Top 9 Smoothie and Juice Bars in Pittsburgh

When you’re in need of a smoothe treat, stop into any of these fantastic spots!

Plus they taste great! Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like you’re drinking something healthy, but once you see the ingredient list-- you definitely are. Pittsburgh is no stranger to the healthy lifestyle movement, and juice bars have popped up all over the place-- and are quite popular. We’ve put together a list of some of the best ones in the ‘Burgh-- so the next time you’re looking to fuel up after a workout-- or just need a healthy pick me up-- check out any of these places for a delicious juice or smoothie.

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Pittsburgh Juice Company

Where Pittsburghers go for amazing juice

juice bottles at Pittsburgh Juice Co.
Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Juice Co. When you’re in the mood for a healthy juice, look no further than this juice bar!


3418 Penn Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15201


Mon-Fri 7am-6:30pm

Sat-Sun 9am-4pm

If you need a cleanse-- or just want to supplement your diet-- consider trying the organic juices from The Pittsburgh Juice Co. They have been offering delicious artesanal juices to Pittsburgh for years-- and they have gained quite a following.

Just try one of their juices and it’s easy to see why-- full of fresh ingredients from the Strip District-- you can’t go wrong on any of their amazing flavors.

“I really enjoy my visits to this juice bar. The customer service is wonderful, there's always a nice and helpful person behind the counter.” -Yelp Review

Salud Juicery Shadyside

Some of the best smoothies and acai bowls in the ‘Burgh

Acai bowl and juice drinks
Image courtesy of Salud Juicery. Sometimes you want a juice-- and sometimes you want a bowl full of goodness.

Shadyside and other locations

733 Copeland St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15232


Mon-Fri 7:30am-6pm

Sat 9am-5pm

Sun 11am-3pm

Salud Juicery has a couple of locations across the Pittsburgh area, but their Shadyside store is their flagship location. Their cold pressed juices seek to help people return to a more natural diet-- one that’s full of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Their goal is to align your mind, body, and spirit so you can be the best you can be. Their delicious juices are a great place to start on your detox or cleansing journey.

“Delicious and healthy juice located in Shadyside. I had the Thunderbowl which was really great. Everything on the menu seemed like it would be good.” -Yelp Review


Perfect place in Pittsburgh for smoothies or salads

Freshii smoothie
Image courtesy of Freshii. What goes better with a healthy smoothie than a fresh, green salad?


Union Trust Building

501 Grant St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Mon-Fri 7am-6pm

Freshii is located in the historic Union Trust Building in downtown Pittsburgh-- and Pittsburghers just love their juices, smoothies, salads, and wraps. Using only the freshest ingredients, the aptly named Freshii seeks to be a healthy alternative to lunch time meals-- they offer fantastic items, whether you’re on the go or can stop and stay for a bit.

Their smoothies and juices are full of powerful veggies like kale and spinach-- as well as citrus fruits like oranges, and smoothie staples like bananas and strawberries.

“I'm so excited that Freshii finally opened! It's a great alternative for anyone who is looking for a healthier lunch option outside of the typical fast food joints.” -Yelp Review

Clean Juice

Perfect East Liberty spot for healthy smoothies

Clean Juice smoothie
Image courtesy of Clean Juice. When it’s time to give your a body a cleansing, consider trying some of the yummy juices from this popular spot.

East Liberty

5829 Penn Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15206


Mon-Fri 7am-8pm

Sat 8am-8pm

Sun 9am-6pm

Clean Juice is located in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh-- and has quickly grown into a popular destination for those seeking delicious juices. The idea for this company was started in Charlotte, NC, but has quickly spread across the United States.

Clean Juice wants people to be the healthiest they can be-- and they believe their juices are a great place to start on that journey. With a menu of delicious juices to choose from-- you’ll want to stop by as much as possible!

“The staff was super friendly and even told me about the app and loyalty program. What a great way to reward people for being healthy! Love it!!” -Yelp Review

Jamba Juice

This juice bar is attached to a Bruegger’s Bagels

Jamba Juice smoothie
Image courtesy of Jamba Juice. Putting bagels and smoothies together in the same place was a fantastic idea!


