Thinking About Where To Find The Best Restaurants In Carytown? We Got You!

There’s nothing like trying to find a good meal AND dining experience! Today we are here to find just that in this gem of a town!

A genuinely unique town, Carytown is close to the downtown area of Richmond, Virginia, it is a distinctive and special town that has areas to shop in, an entertainment district, indie record stores, vintage emporiums, and of course eccentric restaurants! There is a lot of amazing food out there in the world today, and that definitely reflects on this list of restaurants in Carytown! 

You might be pleasantly surprised by how many of the restaurants in our journey support local farming and sustainable futures! It’s important to know what you might like to eat ahead of time, so when you go out, you can get straight to ordering! Hopefully this list of restaurants ahead will give you that peace of mind!

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Carytown Burgers and Fries

Beef AND veggie burgers with so many add-ons you won’t know what to do!

Classic ol’ burger voted best in town! Image courtesy of the Carytown Burgers & Fries Instagram page.

3449 W Cary S | Richmond | 

“A Richmond tradition” that will have anybody that meanders into this restaurant saying it will “change your mood with our food.” Now that is pretty high talk coming from Carytown Burgers & Fries, but it seems that it holds up! This award winning restaurant has burgers that have become a Richmond area staple!

Each burger is prepared from a blend chuck and top round sirloin that is fresh and never frozen! They also have vegetarian and vegan options which is incredible coming from an establishment that is known for how good their burgers are! Also on the menu comes chicken sandwiches, baskets, appetizers, and drinks! Plenty to satisfy that burger craving!

“Carytown burgers & fries is always a great casual spot for burgers & fries. There's plenty of options no matter your diet. Definitely options for vegans, don't worry! The customer service here is pretty decent & the food always comes out quick.” -Yelp Review

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Les Crepes Carytown

The only Crêperie in Carytown…now that’s something special!

Sweet or savory, this spot has all you need! Image courtesy of the Les Crepes Carytown Instagram page.

3325 W Cary St R | Richmond | 

Gonzolo Jesus Viloria is the head chef at Les Crepes Carytown and they strive to bring a taste of France all the way to this small town in Richmond, Virginia. Blending traditional European flavors and techniques with a nice modern twist, Les Crepes Carytown is here to ‘wow’ the Carytown population with their decadent crepes and other foods.

Serving breakfast all day, they have GFO Les Crepes, GFO Omelet Crepes, GFO French Crepes, Berries French Toast, and Strawbella French toast! They also have savory crepes from chicken, carbonara, lobster and crab, vegetarian, and curry lamb! They also have a ton of fun sweet flavors like Nutella, Cinnabana, Creme Brulee, and many more. Lots and lots of fun food items at Les Crepes Carytown!

“Full disclosure: this is my first crepe. It was so good I went two times in one week. The place itself is so nice and fancy. It's the perfect place to stop in for a sweet treat after walking around Carytown and doing some shopping.” -Yelp Review

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Helen’s Restaurant

Since 1935, this eatery has been a Richmond institution!

Good looking food for an even better tasting dish at one of the best Carytown restaurants! Image courtesy of the Helen’s Restaurant Instagram page.

2527 W Main St | Richmond | 

Serving American Southern style cuisine in a very accessible and delicate atmosphere, Helen’s Restaurant specializes in both brunch and dinner. Originally opening in 1912 as a pharmacy, this building eventually became a restaurant operated by Helen Donati’s parents. 

Growing up to have a clear business mindset, Helen was left the restaurant by her parents on her 21st birthday in 1935. With her quick witted nature and esteemed skill set, Helen helped Helen’s Restaurant flourish, it quickly became a very well known establishment.

After some changes in both menu and owners, the eclectic restaurant known around Carytown as Helen’s has been here to stay for 87 years! Not only is this a great restaurant, Helen’s has stood the test of time and that’s no small feat for a restaurant!

Serving soups, burgers, shrimp n grits, desserts, breakfast-y options, and plenty of drink options to pair those meals with, Helen’s Restaurant has got you covered for your last morning or early dinner cravings!

“Good food, good vibes! Such a Richmond staple. Day time you can get pretty good food and night time you can have a blast. Their Egg's Benny is very yummy. Pancakes have that classic diner feel. Helen's is a place that I'm always excited to go back to and try more at.” -Yelp Review 

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Lunch Or Supper

Good food at fair prices right in Carytown!

