Top Mexican Restaurants in Oklahoma City

If you have to eat only one type of food in Oklahoma City then Mexican food is where it’s at.

There are incredible Mexican restaurants in Oklahoma City ranging from authentic traditional Mexican cuisine to Baja-style Mexican fare to Tex-Mex. The sky's the limit when it comes to OKC Mexican food.

Not only can you find the best Mexican food in Oklahoma City, but this metropolis is bursting with history, culture, and vibrance. You’ll find small boutiques, historical museums, and relaxing restaurants, among other fun places. This is why locals and out-of-towners love this city. And if you're a lover of Mexican food, then Oklahoma City is where you need to be.

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Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

A fun and modern restaurant featuring Baja-style Mexican cuisine.

Image courtesy of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.

208 Johnny Bench Dr | Oklahoma City |

Fuzzy's Taco Shop was established in 2003 and promised Oklahoma City to bring refreshing frosty drinks, delicious food, and good vibes that make people want to party and never leave. Boy, do they deliver! Between their amazing menu from breakfast to dessert and their bustling outside patio, people can enjoy amazing food and amazing company.

When you visit Fuzzy's, we recommend you start with the fire-roasted salsa and chips that are sprinkled in Fuzzy Dust, a special mix you can only get at Fuzzy's. Make sure to end your visit with the Oreo Churros which are made with Oreo cookie pieces and then filled with Oreo cream. Seriously, if you're an Oreo lover then what are you waiting for? You need to try Fuzzy's Taco Shop immediately.

Delicious food, fun drinks, chill vibe, Fuzzy's Taco Shop has it all. The restaurant itself is modern and filled with fun colors and open windows giving you an experience you won’t soon forget.

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Ted’s Cafe Escondido

A relaxed eatery bringing fresh Mexican food that's made from scratch.

Image courtesy of Ted’s Cafe Escondido.

5301 Main St | Oklahoma City |

Great food and great service - Ted's Cafe Escondido has it all. Established in 1991, Ted's Cafe has made a name for itself and become one of the most beloved Mexican restaurants in Oklahoma City. All you have to do is look at one of the thousands of positive Google reviews to know that Ted's Cafe is something special.

Browsing through their extremely large menu, you'll find all kinds of Mexican food. On their shareable plates section, you can find Sheet Pan Nachos topped with all kinds of yummy ingredients and drizzled in southwest sauce. Make sure to check out their Handmade Tamales which you can get with chicken and crema sauce or shredded beef with chili con carne. Are you drooling yet?

Ted's Cafe Escondido is a relaxed eatery perfect for family and friends. Inside the restaurant, you'll see gorgeous murals on the wall and beautiful chandeliers hanging above the tables. There are live plants that add to the vibrancy of the restaurant. Not to mention that you get bottomless chips and salsa.

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San Marcos Mexican Restaurant

A casual family-owned restaurant that brings traditional Mexican values and culture to every dish they serve.

Image courtesy of San Marcos Mexican Restaurant.

2301 SW 59th St | Oklahoma City |

San Marcos was established in 1994 by the Doloera family who immigrated from Aguascalientes, Mexico. They started San Marcos with the goal to represent and share the traditions, values, and personality of Mexican culture. All you have to do is step through the door and know that they've met that goal. The walls are colorful and decorated with beautiful Mexican cultural decor that adds to the experience of dining here.

Originally, San Marcos started with one restaurant and expanded into multiple restaurants over time. Given how popular San Marcos became in OKC, it’s not surprising they had to expand. And with their massive menu, cocktails, and other Mexican beverages, there's something for everybody here.

Try a Burrito Loco which is stuffed with flavorful shrimp, chicken, beef. Yum yum! Take a look at the Mojarra Frita, a deep-fried tilapia bursting with delicious citrus flavors. No matter what you get, you'll be leaving San Marcos with a full belly and a pleasant memory.

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Barrio’s Fine Mexican Dishes

A trendy and relaxed restaurant serving up Mexican fare with a twist.

Image courtesy of Barrio’s Fine Mexican Dishes.

1000 N Hudson Ave | Oklahoma City |

Barrio’s brings fresh and high-quality Mexican food made with love to Oklahoma City and the locals responded with love. Barrio’s is an extremely popular Mexican restaurant that offers wood-fired fajitas and special dishes such as the Short Rib Tinga Chalupa with pickled jalapenos, refried beans, kill slaw, queso coquito, guacamole. Seriously delicious food.

Barrio's is a casual restaurant that's very homey, but the real awesomeness happens on their incredible outdoor patio. If you love eating outdoors and you love Mexican food, Barrio’s is a must. Their outdoor patio has covered tables, heaters to keep you warm, and even some comfortable chairs that are perfect to slouch into and relax. This makes Barrio’s an amazing place to just chill with your friends and take advantage of the complimentary chips and salsa that comes with every order.

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Revolucion Taqueria & Cantina

A modern eatery serving up Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine with a laid-back atmosphere.

Image courtesy of Revolucion.

916 NW 6th St | Oklahoma City |

Revolucion is a place where you can laugh with your friends while partaking in delicious Mexican food. They have a friendly staff and the vibes of the restaurant are just relaxed. It's a great place to just go to unwind and have some amazing food.

If it's a Friday and you need to shake off your work week, go to Revolucion and drink some margaritas with your friends while diving into some Mexican cuisine. Locals love the Fried Cauliflower Taco with avocado aioli so it’s worth giving that a try. For dessert, try their Avocado Lime Shake which's made with vanilla ice cream, avocado, lime juice, lime zest, and toasted coconut.

Revolucion also serves brunch and has a few different salsa options. Not every restaurant will have multiple salsa options which makes Revolucion extra awesome. Also, the industrial-chic design of the restaurant makes it feel spacious and open along with their large windows offering natural lighting. It also has an outdoor eating area so you can enjoy that Avocado Lime Shake outside.

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Los Vaqueros

A family-run restaurant and bar serving up traditional Mexican food.

Image courtesy of Los Vaqueros.

9122 S Western Ave | Oklahoma City |

Los Vaqueros is run by a family that's worked in the Mexican food business for generations. This restaurant actually started in Texas and expanded to Oklahoma. Texans love it, Oklahomans love it, everybody loves it.

They have a very wide and varied menu giving you quite a few options to choose from. There are tons of appetizers and fun desserts including Strawberry Sopapillas, Dessert Nachos, and Homemade Flan. Admit it, you want to try those Dessert Nachos.

For dinner, you can try their Stuffed Avocado with the Vaqueros Chicken or a Shrimp Diablo Enchilada. These are just a couple of options, but already we’ve given you some delicious food items to think about when it comes to this cozy and casual restaurant.

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1492 New World Latin Cuisine

An upbeat bar and grill that delivers Latin-inspired dishes and Tex-Mex.

Image courtesy of 1492 New World Latin Cuisine.

1207 N Walker Ave | Oklahoma City |

When you walk into 1492, the restaurant guarantees to leave an impression on you. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows, pleasing decor, and chandeliers, it feels almost romantic. Locals have been coming here for the last 12 years to enjoy the delicious food that 1492 has to offer.

Looking at their menu you may notice there are a lot of cheesy options. So if you're a cheese fan you'll definitely be impressed. You can choose between a variety of foods from yummy grilled meats to flavorful tacos. Pair your meal with a drink and take a breather with friends and family at 1492.

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Oklahoma City is not messing around when it comes to Mexican food. It was difficult to narrow down the best Mexican restaurants in Oklahoma City but we think we did a good job here. Each restaurant has something different and unique to offer. Which restaurant would you go to first? Leave us a comment with your answer!

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