531 Grant St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Mon-Fri 5:30am-7pm

Sat-Sun 6am-7pm

Jamba Juice is attached to the Bruegger’s Bagels in downtown Pittsburgh-- and has been serving both healthy juices and fresh bagels for years. It’s a popular spot in the morning-- people are eager to start their day off right-- and can’t wait to get their hands on these juices.

They also have bowls full of smoothie and fruity goodness-- for those times when you just need an extra boost. Their juices are perfect for your post workout recovery as well!

“Finally a Jamba Juice in Pittsburgh! Healthiest and most delicious way I know of to get your fruit n veg.” -Google Review

Reed and Co.

Delicious smoothie bar in the heart of Lawrenceville

Reed and Co. smoothies
Image courtesy of Reed and Co. For a perfectly blended smoothie, look no further than Reed and Co.


4113 Butler St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15201


Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

Sun 10am-4pm

Reed and Co. is a fantastic smoothie bar located in Lawrenceville. But it seems to be so much more than that to the regulars. It’s also a place to stop in and have a chat with friends, try the owner’s latest drink combination, and meet new people.

All of this is done in a friendly place that seeks to help people along on their health journey. Their cold-pressed juices are available freshly made, to go, or even online and delivered to your door.

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“Healthiest place In Pittsburgh with the best service! Super sweet and also has alkaline water machine for customers!” -Yelp Review

Kahuna Poke and Juice Bar

Grab a smoothie or some Hawaiian poke at this local place

Kahuna smoothies
Image courtesy of Kahuna Poke and Juice Bar. Try some Hawaiian poke with your smoothie or juice at this popular place.

East Liberty

132 S. Highland Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15206


Mon-Sun 11am-9pm

Kahuna Poke and Juice Bar is a little taste of the islands in the East Liberty part of Pittsburgh. Poke is traditional Hawaiian street food, and it is best served with one of their delicious cold-pressed juices or smoothies.

Using fresh ingredients, Kahuna seeks to bring the bold flavors of this food to new customers each day. Their store is extremely welcoming, and you are encouraged to try all the flavors on the menu!

“A year later and Kahuna is still rocking it!  I've stopped a few times throughout the year - and have never been disappointed.” -Yelp Review

East End Food Co-Op

A great holistic market with a smoothie bar too!

Fruits and vegetables
Image courtesy of East End Food Co-op. A staple for fresh, organic ingredients that’s been serving Pittsburgh for years.

East Liberty

7516 Meade St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15208


Mon-Sun 8am-9pm

Another popular place in East Liberty to grab a smoothie is the East End Food Co-op. This market is probably more well known for their wonderful array of organic and small batch items for sale-- but their smoothie bar is quickly catching on.

At the end of your shopping trip, make sure to stop by and order one of their cold-pressed juices or smoothies. You’ll definitely be happy you did!

“I guess the secret is out. I also like their juice/ smoothie bar. You can find all your healthy grocery needs here.” - Yelp  Review

Delanie’s Coffee

You can’t go wrong with coffee and smoothies!

Delanie's Coffe juices

Image courtesy of Delanie’s Coffee. Whether you’re looking for a juice or a strong coffee-- you can’t go wrong stopping at Delanie’s.

South Side

1737 E. Carson St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Mon-Fri 7am-8pm

Sat 8am-8pm

Sun 8am-7pm

Delanie’s Coffee offers a wide variety of juices in addition to all your favorite coffee drinks. Located in the busy South Side, this place always seems to be packed full of students and working professionals.

They like the warm atmosphere, the free wifi, and the selection of drinks available. Delanie’s also has a great selection of sandwiches for lunch-- so feel free to stop in any time of day!

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“My favorite Southside coffee shop. Banana chocolate smoothie for the win! The loft is a great place for a quick meeting or an extended work session.” -Yelp Review

Juices and smoothies are a fantastically healthy way to get an extra boost of vitamins and minerals into your diet. They’re so good it doesn’t even feel like you’re drinking fruits and veggies! What’s your favorite flavor combo for a juice or smoothie? Let us know in the comments!

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