Want to Celebrate Your Wife But Aren’t Quite Sure What to Do?

What to Get Your Wife to Show Her Your Appreciation

Let’s be real, in the modern world wives are kicking more butt than ever before. Many wives still handle a large share of the domestic choreload and running of the house while simultaneously working a job and being a mother. It’s honestly incredible how much our wives do for us on just a daily basis. So if you are looking for a way to let your wife know that all her hard work is truly appreciated, today's post will have a bunch of options of things you can get your wife to show her your appreciation. And to make your life even easier, a lot of the options on the list today have partnered with GiftYa and offer digital gift cards.

If you have never used a GiftYa you are really missing out. They are gift cards that exist in an all digital format which basically solved all the issues of the plastic gift cards that seem a little 90s these days. You never have to worry about losing the card, and more importantly, you never have to worry about losing track of the balance of the card. Which can make them all around convenient anytime you are planning an event or celebration.

But I’ll wrap the intro up here and get right to that list of what to get your wife to show her your appreciation!

1 - Get Her A Present to Memorialize Your Time Together

This Will Help Remind Her How Much You Appreciate Your Time Together

Couple with laptop
Find her a gift that celebrates the time you have spent together!

There are a lot of ways you can go about showing your wife that you appreciate her. This can range from everything from putting aside quality time to spend with her to getting her a nice present. And if you want to go with the nice present route I would really try to look for something that memorializes your relationship in some way. There are a wide variety of different options on how to do this and not every option will work for every couple. In fact every couple probably has a unique way to do this that would be special just for them.

What you want to do is let your wife know how much you cherish the time you have spent together. So to get some ideas rolling in your head here are two items that I think perfectly exemplify what I’m talking about and work for any couple out there.

The first is a Where We Met Map. That zooms in on the map of the place you and your wife met and then prints out what that section of the map looks like. It’s really a lot sweeter than it sounds like so be sure to check out their website.

The other is a Star Map of the Sky. You can get her a night sky map of an important date the two of you have. Or you could really go all out and get her a set. One of the night sky the first night you kissed, one of the night sky on your anniversary, and one of the night sky on the night of your wedding. That will really knock her socks off with all three star maps at once.

Those are two ideas I think are really accessible and will work for any couple out there, but be sure to check out places like Etsy and search around for an idea that you think she would like even more

2 - Take Her On A Surprise Trip Together

Putting Aside Time Just to Spend With Her Will Make Your Wife Feel Appreciated

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couple kissing on the beach
A surprise vacation should make any wife feel appreciated!

So this one is more something you do and less something you buy at a store. But you can plan a weekend getaway for the two of you. It’s never been easier to plan a weekend getaway like this. Not only do you have hotels, motels, and campgrounds, but these days you’ve also got millions of Airbnbs to choose from. You can find a great secluded Airbnb and take her there for a weekend away. Spend the mornings in bed together and maybe get one with a hot tub that you can soak in at night. Either way, your wife will definitely feel appreciated when you surprise her with a trip!

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3 - Take Her for A Night Out At Her Favorite Restaurant

Wine and Dine Your Wife to Make Her Feel Appreciated

A night out at her favorite restaurant is an incredible way to show your wife your appreciation!

A classic way to make somebody feel appreciated is to take them out for a great meal. We do this all the time for birthdays, promotions, and business meetings. A great meal is a really effective way to make the other party feel appreciated. And this works just as well with your wife. What you want to do is find out a night she has off, make reservations for her favorite restaurant that night, and then surprise her the day off with her favorite meal at her favorite restaurant. Not only will this make her feel appreciated, since neither one of you has to cook or clean for the meal, it opens up a lot of free time in your evening for you to really talk with one another and have a substantive conversation. Her favorite meal and you taking time to listen to her will really make your wife feel appreciated.

4 - Take Her Out for A Night At the Movies

One Rekindle Some of the Fun of Your Early Love Life

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Night At the Movies
A night out together can be a great way to show your wife your appreciation!

Similar to the dinner night out idea is taking your wife to the movies. I know it sounds a little lame, but what it really is, is you taking her back out on a date. It’s easy to fall into a routine in married life and it can be hard to keep the spark of fun alive. You can rekindle some of the fun you had when you were first dating by taking your wife out to a date night at the movies. 

Just be sure to let her pick the movie, and get her all her favorite snacks at the concession stand, and I am sure your wife will start to feel a little appreciated. This nice thing about this one is similar to the dinner date. After you watch a 2 hour movie together you will get to talk about a 2 hour movie and what you liked or didn’t like. And a fun date and engaging conversation sounds like a surefire way to make your wife feel appreciated.

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5 - Get Her A Self Care Gift Basket

FInd Some Luxury Items to Make Your Wife Feel Appreciated

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Bath & Body Works gift card

Another great thing to get your wife to show your appreciation is a nice gift basket composed of all her favorite scents in a variety of body care products. Basically what you want to do is find epsom salts, bubble bath, body wash, a face mask, lotion, and body spray and get them all together in one gift basket. This works best if you can find a similar scent or theme for all the different body care products so that way it feels like a gift and not a hodgepodge of items. But once you have them all matched up and in the gift basket I am sure the ability to have a luxurious bath at home will be a great way to show your appreciation towards your wife.

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6 - ULTA Beauty

Sending Your Wife for A Makeover Will Make Her Feel Appreciated

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ULTA Beauty gift card

One of the best makeup companies out there is ULTA Beauty and you can send your wife for a makeover. And also make sure she has an ULTA Beauty gift card so that if they used any products that she really liked, she’ll be able to buy it for herself to use at home.

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7 - A Personalized Scented Candle

A Heartfelt Memory Makes the Perfect Label

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Yankee Candle gift card

A scented candle is always a nice gift, but at Yankee Candle you can get your wife a personalized candle. Basically you pick out her favorite scent and then you can choose a photo to make the front of the candle. And then that way every time she goes to burn the candle she will see a nice memory of the two of you together and she will smile with all the love she will feel. And what better way to make her feel appreciated than by bringing a smile to her face?

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8 - StitchFix

Your Wife Will Feel Appreciated With A Stylist Curated Box of New Clothes

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StitchFix gift card

StitchFix is a company that will match your wife with a stylist who understands her style and her body type. And then each month that stylist will send a curated box of new clothes to your home for your wife. And she can pick and choose what she likes and wants to keep and send anything she doesn’t like back.

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9 - Lululemon

A Very Popular Brand of Women’s Clothing

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lululemon gift card

Lululemon is one of the most popular apparel outlets for women. If you want your wife to feel appreciated, take her shopping at Lululemon and I am sure she will feel appreciated in no time!

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10 - Visa

A Custom Photo Can Make Your Wife Feel Appreciated With These Customizable Gift Cards

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Visa Gift Cards

If you are really out of ideas for what to get your wife to show appreciation for her, and are thinking about just giving her some cash, hold on just a minute. You can get her one of these customizable gift cards from Visa instead. These are practically as good as cash because they are accepted everywhere that accepts Visa. And unlike cash you can pick out a cute photo of you and your wife together to make the front of the card. And you can even write out a custom message to deliver with the card.

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And There You Have 10 Great Ways to Show Your Wife You Appreciate Her!

I hope something on the list today works for you and your wife. I can’t say what will work for every couple, but I tried to make sure my ideas could be pretty universally applied so that hopefully everybody can benefit from them. But I’m sure no matter what you do, the fact that you are taking the time to do something, will make your wife feel appreciated!

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