Nice presentation and even better for a craving for a hearty meal! Image courtesy of the Lunch Or Supper Instagram page

1215 Summit Ave | Richmond | 

Lunch Or Supper comes in a pair of two, their website says it all: “It Doesn’t Matter When You Get Here, It’s Always The Best Experience Of The Day.” Like the name of the restaurant, Lunch Or Supper serves excellent lunch or dinner options all throughout the day! It’s easy to stop by for a meal at lunch time with the family or head in a bit later for a meal that’s surely going to make your day even better!

Well received by the Carytown community as one of the first modern eateries in historic Scott’s Addition! Come as you are, no dress code required, just bring your appetite and Lunch Or Supper is ready to provide you delicious foods!

From pork rind nachos, boneless short ribs, smoked hummus, to their signature dishes like their loaded chicken, and salmon! Also featured is an entire menu just made of sandwiches, and if you are still craving a taste of breakfast they have nice brunch options too! With a kids, dessert, and drink menu to add, Lunch Or Supper has come prepared!

“One of the best meals I have ever had. New to Richmond and this place was recommended multiple times. Finally way able to try it and the short ribs were amazing. Bartender super friendly!!” -Yelp Review

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The Daily Kitchen & Bar

Unique plates served with a healthy bent and creatively good drink creations!

This just looks down right delicious. I mean…take a look! Image courtesy of The Daily Kitchen & Bar Instagram page.

2934 W Cary St | Richmond | 

Health conscious, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible prepared food? What more could you want from a restaurant! That’s exactly what The Daily Kitchen & Bar are here to offer you! Using all natural ingredients as much as they possibly can, while still keeping their prices fair to the customer, The Daily Kitchen & Bar are really all about making an experience for each person who walks through their doors.

On their website they list every local source of their ingredients/food products, not a lot of restaurants can say they do that, that’s for sure! It’s a nice feeling being able to spend your hard-earned money on food you know is going to be good for you!

Crispy brussel sprouts, fried calamari, buffalo cauliflower, teriyaki bowl, quinoa salad, certified angus burger, vegetarian burger, many styles of pizza, pork loin, crab cakes, fish tacos, roasted chicken, and more can be found at The Daily Kitchen & Bar. They even have options to change their menu items to gluten free, vegetarian, or vegan, just make sure to check with your waiter to see what’s all available!

“Highly recommend this place! The food was amazing and the staff was fantastic! The food was lightly, flavorful, and delicious. While items such as the buffalo cauliflower can be found at a variety of places The Daily Kitchen & Bar offers a new, innovative, and tasty offering!” -Yelp Review

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Small plates, modern Greek flare, and an eccentric atmosphere! 

A lot of the comments saying what we are all thinking, what a good looking dish! Image courtesy of the Stella’s Instagram page.

1012 Lafayette St | Richmond | 

The daughter of a tailor and a bee-keeper, Stella Kafantaris grew up learning to cook for her family and friends. All her life has been spent working with food, immigrating to the United States in 1956, Stella eventually created her first restaurant! That is just a bit of her history, and you can look more into Stella’s life on their website. Today however, Stella’s marks the return to true Greek cuisine, added with a romantic and comfortable atmosphere.

Stella’s honors rustic and modern Greek cuisine with just some of their menu dishes including, Kreatopita, Hummus & Tabouli, Mushroom Saganaki, Grilled Octopus, Fried Calamari, Black Kale, Pan Seared Salmon, Pikelia, and plenty more available all throughout lunch and dinner!

“The food is always freshly prepared. I love the Greek salad and the Moussaka is

Fantastic!  The fish specials are good too!  If you enjoy Greek and Italian food this is the place to go.

It's a popular restaurant so reservations are needed especially on the weekends book ahead.” -Yelp Review

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A relaxed dining experience mixed with fresh foods!

Good quality ingredients for a good quality meal? Say no more! Image courtesy of the Goatocado Instagram page.

1823 W Main St | Richmond | 

Known for their “fresh dishes and abundant avocados,” Goatocado is more than just that. They are a conscientious kitchen that sources and prepares food to fulfill a strong commitment towards not only the health of their customers, but also the health of the environment. Their ingredients vary from season-to-season as Goatocado wants to source and serve the best of food to everyone, so it may take some time and things on the menu may change but just know it is for good reason!

