Top Spots for Creative and Warming Bowls of Ramen and Noodles in Sacramento

Order up a bowl of your favorite ramen, slurp some noodles and sip some rich chicken broth at these ramen spots in Sacramento

Sacramento’s long-overdue ramen boom has finally reached neighborhoods across the city.

Featuring a rich bone broth that simmers for days, meaty additions, and incredible noodles, Japanese ramen will cure what ails you. And Sacramento got plenty of spots to dig in.

Whether you’re craving some miso, shoyu, or tan tan, there is a favorite spot to slurp a warming bowl of perfectly prepared ramen in Sacramento. There are plenty of fast-casual nooks, traditional slurp shops, and ramen specialists offering vegan versions – all of which offer a wonderful way to fill you up on any day.

Here are the best ramen shops in Sacramento to try this time.

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Ryujin Ramen House

1831 S St #100, Sacramento, CA 95811

Busy spot dishing out a wide selection ramen, plus small plates, curries, and snow cones!

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Source: Yelp

Located in Newton Booth, Ryujin Ramen House is among the most popular spot where you can grab some inexpensive ramen. This popular midtown noodlery has an expensive menu featuring all the classic flavors you can think of.

Bring your appetite and enjoy popular items such as shiro white tonkotsu ramen served with some BBQ pork, pork based noodle soup, red ginger, black mushroom, and sesame seed on top. The Kuro black is an option you would want to try and they serve it with plenty of toppings.

On the menu, you will also find spicy versions such as tan tan men, served with ground pork, soy sauce, noodle soup, minced shiitake mushrooms and bamboo mixed with some sesame paste special green onion and sauce. Rice plates are on offer as well, along with traditional ramen such as hiyashi chukka served cold noodle with chashu, corn, tomato, cucumber and egg with house special dressing.

Make sure you request for additional toppings for your ramen including corn, ajitama, wakame, menma, and chashu BBQ pork. They also serve delicious ban ban ji salad, ramen salad, or tofu salad.

Tenjin Ramen House

7485 Rush River Dr # 740, Sacramento, CA 95831

A sleek and trendy spot offering an expansive menu with a full selection of ramen options!

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Source: Yelp

How about a popular eatery that serves delicious ramen dishes and flavorful noodles and ramen in broth? At Ramen House Tenjin, they serve unique noodle texture, flavors, broth, toppings, and much more.

If you have made ramen, you know that preparing a delicious one isn’t that easy especially if you have to make the soup from scratch. That’s why Tenjin Ramen restaurant is here to serve creative and mouthwatering ramen.

Swing by any day and enjoy special ramen such as tan tan, mabo tofu ramen, kakuni ramen, kim-chi ramen, chanpon ramen. They also serve classic ramen such as shoyu ramen with some soy sauce flavored chicken broth, topped with bean sprout, chashu pork, soft boiled egg, marinated bamboo, fish cake, and green onion, or the miso butter corn ramen with miso flavored creamy pork bone broth, topped with ground chicken, chashu pork, marinated bamboo, corn, and soft boiled egg.

Other popular options include tonkotsu base ramen, udon soup, and fried noodles. You can order a rice plate and a Japanese drink to enjoy along with your ramen!

Koshi Ramen Bar – Natomas

3581 Truxel Rd Suite #2, Sacramento, CA 95834

Slurp amazing ramen with friends and family at this favorite upscale ramen shop!

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Source: Yelp

If you want to sample delicious ramen with friends, family, and even dinner dates, then you should head to Koshi Ramen bar. Here you will enjoy classic ramen, accompanied by delicious starters and draft beer.

Looking at the menu, you will be glad to find your favorite tonkotsu ramen served with some roasted pork, kikurage mushrooms, and boiled eggs, or the miso ramen with plenty of toppings too. Diners also love the shoyu ramen, especially when topped with bamboo sprouts, seaweed, fish cake, and some roasted pork.

If you love the seafood ramen you will have a lot of fun feasting on the selection served here with shrimp, boiled egg, green onions, corn, and seaweed toppings. They also serve delicious chicken ramen with all the topping you want. They also have vegetarian options, rice bowls, starts, and basically everything a true noodle lover craves. If you want a drink, they got that too and much more!

Takumi Izakaya Bar

826 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Industrial-chick spot to enjoy Japanese Izakaya-style cuisine, ramen, and lunchtime specials!

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Source: Yelp

Since 2016, Takumi Izakaya Bar has been serving locals Japanese Izakaya-style dishes including appetizers, ramen, salads and soups, izakaya, shush, and much more.

