Treat Yourself To Some Of The Best Seafood Restaurants In Dallas

When you’re hungering for seafood while in the city of Dallas, here are the best restaurants you can visit!

The Best Seafood Restaurants In Dallas

Are you in the mood for some seafood? Well, you won’t taste better seafood anywhere else than in Dallas! If you’re just visiting, stop by one of these restaurants and remember Dallas for its amazing seafood that will make you want to come again soon. Or if you’re a local, you’ll want to know the best place to satisfy your seafood craving whenever it may arise. So bring your seafood craving to the restaurant near you and prepare to be fully satisfied with the most expertly prepared fish, lobster, shrimp, and so on. Dallas has it all, everything fresh and perfectly seasoned to your tastes.   

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Palapas Seafood Bar

Stop by on a hot day for some refreshing drinks and authentic Mexican seafood

Palapas Seafood Bar has cool and refreshing outdoor seating so you can enjoy a warm evening along with your meal. Image courtesy of Palapas Seafood Bar’s Facebook.

Lower Greenville

1418 Greenville Ave.

There’s no place that does authentic Mexican seafood better. Palapas Seafood Bar will treat you right with a cold beer or margarita, a refreshing spot to sit on their patio, and a dish that will leave no one hungry. You’ll experience unique and bold flavors at this seafood restaurant that are inspired by the Mexican state of Sinaloa. Start the table off with some fresh chips and salsa before moving on to amazing dishes like Plato Marinero, which is a plate of boiled shrimp and octopus. Or get a taste of their tasty enchiladas served with sautéed crab meat. 

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“Damn Good Seafood!!! This is not your average Mariscos joint, with a ketchup based sauce. This is the real deal. The aguachile is out of this world good and the ceviche is really good too. Perfect for a hot summer day! Cold beer and refreshing seafood!!” - Yelp Review

Rex’s Seafood At The Market

Get a taste of the best lobster rolls in Downtown Dallas

At Rex’s Seafood, you’ll find the freshest selection of seafood, with impressive variety too! Image courtesy of Rex’s Seafood at the Market’s Facebook.


920 S Harwood St.

Rex’s Seafood at the Market is the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a casual dining experience with exquisite tastes. Their seafood comes from around the world, making for an incredible variety of seafood to choose from. No matter how far away it comes from, you can be sure your seafood is served fresh. Try deliciously prepared meals such as their oysters or shrimp cocktails. If you have a bigger appetite, you won’t be disappointed by their popular menu items: sea scallops, and fish and chips. Everyone loves their lobster rolls and crab cakes, so make sure to get a taste too! 

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“Hands down, the best lobster roll in Dallas!!! The Bloody Mary is delicious too! My sister and I got the Connecticut Lobster roll, and were equally impressed! You got a lot of lobster meat and the rolls are buttery deliciousness…” - Yelp Review

Rockfish Seafood Grill

Reasonably priced seafood that will knock your taste buds away

Slide into a booth at Rockfish Seafood and enjoy the many incredibly crafted seafood items on the menu. Image courtesy of Rockfish Seafood Grill’s Facebook

North Dallas

7639 Campbell Rd.

When you order seafood, you want to make sure you’re getting the best quality there is. That isn’t a concern at Rockfish Seafood Grill, where all the seafood is not only fresh but also indescribably delicious! Come for a casual dining experience where you can order the best crab and shrimp in the area. Order a frozen margarita on the rocks for a refreshing counterpart to your meal. You’ll be guaranteed to be completely full when you order meals such as sesame salmon teriyaki bowl and volcano mahi mahi. Rockfish Seafood also has a kids menu so the whole family can enjoy it! 

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“Everyone knows the food at Rockfish is top notch. It's kind of a given in the DFW area. The seafood enchiladas and grilled trout never disappoint. Atmosphere is casual and friendly… Every visit is pleasant But my most recent trip was an extra treat!…” - Yelp Review

Agua Azul Seafood

Authentic Mexican seafood with a stunning view

Have a fun time eating out with friends or family at Agua Azul Seafood. Image courtesy of Agua Azul Seafood’s website

Grand Prairie

425 E Main St.

The experience at Agua Azul is unlike most others. While you enjoy fresh seafood dishes, you can sit at their outdoor seating area and enjoy a relaxing and stunning view. This restaurant has a friendly and lively atmosphere that makes it great for bringing out your friends and family for a good time. The Mexican seafood on the menu will make you want to come back the next day. Get a taste of their daily fresh catches, such as their spicy jambalaya. Check out their lunch menu for your next favorite meal!  

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“I enjoyed my visit here. They gave me and my family great customer service and they are super friendly. They also have live music where they can play at your table. I recommend this place for seafood.” - Yelp Review


A restaurant that serves both high quality seafood and a fine dining experience

Come for some of the best tasting seafood you’ve ever had, and stay for the inviting atmosphere and friendly service. Image courtesy of Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen’s Facebook

Turtle Creek

3520 Oak Lawn Ave.

Pappadeaux has many locations that all prove that they know what they’re doing when it comes to preparing good seafood and providing accommodating service. Relax in their comfortable dining area with something from their wide selection of cocktails and wines. Start your meal off with a shrimp and crawfish fondeaux and work your way up to the main meal. You’ll love their cajun specialities, and especially their fried seafood. Make your night even more special by ordering one of their steak, lobster and crab dishes. If you’re not full yet, you will be after enjoying one of their many choices of sides such as garlic bread and spaghetti squash. 

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“Food and service was spectacular. The bread was very soft and fluffy on the inside. We devoured each loaf with the whipped butter. Drinks were beautifully presented and tasted amazing…” - Yelp Review

Sunset Crab Shack

Enjoy your meal on their relaxing outdoor patio

Now that’s an impressive patio seating area! It’s perfect for enjoying a nice day with close ones and a drink. Image courtesy of Sunset Crab Shack’s Facebook

Oak Cliff

534 Sunset Ave.

Sunset Crab Shack has a fun and lively atmosphere that’s great for celebrating or just generally have a fun time out. Their outdoor patio is large and comfortable, perfect for enjoying some warm weather. Come by while live entertainment plays to make your dining experience even more fun. You’ll experience a mixture of Mexican and Cajun flavors here that will make your day! While it is called a crab shack, they have many more options, including fish tacos, crawfish, fresh oysters, shrimp cocktail, lobster, salmon, and more. Don’t forget to order one of their tasty cocktails or frozen drinks! 

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“Even if you are looking for a place to enjoy the weather and have drinks, the patio area in the back is awesome. That's the best Sunday Funday spot for sure. I love the food and the drinks and the wait staff is very nice too…” - Yelp Review

Once your seafood craving sets in, you can’t do anything but satisfy it! That’s not a problem for you if you’re in Dallas, which has many restaurants for you to choose from, all as delicious as the last. Enjoy a meal out with amazing seafood, and make it an occasion by inviting friends or family along. You’ll find your perfect seafood meal in the city, no matter what kind of protein and style you prefer. Dallas has it all!

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