wedding Planning Gets Crazy

Buy an Uber Eats gift card

Anybody who has planned a wedding, or knows somebody who has planned a wedding, knows how stressful the process can be. So to help take some of the stress out of the process, why not get them a convenient digital UberEats gift card. That way while they are buried underneath all the wedding planning work, they can at least skip having to worry about prepping and preparing dinner one night. They’ll certainly appreciate having one of their fundamental chores taken off the docket while they are trying to plan the most magical day of their life. They can get any of their favorite food ordered and delivered right to their door all from their phone. You can’t beat the convenience of UberEats when it comes to at home food delivery!

Buy an Uber Eats gift card

8. Omaha Steaks

Date Night Delivered to Their Door

Buy an Omaha Steaks gift card

Omaha Steaks delivers a wide variety of different types of meat right to a person’s door. And this can really take some of the stress out of preparing and planning dinner. They ship steaks (obviously) but they also ship all sorts of burgers, chicken, pork, seafood and wine as well. Which pretty much means that they can deliver a great date night right to someone’s door. Nobody is as swamped with extra work than the couples out there who are in the process of planning their wedding. 

And Omaha Steaks can really help reduce some of the pressure they are under by delivering a great dinner right to their doorsteps. Which can make Omaha Steaks a really great choice as a last minute engagement gift. While they may be swamped with wedding preparation work, they can still enjoy a great date night together and take some time to enjoy each other’s company and remember why they wanted to get engaged in the first place!

Buy an Omaha Steaks gift card

9. Insomnia Cookies

Sweet Treats as They Prepare for a Lifetime of Sugar from Their Love

Send an Insomnia Cookies gift card 

Insomnia Cookies is a business that delivers fresh baked cookies right to your door all day long, and even pretty late at night as well. And while the recently engaged couple that you know is buried underneath all the work and decisions they have to make while they are planning their wedding, they, more than just about anyone else, probably need a sweet treat delivered from time to time. And by sending them a digital insomnia cookies gift card you can make sure that when the moment comes during the wedding planning process that they are ready to pull out their hair and start screaming at one another, they can instead just pull out their phone and get a dozen fresh baked cookies (& milk) delivered right to their door. And then instead of having an incredible fight with one another, they can instead take a nice break and enjoy a fantastic sweet treat to help take some of the stress out of the moment.

Send an Insomnia Cookies gift card

10. Visa

A Versatile, Good-As-Cash Option Anyone Would Appreciate

Build a custom last-minute gift card

Haven’t quite found the right engagement gift yet? Not to worry – a customized Visa gift card is always a great option. This versatile gift can be used anywhere that Visa credit cards are accepted. That means they can use it for those last-minute wedding expenses, bring it along for spending cash on their honeymoon, or simply save it for a rainy day. The possibilities are endless.

Plus, when you build a custom card with Gift Card Granny, you can add a personal message and even a custom photo of the happy couple for the background in just a few clicks to give your engagement gift an extra thoughtful touch.

Build a custom last-minute gift card

And There You Have 10 Great Options for Last Minute Engagement Gifts!

And there you have my list of ten of the best last minute gifts that you can get for a recently engaged couple. I tried to find a mixture of things that would help take some of the stress out of their lives as they go through the arduous process of planning a wedding together. So I hoped something on the list looks great for the engaged couple in your life, but if you didn’t find exactly what you were hoping to here, be sure to take a look at all the national brands that accept GiftYa because all of them can be bought and sent wirelessly in just a couple of seconds!

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