10 Last-Minute Bridal Shower Gifts Any Bride-to-Be Would Love

Finding the Perfect Bridal Shower Gift Doesn’t Have to Take Forever After – From Clothes to Makeup to Candles, We Have You Covered

Wedding planning is notoriously a whirlwind. For most couples, their engagement lasts just 15 months – which is not a long time when you consider how much they have to accomplish in that time. From setting a date and choosing a venue, to getting comfortable with their future in-laws, to working through the emotions that go along with making such a significant (and permanent) change to their life and routines. It’s a lot.

But of course, they don’t have to do it alone – their families and wedding party are here to help. From the maid of honor, who usually plans the bridal shower, to all of the well-wishers who attend, the support of loved ones can help make the whole crazy process of getting married easier and less scary.

So what happens if you spent too long caught up in the whirlwind, and the bridal shower has snuck up on you? Not to worry – even if the party is so close that two day shipping won’t save you, there are plenty of thoughtful last-minute bridal shower gifts you can still pull off.

Meet GiftYa, the Ultimate Last-Minute Gift

On the surface, GiftYa is an e-gift card, but it’s so much more than that. Yes, just like any other e-gift card, it can be used easily from a smartphone and keeps track of the gift balance so your soon-to-be-bride doesn’t have to. 

But unlike other digital gift cards, GiftYa can be linked up to a credit card your bride-to-be carries with her every day anyway. Her gift balance will automatically be applied toward her purchases, and she’ll still get to rack up rewards points on her card. 

Choose from thousands of local and national brands to find a gift that she is sure to love. Even if she doesn't love it, she can exchange it just a couple of clicks for something that will help her prepare for her new life of wedded bliss.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get to the good stuff – our list of the best last-minute

1 - ULTA Beauty

Treat the Bride to a Little R&R to Bust Those Pre-Ceremony Jitters

Text an ULTA Beauty gift card

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be stressful. From booking the venue and vendors, to getting all of your invites and RSVPs organized, to mentally preparing for all of the most important people in your lives to be together under one roof for the ceremony – it’s a lot! That’s why a gift card to ULTA Beauty makes a great bridal shower gift.

She can stock up on all of her favorite beauty essentials, or she can treat herself to some self care to relax before the big day. Whether that means a luxurious lotion or a fancy face mask, she’s sure to find something that will help melt her worries away. This way, she can stop stressing and focus on what matters most – starting a life with her love.

Text an ULTA Beauty gift card

2 - Stitch Fix

Help Her Find a New Look for Her New Life

Text a Stitch Fix gift card

Life changes in some big ways after a bride gets married. She may move to a new place, take a new name… in a lot of ways, it’s a brand new start. A gift card to Stitch Fix will help her find some new clothes to feel confident no matter what changes married life has in store.

Here’s how it works: Stitch Fix will match your favorite bride-to-be with a personal stylist. After she completes a questionnaire with details about her style preferences, budget, and the demands her life puts on her wardrobe, Stitch Fix will send a box of hand-picked pieces of clothing straight to her doorstep. She keeps and pays for what she loves, and she can send everything else back. 

Perfect for busy moms or anyone else who doesn’t take the time to treat themself the way they should, Stitch Fix is a little pick-me-up delivered right to her door every month.

Text a Stitch Fix gift card

3 - Yankee Candle

Make a New House Feel Like Home with a Carefully Selected Scent

Buy a Yankee Candle gift card

How do you turn a house into a home? As far as I’m concerned, it’s in the little things – a few pillows here, some cozy lights there, and of course some delightful scents wafting through the different rooms of your abode. If your bride is moving into a new place after her big day, she’ll be looking for ways to make it feel like her own – and picking out some of her favorite scents from Yankee Candle can fast-track that process. 

After all, our sense of smell is linked closely to memory – so she can trigger those homey feel-good feelings with a carefully selected candle. Whether home smells like vanilla cupcakes or fresh linen, she can find her favorite scent at Yankee Candle.

And for couples who have a home together before the ceremony, finding new ways to make their house homey can be a nice way to start building their married life together.

Buy a Yankee Candle gift card

4 - Bath & Body Works

A Scent-Sational Gift for Any Bridal Shower

Grab a Bath & Body Works gift card

While Bath & Body Works has definitely made a name for themselves in the candle game too – I’m sure I don’t need to mention that their three-wick candles practically have a cult following – what they’re really known for is their personal fragrance. 

A gift card to Bath & Body Works can be used to stock up on her favorite perfumes and body sprays, or she can indulge in the aromatherapy collection. With body washes, bath salts, and pillow sprays designed to reduce stress, it’s the perfect gift to help her get rid of any jitters before her big day. 

