Top 9 Restaurants With the Best Burgers in Fort Worth

Looking for an extraordinary burger? Fort Worth is home to over a dozen restaurants serving just that!

In a city like Fort Worth, it’s easy to find a big, delicious meal to fill you up. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas. And the burgers are no exception. Massive, juicy burgers await you in this bustling southern city. From old-school diners to upscale eateries, Fort Worth’s restaurant scene offers something for everyone. Planning to visit soon? Visit these top 12 restaurants locals love for enjoying fresh and savory burgers.

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1. Kincaid’s Hamburgers

Named ‘Readers Choice for Burger’ by Fort Worth Weekly

Sit down and enjoy a hearty meal at this laid-back burger joint. Image courtesy of Instagram.

4901 Camp Bowie Blvd | Arlington Heights |

Looking for a fun, local restaurant to enjoy some delicious burgers? Stop by Kincaid’s Hamburgers. Kincaid’s offers a wide assortment of burgers, from the plain hamburger to the Cowtown Deluxe. Bacon, pimento cheese, grilled jals, and onions fill up this massive and delicious burger. Crinkle-cut fries, onion rings, fried okra, and chips are also available as sides. For those with a sweet tooth, Kincaid offers fresh shakes, ice cream floats, ice cream, and banana pudding. 

“I was in Fort Worth yesterday and decided to reward myself with a Cowtown Burger at the original Kincaid's. Was not disappointed. It hit the spot as usual. I really enjoy the Cowtown burger because it has all the ingredients that I prefer. Do not have to make any changes.” - Yelp Review

2. Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Cozy restaurant located just west of Downtown Fort Worth

You’ll never get old of Hopdoddy’s Burger Bar and their gourmet burgers. Image courtesy of Instagram

2300 W 7th St, Suite 140 | Arlington Heights |

At Hopdoddy Burger Bar, you’ll find a wide assortment of delicious burgers made from antibiotic and hormone-free Certified Piedmontese beef. After the burger portion is cooked, it is then paired with a fresh baked in-house bun and an assortment of savory toppings. Whether you want something classic like The Impossible or something a little more adventurous like the El Diablo, you’ll find a wide range of options that suit your unique tastes. You can also treat yourself to a boozy drink like the Strawberry Frozen Margarita or Cherry Limeade!

“I stopped by for a weekend lunch recently and was blown away by the Big Parma burger (ground chicken burger with Pomodoro sauce, pesto, parmesan). It was light but packed so much chicken parmesan flavor!” - Yelp Review

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3. Rodeo Goat

A low-key restaurant known for its exciting array of specialty burgers

Sit back and relax at this fun, casual burger joint. Image courtesy of Instagram.

2836 Bledsoe St | Arlington Heights |

Rodeo Goat is one of the top destinations for a delicious burger in Fort Worth. Ground beef, chicken, turkey, and a couple of vegan options are available for your burger. Once you pick your protein, you have a wide assortment of specialty burgers to choose from. Want a little bit of spice? Try the Hot Bastard. This popular option is topped with habanero cheddar and marinated Fresno peppers. Other savory options like the Cowboy Murrin and Bad Hombre are also available!

“One of the very best restaurants for hamburgers in Fort Worth. They have a nice patio on the east side of the building that is easy to access, even with a wheelchair. The Cowboy Murrin hamburger is my personal favorite. The homemade potato chips are to die for but I will warn you that they are very addictive. All in all, highly recommend it.” - Yelp Review

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4. B&B Butchers & Restaurant

Award-winning steakhouse specializing in high-quality meats

B&B will always leave you satisfied. Their sandwiches, burgers, and steaks. Image courtesy of Instagram

5212 Marathon Ave | TCU/West Cliff |

B&B Butchers & Restaurant is one of the most popular steakhouses in Fort Worth. Their Texas and Japanese Wagyu beef and in-house dry-aged USDA Prime beef attract hundreds of visitors each day. In addition to its sizzling steaks, B&B is also known for its delicious burgers. Several specialty options are available, including the Hill Country Burger, Butcher Shop Burger, Truffle Burger, and Carpet Bagger Burger. All burgers are served with a hefty portion of steak fries. Yum!

“The staff were friendly and patient. We watched one employee trimming and slicing a beef tenderloin. It was cool to watch him. He was so efficient. I asked what they do with all the trimmings and they said they use it in the hamburgers. Yum - filet hamburgers.” - Yelp Review

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5. Charley's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Charming mom and pop place where you can enjoy a savory burger

Treat yourself to a classic burger while supporting a local restaurant. Image courtesy of Instagram.

