Treat Yourself to Lunch At These Top 7 Lunch Restaurants in Denver

Going out to lunch with friends, or even just meeting up with a family member is something that many people enjoy doing. Being able to catch up on old times, or just updating someone on the new things going on in your life is a great way to spend time with someone, along with eating some tasty food. Maybe you even just want to find the next best place to go to for your lunch break instead of eating a packed lunch. Well, we have everything that you’re looking for when it comes to lunch options with these top seven lunch spots in Denver to check out today!

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Four Friends Kitchen

Nothing better than some Southern breakfast, brunch, and lunch!

If you want to get some Southern breakfast, brunch, or lunch, then you need to stop by Four Friends Kitchen today! Image courtesy of Zomato. 

2893 Roslyn Street | Stapleton |

Have you ever just craved a Southern breakfast, brunch, or lunch? Well, why not come to Four Friends Kitchen today for some of the best American comfort food around Denver! They even feature a beautiful rooftop patio option if it’s a nice day outside and you want to spend time with loved ones with a nice view and good food. You can try out the huevos rancheros, smoked brisket hash, fried chicken, chicken and waffles, eggs benedict, and so much more. Come to Four Friends Kitchen today!

“Just got take out from here! The green tomatoes and the poblanos grits!  Wow!!! Highly recommend. It was ready super fast. Pick up was easy!” - Yelp Review 

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Mercantile Dining and Provision

Try out some delectable New American dishes for your lunch date today!

If you come to Mercantile Dining and Provision, you can try out some of the best New American lunch dishes in Denver! Image courtesy of 5280. 

1701 Wynkoop Street | Lodo |

Sometimes you want to experience and try out new flavors that are one-of-a-kind and we can’t blame you on that! Why not come to Mercantile Dining and Provision today if you’re looking for some of the best New American lunch dishes in Denver today! Not only do they offer lunch specials, but they stay open till 8 pm as well if you’re looking for some dinner, or linner options too! Why not try out the short rib sandwich, sea bass, crispy pig ears, pork chops, braised short ribs, and so much more. All of their dishes are delicious, so come try out Mercantile Dining and Provision today!

“The food here is always great and I could not be more impressed with the level of customer service and care. Human error occurs. This restaurant is solution-oriented and cares about the experience of their patrons.” - Yelp Review 

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Stop by and try out some of the best contemporary American dishes in Denver!

Looking for some tasty contemporary American dishes? Then you need to come to Avelina today! Image courtesy of OpenTable. 

1550 17th Street | Lodo |

There's no better place to go to when you want to experience some of the best contemporary American dishes in Denver than by going to Avelina. Avelina is focused on wood fired cuisine, along with complimentary wine that corresponds well with the meal making it an elegant luncheon. You can try out dishes such as short ribs, pork belly, charred octopus, tuna tartare, roasted cauliflower flatbread, pork tenderloin, wagyu beef carpaccio, and so much more. You need to give Avelina a try today for a meal of a lifetime!

“This was the best fine dining experience I have ever had so far. We did the chef entrust and it did not disappoint. Everyone should do this. They made us the most delicious dinner complete with 6 courses. Everything was spectacular. It was worth the prices” - Yelp Review 

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Enjoy a restaurant that serves up some of the best Southeast Asian dishes around!

If you want to try out some Southeast Asian food options, then you need to come to ChoLon today! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

1555 Blake Street | Lodo |

We know that you’re looking for something different. It’s understandable because it can get old eating the same things over and over again. Well, why not try out ChoLon today! ChoLon is a Southeast Asian restaurant that features some unique French cooking techniques as well to make it a fun place to experience. You can come here and try their pork belly, French onion soup, kaya toast, wagyu beef chow fun, onion crusted short ribs, Malaysian noodles, Korean hot fried chicken, and so much more. Stop by ChoLon to experience the uniqueness of this restaurant today!

“For starters we had the Pork Belly Bao Buns which is a MUST GET. Easily our favorite thing we had here. We also ordered the Korean chicken sliders, the Stir-Fried Malaysian noodles, and the Pork Pot Stickers!” - Yelp Review 

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Denver Biscuit Company

Eat some delicious biscuit sandwiches at this unique Denver staple!

If you’re looking for some of the best sandwiches around Denver, Colorado, then you need to try out the Denver Biscuit Company today! Image courtesy of Denver Westword. 

3237 E Colfax Avenue | City Park |

Everyone loves biscuits, right? Well, we do for sure and with that being said, we think you have to try out a Denver staple, Denver Biscuit Company! Denver Biscuit Company is known for all of their delicious biscuit sandwiches that are one-of-a-kind and will make you want to come back again and again. Try out their biscuits and gravy sandwich, fried chicken sandwich, the cordon bleu sandwich, chicken pot pie sandwich, and so much  more. You’re going to be missing out if you don’t come to the Denver Biscuit Company, so come for lunch now!

“The fried chicken biscuit sandwiches are awesome. My husband is a gravy lover and always goes for The Franklin, but my favorite is the Ellsworth.  Really can't go wrong here. I've never tried any of their "sweet" dishes, but I do love a good savory breakfast.” - Yelp Review 

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Olive & Finch

Come to a place that is just proud to serve you some good food!

If you want to indulge in some overall delicious food, then you need to come to Olive & Finch today! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.

1552 E 17th Avenue | Northeast |

Sometimes you might not care what the food is, as long as it’s good food. Are we right about that? If you just want some good food, then you need to try out Olive & Finch today! Olive & Finch serves some delicious chef-driven, made-to-order food that you will absolutely love. You should definitely try out the green eggs and ham sandwich, soft scrambled eggs, quinoa salad, pulled pork, roasted tomatoes, and so much more. Come by Olive & Finch today for some of the best food you’ll ever have for breakfast or lunch!

“I often stop here and pick up breakfast as I'm heading into work. I love their breakfast sandwiches, hashes, coffee, pastries and their house crafted drinks, such as housemade sodas and specialty lemonades, i.e. blueberry lemonades.” - Yelp Review 

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Check this restaurant with rooftop eating and some amazing global small plates!

Try out some one-of-a-kind dishes today whenever you go to lunch at Linger in Denver! Image courtesy of Lattes, Life & Luggage. 

2030 W 30th Avenue | Northwest |

Maybe you want something a little bit fancier for a lunch date, or just a nice meal with a friend or family member. If so, you could try out Linger in Denver today for their eclectic dishes, featuring many different small plates with international influence and even sit in their amazing rooftop seating. Come try out pork belly, bao buns, pad thai, roasted beet salad, bacon wrapped dates, honey sriracha duck wings, and so much more to choose from. Come by Linger and sit on the rooftop and have a nice meal with someone close to you!

“We ordered a variety of dishes and everything we had was perfect for our taste and preferences. Numerous food to offer but our favorites were the Pad Thai and Honey Sriracha Duck Wings. Truly, a great Asian place that serves a great quality of food at a reasonable value!” - Yelp Review

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There are so many different places to go to in Denver for lunch. Whether you want someone to go to catch up with a loved one, a place to go on your lunch break at work, or even just to just be able to explore more of Denver, then we hope we could help you make your decision. Check out these seven lunch restaurants in Denver today!

Is there a lunch restaurant in Denver that you love that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!


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