10 Last Minute 30th Birthday Gifts They’ll Be Happy to Unwrap

Turning the Big 3-Oh is a Big Deal! Here Are Our Top Suggestions to Celebrate the Occasion

They say that the 30s are the new 20s, but honestly, they might be even better. You’re already established, so there isn’t quite so much to figure out. You know who you are and have an idea of what you want to do – which translates to less stress and more time for fun.

If you find yourself searching for the perfect last minute gift for someone’s 30th birthday shindig, don’t worry – unlike a kid’s birthday party, you don’t have to roll up with a big box wrapped in foil to give an awesome gift.

Meet GiftYa, The Ultimate Last Minute Gift

Back in the 90s when your pal was born, we didn’t have the kinds of gift card options we do today. GiftYa is a digital gift card that’s easy to send and easy to use. On your end, it’s an instant present. Just choose from thousands of local and national brands, customize your gift with a message and photo or video, and send it off. In just a couple of clicks, they’ll have a thoughtful gift sitting in their inbox or text messages.

But GiftYa is also super easy to use. Your recipient can use the balance from their phone or link it to a physical card they carry with them every day anyway, so they never have to worry about forgetting to use their balance. Don’t love the gift? GiftYa makes it easy to regift a balance or exchange it for any of the other vendors in the catalog.

And we know… that’s a lot of brands to sift through when you’re looking for a last minute 30th birthday gift, but we’ve picked out some of our most popular options below. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve got in store for you today:

  • Gifts that will help them party hard for their 30th birthday
  • Presents that make adult life a little bit easier
  • Trendy gifts that’ll keep them cool in their old age (Kidding! Kidding! But they are cool gifts)

So let’s get started!

1 - Airbnb

Give the Gift of a 30th Birthday Getaway

Text an Airbnb gift card

Being a fully fledged adult has its perks, but it’s also a lot of responsibility. Give the 30 year old in your life the chance to leave their worries behind for a while with an Airbnb gift card. They can use it to rent a local place that’s big enough to fit all of their friends for an epic birthday bash, or they can pack up their car and go on an adventure at an Airbnb property anywhere they want.

(If you’ve got the travel bug too, be sure to check out our Airbnb guides. Our writers scoured the listings in some of the USA’s top vacation destinations – like from Acadia National Park to Arches to Sun Valley to Bend – so you don’t have to!)

Text an Airbnb gift card

2 - Lyft

Let This Rideshare be the DD for Their Birthday Party

Buy a Lyft gift card

Planning a birthday party to celebrate 30 years on this earth with your best pals? Awesome. Trying to find someone in your crew to take it easy and get everyone else home safe? Necessary, but nobody wants to be left out of the fun.

That’s why a Lyft gift card makes a great last minute 30th birthday gift – or last minute gift for any party-goer, really. In just a couple of taps the whole party can have a safe ride to their doorstep, which means you don’t have to worry about everyone making it home from the big night out.

Buy a Lyft gift card

3 - Barnes & Noble

Perfect for Personal Development or Chasing Their Youth

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card 

Books are magical for so many reasons. Sure, they can transport you to new universes and breathe life into characters who are just words on page. But they’re time machines, too. If the soon-to-be 30 year old in your life is in their feels about the milestone, why not give them the chance to pick up new copies of some of their favorite childhood books? Whether it’s reassuring to find Hogwarts just the way they remember it or they’re preparing a bookshelf for children of their own, they’ll appreciate the chance to revisit the stories and characters who helped them get where they are today.

But if nostalgia’s not their thing, books can also be a great way to prepare for the future. At 30, there’s a lot of life to live. And as they start getting their student loans paid off and making bigger purchases – cars, weddings, homes – a little financial advice or self help can go a long way in helping them navigate the shifting landscape ahead of them.

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

4 - Hey Dude Shoes

New Kicks That Are Comfortable and Cool

Buy a Hey Dude Shoes gift card

Everyone knows that hangovers are worse after you turn 25, and after 30, you can expect some changes too. If they’re starting to notice aches and creaks that weren’t there before, it might be time to trade in their no-support skatepark shoes for some new kicks. 

That’s where Hey Dude comes in. Their mission is to make some of the “cushiest, comfiest, airiest, featheriest, lightest shoes on Earth.” So if your friend plans on hitting the great outdoors this summer or standing on cement for hours at a concert, a pair of Hey Dude shoes might be just the thing. 

They’ve got sneakers, slip-ons, and sandals for men, women, and kids, so they’re sure to find something they like!