4616 Granbury Rd | TCU/West Cliff 

Looking for a new spot to kick back and relax with friends and family? At Charley’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers, you can enjoy a delicious meal inside a casual, laid-back atmosphere. This charming mom-and-pop restaurant has everything you need in a burger joint, from a fresh Avocado Burger option to a hearty Bacon Cheeseburger offering. French fries, tater tots, and onion rings are also available to complete your meal!

“The burgers are well seasoned and juicy. The fries are perfectly cooked. And the onion rings... oh the onion rings!! All little baby onions aspire to be Charley's onion rings one day. They are crispy and well battered, but still have that sweet onion taste!” - Yelp Review

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6. Burgers N’ Beyond

Family-owned restaurant serving high-quality, made-to-order burgers

What better way to reward yourself after a long day than by dining at Burgers N Beyond? Image courtesy of Instagram.

1704 Galveston Ave | Southside |

There’s nothing quite like dining in a warm, friendly family-owned restaurant. Burgers N Beyond offers the perfect blend of delicious, inexpensive cuisine with top-notch service. The BNB Burger and Big BNB burger are both made from marinated Angus Chuck that has been charbroiled in order to produce a juicy and tender smoked taste. Topped with the restaurant’s unique BNB sauce, the BNB burgers offer a tasting experience like no other. 

“First time everything was great, the burger was charred just right and tasty, they put in extra ketchup like I asked so I was very satisfied. Y'all they have the good ranch dressing! Made in the store, you can tell! You have to pay for it but it's so worth it!” - Yelp Review

7. Fred’s Texas Café

Classic café perfect for enjoying a delicious burger and a cold one

For over 40 years, Fort Worth locals have named Fred’s Texas Café as one of their favorite destinations for delicious burgers. Image courtesy of Instagram.

915 Currie St | Arlington Heights |

Love supporting local restaurants? Head to Fred’s Texas Café. For over 40 years, Fred’s Texas Café has been a top spot among locals for its fresh, sizzling burgers and savory sides. All burgers are made from 100% Black Angus chuck and served on a freshly grilled bun. Other dishes like the Chicken Fried Steak and Chicken Tenders are also popular among guests. Whatever you order, you can’t go wrong here!

“Burgers are very good with an excellent meat patty. The serrano burger was the best between that one and the BBQ burger. Fries are fresh cut and cooked perfectly. Even though we didn't go to Fred's for the queso, we will from now on. The queso stole the show and we all left wishing we had the recipe.” - Yelp Review

8. Dutch’s Legendary Hamburgers

Grab a burger and a beer at this Texan Cafe

Swing by for some live music at Dutch’s burgers. They are taking advantage of the nice weather, and you can too! Image courtesy of Instagram.

3009 University Drive | Fort Worth |

Dutch’s burgers deliver a delicious, cheap meal in a great environment. They work to give you a clean, country look in their restaurant. Try out their chicken and vegetarian burgers for a break from their all-natural beef patties, or find your favorite on the menu and order it to your heart’s content! Dutch’s has a nice selection of craft beers to go along with your meal. Their selection of burgers and beer is sure to have something for everyone. 

This restaurant is located right around TCU’s campus, making it the place to be for college students, family, and friends. There is a long bar and many tables to sit and relax, eating delicious food with great company. 

“Amazing burgers and onion rings! You have to stop in if you're by TCU or in Fort Worth” — Yelp Review

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9. Shaw’s Patio

Grab a burger and a beer at this Texan Cafe

Grab a classic lunch burger at Shaw’s Patio — fresh ingredients cooked to perfection! Image courtesy of Instagram.

1051 W Magnolia Avenue | Fort Worth |

Shaw’s Patio is a great place to go to enjoy a delicious burger, relaxing ambiance, and watch your favorite sports. Their menu is extensive, with a great combination of burgers, sandwiches, and salads. Their guacamole bacon burger is fantastic, and they have vegetarian options too! On the weekends they serve an amazing brunch.

Their restaurant serves a great lunch and dinner, with many cocktails, wine, and beer available with dinner. Find your perfect pairing between a great burger and an excellent drink at Shaw’s!

“We had delicious Onion Rings with a Club Sandwich and a Bacon Cheeseburger with grilled buns and grilled onions. Very good All-American combination. Service was fast and very safety conscious. There is free parking in front, to the side, and in the back parking lot. I will be back there again!” — Yelp Review

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10. Wishbone and Flynt

Check out this hole-in-the-wall at Fort Worth, Texas

Wishbone is the perfect place to bring family and friends to celebrate an occasion or have a meal out! Image courtesy of Instagram.

334 Bryan Avenue | Fort Worth |

Looking for a gourmet burger made from scratch with fresh ingredients, great seasoning, and cooked to perfection? