Top Spots to Fill Up On Chicken Tikka, Dosas, and Other Indian Favorites in Philadelphia

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Indian culture has been known across the globe especially for the seasoned and spiced dishes. And now, this culture has spread to the US in cities like Philly. The city is now a hub for the fragrant, distinctive spice of regional Indian cooking especially fiery biryani rice, the curry leaf-scented coconut stews, crisp dosa crepes, as well as tart tamarind curries of South India.

While it’s much easier to find Northern Indian varieties such as tandoori chicken and tikka masala, it’s also possible to enjoy mountains of savory dishes from other areas of the country, including kati rolls and dosas. Many of these restaurants also offer delivery service, so if you’re a little short on time, they can have your food brought right to your home or office.

Here are the top seven Indian spots in Philadelphia.

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Indeblue Restaurant and Bar

Source: Yelp

205 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Upscale restaurants serving traditional Indian fare and an extensive menu with vegetarian varieties and brunch options!

Although Indian eateries don’t have happy hours that are worth mentioning, Indeblue restaurant is a spot that is the complete opposite of that with delicious offerings for the happy hour. Come here in the evening and enjoy great deals on drinks like exotic cocktails and imported Indian beer – all inspired by the Indian flavors. There are also small plates that include Indian fusion snacks such as samosa and naan pizza.

Chef Ramola creates some of the most innovative and delicious modern and traditional Indian cuisines you can find in Philly. Come in during the happy hour and enjoy varieties such as vegetable samosa chaat, tikka naan pizza, butter chicken poutine, crispy cauliflower, mango pork spring roll, and one of the signature wine, beer, or cocktails

You will also find a tasteful weekend brunch menu with favorites such as mimosas, appetizers like tandoori grille chicken, breadbasket, and savory entrees such as the popular “build your own omelet or scramble” option served with buttered naan and desi home fries. Dinner is served family-style with options to choose two appetizers, entrees, desserts, and an accompaniment.

Vegans and vegetarians are also covered with ranges of vegan-free and gluten-free delicacies available on the menu.

Thanal Indian Tavern

Source: Yelp

1939 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Enjoy some classic Indian dishes whenever you visit this modern restaurant with yellow interiors!

Sometimes you want something simple to spice up your dining experiences. If you’re not sure what that means, you’re probably going to go for a restaurant that keeps things simple anyway. Thanal Indian Tavern is the perfect choice for you.

If buffet is your thing, Thanal Indian restaurants offer a buffet laden with options such as goat curries, uttapam, and bottomless Hyderabadi biryani. Clay pot oven options are also available including pudhina paneer tikka with soft cottage cheese in mint smeared coat, tandoori wings, and gunpowder shrimp tikka with a nutty spicy mix and chili powder.

Other popular options that you will find on the menu include the Thanal Tandoori revolution that includes tandoori chicken, coriander lamb chops, tandoori salmon, and pomfret. Vegetarians can enjoy classics such as aloo gobi, channa masala, tadka lentils, and eggplant koora.

Thanal also offers signature drinks to enjoy alongside your meal. Be sure to order one and try out some of their appetizing food.

New Delhi Indian Restaurant

Source: Yelp

4004 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Cozy, casual Indian eatery serving an all-day buffet and a tasty menu of biryani, tandoori, and more!

We understand that you like a place that offers different choices, so why don’t you try out the New Delhi Indian restaurant today! Established in 1988, New Delhi is among the oldest running Indian restaurant in Philly. Diners from across the city especially the nearby campuses come here to enjoy the delicious buffet and catch up with colleagues.

Let’s see what the menu has to offer. When you come here, you’ll find a mouthwatering selection of appetizers and entrees. The appetizers are great and will hold you for the rest of the day. Not sure what to get? We suggest getting the Tandoori Delights, such as chicken tandoori, tikka, seekh kebab, chicken reshmi kebab, and the special mixed grill with a special assortment of these options.

You can also add other options such as chicken specialties, meat delights, seafood delicacies, biryanis, with accompaniments such as mixed pickles, green salad, raita, and more. Several vegans, vegetarian, and gluten-free options are also available on the menu. Don’t forget to order your favorite drink to enjoy with your main meal.

Amma's South Indian Cuisine

Source: Yelp

1518 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Indulge in some delicious Indian food at this laid-back restaurant with an extensive menu!

How about a restaurant with unique recipes that have been passed and tried down for generations and changed to suit the current generation? That’s what you find at Amma’s South Indian Cuisine place.