Buy a Hey Dude Shoes gift card

5 - Blue Apron

Quality-First Meal Kit Makes a Great Gift for a Quality Friend

Send a Blue Apron gift card

We all want to think of ourselves as the kind of person who can come home after a long day of work, grad school, whatever – and cook a healthy, nutritious meal. We are responsible adults, after all. But the fact of the matter is that sometimes, after a long day, planning a balanced meal is just too much… and that’s how we end up eating cheez-its for dinner. Again.

That’s where meal kits come into play. Blue Apron is the original American meal kit, and with an impressive 465+ million meals shipped, it’s clear that America is eating it up. Subscribers can choose from 70+ weekly options – like the family-friendly mafalda pasta, the vegetarian-approved quinoa and vegetable fried rice, or healthy turkey mushroom lettuce wraps – to build a menu they’ll be excited to dig into. 

Plus, Blue Apron is a carbon neutral company – so when you support them, you’re helping make sure the planet’s still beautiful when your pal turns 60, too.

Send a Blue Apron gift card

6 - Calm

Award-Winning Meditation App That Puts Self Care at Your Fingertips

Buy a Calm gift card

There’s much for a 30-something to worry about these days. Work. Relationships. The economy. Which couples will make it to the end of this season’s Love is Blind. It’s enough to keep anyone up at night. 

Winner of several best app awards, Calm is well known for making self care simple. Whether the person you’re celebrating wants to ease their anxious mind, get a better night’s sleep, or just needs some expert advice to guide their meditation practice, Calm has them covered.

Buy a Calm gift card

7 - Xtreme Xperience

Wrap Up Their Quarter Life Crisis with a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Text an Xtreme Xperience gift card 

Did they spin out about what they want to do with their life in their 20s? It’s okay, they got through it! Now it’s time to celebrate with a birthday adventure they won’t soon forget.

Xtreme Xperience lets your favorite car lover test drive the luxury vehicle of their dreams. The fleet includes some of the most exciting cars in the world – like the Charger Hellcat, Lamborghini Huracán, and Ferrari Spider – which the birthday guy or gal can race around a track or cruise through some of the most scenic areas in the country. 

With more than 40 “epic driving destinations” around the country, they’re sure to find something nearby – or something that’s worth the trip.

Text an Xtreme Xperience gift card

8 - Game Stop

Who Says Video Games are Just for Kids?

Text a Gamestop gift card

GameStop? More like your one stop game shop. This national retailer has nearly 6000 locations around the country – and they’re all stocked with the newest games, tech, and merchandise. Whether they’ve got a whole setup for their Counter Strike (and other CGSO related) games or just like curling up on the couch to play a little Stardew Valley before bed, they can find everything they need to up their game – or just geek out over their favorite franchise – at GameStop.

Text a Gamestop gift card

9 - Stubhub

Sporting Events, Concerts, and Other Events to Make the Next Decade Special

Text a StubHub gift card

Each phase in life is exciting for its own reasons. As a teen, you’re just dipping your toes into the world. In your 20s, things are happening fast and you’re figuring yourself out. And in your 30s, it’s time to just do you. 

Whether that means drinking a beer on a sunny day at the local baseball stadium or catching the band you’ve been following for – holy cow almost two decades now? – on their summer concert tour, StubHub can hook you up with seats. Your soon-to-be-30 friend is sure to appreciate a night out at the theater, the comedy club, or the homefield that will help make the decade ahead of them the best one yet.

Text a StubHub gift card

10 - Visa

The Best and Most Versatile Birthday Gift Since Cash

Buy a Visa gift card

Not quite sold on any of the other options on this list? Not to worry – we’ve saved the most universally loved option for last. As a kid, getting cash for your birthday was kind of a bummer – mom made you put some in savings, and who knows when you’d get to the store to spend what was left on toys or candy? But as an adult, the possibilities are endless.

Visa gift cards can be redeemed anywhere that accepts Visa credit cards, which means they can spend it on anything from upgrading the stereo in the car for a more rock and roll morning commute or that vacation to Italy they’ve been dreaming about since high school.

Plus, with Gift Card Granny’s build a card, you can easily add a sweet photo of you two together and a message for a personal touch. Physical Visa gift cards generally print same day and mail out the following day, so your loved one will have their gift in hand ASAP.

Buy a Visa gift card

That’s it for last minute 30th birthday gifts!

Turning 30 is a big deal! Whether they’re apprehensive about hitting the big three-oh or they’re just excited to plan another birthday party, we hope that these gift ideas have inspired you to get a sensational last minute surprise for the special almost-30-year-old in your life. 

Don’t forget, if you need some additional options you can always check out the full GiftYa catalog. With plenty of other national vendors – and lots of local ones, too – you’re sure to find something that’s a 30th birthday wish come true.

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