You have got to love the beautiful ambiance but what about the food. Well, the food is pretty delicious and diners flock here to enjoy a taste of their favorite ramen served with soft boiled “ajituke” egg. Enjoy options such as truffle shoyu ramen that comes with glazed chashu, king oyster mushroom, truffle oil, wood ear, frisee bamboo, and some shredded green onion, or even dig into the tan tan men served with minced pork, shredded chili, bamboo, nod, and chili oil.

If you want something spicy, try the spicy beef ramen with seared NY strip, bamboo, spinach, nori, green onion, and shredded chili, or the spicy miso ramen with glazed chashu, wood ear, and shredded green onion.

Apart from delicious ramen they also serve Japanese-style small plate tapas which you can enjoy along with your ramen. Don’t forget to grab a salad and one of your favorite drinks on the menu!

Kansai Ramen & Sushi House

2992 65th St, Sacramento, CA 95817

Casual Japanese eatery located in a strip mall serving traditional fare and other classics!

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Source: Yelp

If you’re looking for a spot that not only serves sushi but also delicious ramen and don rice bowls, then you should make your way to Kansai Ramen & Sushi House. Set in a strip mall, this casual Japanese ramen shop screams chic and classy where you can enjoy some fantastic food and catch up with family and friends.

Curious about what’s on the menu? Well, plenty of delicious takes. Order the house ramen that comes with house broth, spinach, sprouts, menma, chashu, or the shio ramen served with sea salt broth and plenty of toppings. For those who like something hot in between, then they have the spicy tan tan men with spicy shoyu broth and a generous portion of toppings to satisfy your craving.

Other delicious options such as seafood ramen come with the house broth and plenty of seafood selections such as shrimp, scallop, squid, Naruto, and vegetables. You might as well try the miso ramen, kakuni ramen, or the karaage ramen. They are super delicious. Make sure you add a don rice bowl with some steamed or sushi rice as an accompaniment!


2226 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95818

Funky store offering a host of creative shime noodles and ramen in a variety of flavors plus coffee, and more!

D:\David\Best Ramen Spots in Sacramento - Images\Binchoyaki.jpg
Source: Yelp

The vibe at Binchoyaki is incredible thanks to their Japanese-style decorations and a beautiful interior. Dining here feels like you’re in a funky spot with an inviting atmosphere and delicious Japanese cuisines. No wonder locals flock here to dine and have a good time.

So between the ramen and SARA plates, their menu is massive. Come here and order something from their SHIME noodles menu with options such as buta moyashi ramen served with bean sprouts, pork belly, scallions, and miso broth, or the popular shio ramen with chicken broth and plenty of toppings. You will have a time of your life enjoying favorites such as awase country-style miso shiru, kinoko miso shiru, and curry ramen or udon. Make sure you order the ramen salad and throw in some Sukiyaki udon that includes slice rib eye, mushrooms, onions, and scallions with no broth.

Popular drinks such as sake, champagne, wines, and draft beers are also available to enjoy along with your ramen!

Kodaiko Ramen & Bar

718 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Savory, Japanese-style noodle soups plus sake and other options await you at this minimalist-chic spot!

D:\David\Best Ramen Spots in Sacramento - Images\Kodaiko Ramen & Bar.jpg
Source: Yelp

Nothing tastes better than some Japanese-style ramen and noodle soups on a chilly afternoon! And what better place to enjoy creative ramen favors with plenty of toppings than at Kodaiko Ramen & Bar? This neighborhood nook serves the best ramen in town prepared with the highest quality ingredients sourced locally.

We think you will love their tonkotsu that comes with a rich three-day pork paitan, mizuna, shoyu tare, Negi-pork belly chashu, and half ajitama, or the citrus shio served with chicken chintan, wakame-chicken chashu, negi, and lemon-share tare. Other option such as shoyu, kare kare paitan, and mushroom paitan are also delicious selections you should try.

They also serve vegetarian options with some seasoned tofu, veggies, and shiitake-kombe dashi. Guest also enjoy the “Reuben” mazeman, a brothless noodles with saved cabbage, kimchi mayo, smoked white cheddar, and some pastrami cured pork belly chashu. You can also order a small plate of house kimchi and pickled vegetables or karaage – Japanese fried chicken and yuzu-tajin mayo as an accompaniment to your main meal!

We know that ramen is a delicious Japanese dish that diners cannot resist because it can be customized, and it’s also plain delicious. In Sacramento, there are plenty of ramen spots to enjoy your favorite miso or shoyu. But, which is your favorite go-to ramen shop in town? Let us know in the comments!

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