They have managed to maintain the traditional ways of preparing their dishes and fused them with the latest technology to give it a more modern taste. “Amma” means mother, and the restaurant has reserved its culture by serving diners delicious dishes as a way to remind them of their motherland.

The menu is quite extensive with options such as delicious soups, veg appetizers (south Indian street snacks also known as tea shop bench snacks or beach snacks), and south Indian specials with your favorite rice bowls such as Bisi Bele batch, curd rice, and rasam rice. Vegetarians can enjoy gluten-free options such as veg couples combo that include vegetarian biryani, spinach onion pakoda, kothuparotta, kurma, and desserts.

All their dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients that stood the test of time for generations. Treat yourself to your signature drink to go along with your main dish and don’t forget to grab a dessert while at it.

Veda - Modern Indian Bistro

Source: Yelp

1920 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Samosas, Tandoori Chicken, and curry dishes await you at this upbeat eatery with chandeliers and a buzzy bar!

If you think the Indian spices at any other spot around Philly pack the same dishes that the ones at Veda do, you might want to think again. That doesn’t mean that their food is extra spicy, but it’s just the right amount with a blend of art together with different cultures and cuisines.

At Veda, they have tried to preserve the rich Indian culture and flavors in their dishes that are carefully selected and prepared from scratch with the freshest ingredients available. The main draw here is their tandoori chicken, Calcutta pork ribs in the mango chutney, excellent naan, and lamb vindaloo. If you come here for lunch, you can grab Chef Gome’s signature dishes and A La Carte buffer thalis options with a choice of salads.

Weekend brunch is also a favorite among diners here with options such as samosa chaat, masala hummus platter, chicken kathi rolls, masala omelette, and more. The see-and-be-seen bar mixes up signature drinks such as drunken lassi with aged rum and mango yogurt along with a wide selection of nonalcoholic cocktails to enjoy.

Ekta Indian Cuisine

Source: Yelp

1142 Crease St, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Indulge in some classic Indian dishes at this storefront eatery for dine-in or takeout!

Sometimes the craving for some Indian food especially classic tandoori dishes is just too much to ignore and you need immediate filling. If this is the case, then Ekta Indian Cuisine is the place to be.

It’s famous for serving exemplary classic buffets and a la carte menu. The dishes here are heavenly. They are perfectly cooked, mildly spiced, and presented in large servings to ensure you’re satisfied.

Non-vegetarians have a lot to choose from with favorites such as chicken curry, mango chicken, lamb vindaloo (spicy), seafood options, and tandoor – all served with Basmati Rice. While non-vegetarians have a wide array of options than vegans, it doesn’t mean vegetarians will lack something to enjoy. Ekta has made the menu all-rounded such that vegans can enjoy some gluten-free options as Alu Gobi – a combination of potato cooked with onion, cauliflower, tomatoes and herbs, Baigan Bharta that include smoked eggplant cooked with fresh onion, Masaladar Chola which is chickpeas cooked with onion and tomato sauce, just to mention a few.

They also offer delicious desserts and savory sides to accompany your main meal. Swing by any time of the day and check out their Indian cuisine today!

Karma Restaurant

Source: Yelp

114 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Indian staples and a big lunch buffet served in an upbeat, contemporary space!

Want to enjoy some Indian staple food in a casual, buffet-style setting with a full bar? If this is you, then Karma restaurant is the place for you. Karma has been serving Old City amazing Indian fare since 2003. While it offers traditional Indian favorites, the specialty here is the large lunch buffet, which includes delicious items such as tandoori bread, vindaloo, paneer tikka, and kebabs.

Order something from their main chicken and you get delicious options such as chicken tikka masala, kadai chicken, salmon masaledar, lamb korma, shrimp maharaja, goat curry, and more served with basmati rice and interchangeable with meats, seafood, or vegetables.

If you want to explore a little bit, be sure to try one of the options on the Tandoor treasures, all served as sizzlers with a side of basmati rice. Upstairs, is another dining area with a cozy sitting space which is ideal for special occasions and corporate events. The restaurant also features a full bar with happy hour and a late-night menu for the night revelers.

From tandoori chicken to naan bread and mango ice cream, there’s no reason not to love Indian fare. Philly offers the best Indian spots serving only the best Indian cuisine you’ve had in a while. These restaurants are sure to leave you coming back for more. Which ones do you plan on visiting next? Let us know in the comments!


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