Grab a Bath & Body Works gift card

5 - Le Pain Quotidien

Elevate Her Daily Bread to Something Special

Text a Le Pain Quotidien gift card

Le Pain Quotidien” literally translates to “Daily Bread” from French, and that’s exactly what these restaurants serve up. Using organic ingredients wherever possible, they serve simple, nourishing, and delicious food perfect for powering through a wedding-planning session. With 50+ locations and catering options available, she could even use a gift card to Le Pain Quotidien to entertain guests at any of the various pre-wedding functions she’ll be hosting.

Text a Le Pain Quotidien gift card

6 - Home Goods

Chef-Worthy Kitchen Products and Trendy Decor All in One Spot

Buy a Homegoods gift card

The happy couple is preparing to build a life together – and that includes building a comfortable home base for a lifetime of adventures. When it comes to finding home goods, it’s hard to do better than the titular Homegoods. Whether they want to spruce up their outdoor space with some new patio furniture or potted plants or want to transform the master bedroom with some new bedding and pillows, your favorite bride-to-be will be happy to have an opportunity to update her home.

Buy a Homegoods gift card

7 - Curves

Support Her Goal of Feeling Strong and Confident for Her Wedding

Buy a Curves gift card

Putting together your wedding look can be stressful. After all, all eyes are on the bride and groom. Of course she wants to look and feel her best for her big day – but a study from Cornell University reported that for over 70% of brides to be, losing a few pounds is a part of their pre-wedding plans. Unfortunately, many brides go to extreme lengths to lose weight for their wedding, like skipping meals and trying dangerous crash diets that don’t give them the nutrition they need.

Curves is a fitness center tailored to meet womens’ unique needs. Working with expert coaches, she can find a workout plan that helps her look and feel as strong on the outside as she is on the inside… without going to unhealthy lengths to achieve her goal.

Buy a Curves gift card

8 - Airbnb

Give the Gift of a Getaway for an Unforgettable Bridal Shower Gift

Buy a last-minute Airbnb gift card

Does your bride have a honeymoon on the books yet? According to a survey by WeddingWire, an impressive 65% of couples go on a honeymoon within 2 months of tying the knot. Still, plenty of other couples wait a while for the whirlwind of wedding planning and wedding having to settle before heading out on their great romantic adventure:

  • 9% of couples wait 3-4 months
  • 5% of couples wait 7-8 months
  • 17% of couples wait 9 months or longer

Even if the happy couple is taking their time getting to honeymoon travel, an Airbnb gift card can be a great bridal shower gift option. She can use it to book a shorter weekend getaway, plan a staycation, or set aside to spend with some other loved ones before getting hitched. 

Buy a last-minute Airbnb gift card

9 - Third Love

Support for Anything the Pre-Wedding Run Throws At Her

Send a last-minute Third Love gift card

Over the last couple of years, the inclusive undergarment company Third Love has gone viral on more than one occasion. Why do they keep getting so much attention? Not only do they offer a quiz to match shoppers with their perfect style and size match, they also offer a wide range of sizes – including half sizes – so that everyone can find their perfect fit.

Your bride’s wedding is when she puts all of her bad breakups behind her for good – so we think it’s the perfect opportunity to take Third Love’s invitation to break up with bad bras, too. Plus, with loungewear, activewear, and undergarment lines, she’s sure to find something that she’ll be comfy in no matter how many cake tastings or flower shops she has to go to in the hectic run up to the wedding.

Send a last-minute Third Love gift card

10 - Visa

Personalized Last-Minute Gift She Can Spend Practically Anywhere

Build a custom last-minute gift card

Haven’t quite found the right bridal shower gift yet? Not to worry – a customized Visa gift card is always a great option, no matter what the occasion. For starters, this versatile gift can be used anywhere that Visa credit cards are accepted. That means she can use it for an Uber home from her bachelorette party, treat herself to her favorite food, or anything else she might need before the big day. 

Plus, when you build a custom card with Gift Card Granny, you can add a personal message and even a custom photo background in just a few clicks to give your gift a thoughtful touch.

Build a custom last-minute gift card

That’s it for our most popular last minute bridal shower gifts.

We hope you’ve found something here that the bride-to-be in your life would fall in love with. Got cold feet about the options above? Not to worry. The GiftYa catalog has thousands of local and national brands that you can transform into a last minute gift in just a couple of clicks, so be sure to check it out to find the best option for you.

From all of us at GiftYa, we wish you happy shopping and the couple in your life a happily ever after, too!

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