Wraps, bowels, and ramen are the main dishes on the menu, but don’t let that dissuade you! They have a variety of different mixes and matches to pair with the “main” base of each dish. Just some of those mixes include Mediterranean, Japanese, and Californian styles. While they also have Thai Ramen and Mexican Ramen with a bunch of add-ons just for you!

“Great concept. You order at the kiosk and they have a bunch of options. We had the Thai ramens with tofu and chicken. Broth was excellent. You can choose the size of protein; if you are hungry, you may want 2x.  Highly recommended…” -Yelp Review

Although this restaurant doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!

East Coast Provisions

A contemporary and casual eatery featuring flavorful seafood!

A bowl full of color and flavor in this restaurant in Carytown! Image courtesy of the East Coast Provisions Instagram page.

3411 W Cary St | Richmond | 

An “east-coast influenced” spin on classic seafood dishes that leave everyone that loves seafood wanting more, East Coast Provisions in Carytown has that special flare when it comes to seafood. With a full oyster bar, hand cut steaks, and sushi, this place has all of those seafood wishes coming true.

With gluten free options and plenty of seafood to choose from, East Coast Provision’s menu is quite expansive, so let’s take a look into just some of what they have. Featured oysters, Calamari, Tuna Tacos, Spicy Tuna sushi rolls, Crab Corn & Miso Soup, Maine Lobster Roll, Roasted Rockfish, crab cakes, and more are all here!

“We went for a holiday work event and it was so fun! The bartender and waiters were so accommodating and they all had great energy all night. Will definitely come back :)” -Yelp Review

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Can Can Brasserie

Deliciousl-y styled foods in a bistro restaurant in Carytown!

They were right, look at this cheese pull! Image courtesy of the Can Can Brasserie Instagram page.

3120 W Cary St | Richmond |

In the eastern wing of Richmond’s oldest operating shopping center, Can Can Brasserie was made to look and feel like it had been taken straight out of twentieth century France. Can Can Brasserie serves people all day and night, with its “cafe” like feel it also gives a place for people to come hang out, grab a nice meal, or even get some work done!

Soups, salads, sandwiches, and crepes for brunch. Cheese plate, beef tartare, classic baguettes, and entree dishes for lunch. Chopped steak, smoked salmon plate, and seared scallops for dinner. But that’s not everything, make sure to look at their menu and see all of the other amazing tasting items Can Can Brasserie has to provide!

“When traveling through Richmond this past week, we took the gamble of stopping here for lunch. One of the best decisions of our trip! Delicious food and great service. Would definitely recommend to any of our friends looking to try new foods!” -Yelp Review

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Home Sweet Home

It’s in the name, this restaurant brings the comfort of a home sweet home!

Mac and cheese in a grilled cheese? Perfect. Image courtesy of the Home Sweet Home Instagram page

3433 W Cary St | Richmond | 

A fun and relaxed neighborhood bar/restaurant combo! Home Sweet Home really wants to emphasize their friendly environment, because that’s what they are advertising as, a home so sweet that it’ll feel like you’re in your own space and you won’t wanna leave! Specializing in home made comfort food that uses high quality ingredients prepared on their smoker and griddle!

They have a brunch, lunch, dinner, and drink menu, so already there are plenty of options for people to enjoy all throughout the day! They have specialty grilled cheese with plenty of different flavor combinations to choose from, small plates to enjoy with a nice drink, and build your own menu options for when you want just a bit of everything Home Sweet Home offers!

“A grilled cheese pub - brilliant!  With A cozy, casual ambiance, it feels like a cross between an English pub and a sandwich cafe. The pretzel bites are amazing!  The Yes Sir was great and the tomato soup did not disappoint with a little kick to it.” -Yelp Review

Although this restaurant doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!

What have we learned today:

  • Restaurants in Carytown are hidden gems
  • Don’t judge a restaurant by its outside cover
  • Always indulge in second helpings

There are plenty more hidden Carytown restaurant gems out there, these are just some of what Carytown has to offer and there’s plenty of a variety of foods for everyone to enjoy! That’s what great about these restaurants and the selection you get at Carytown!

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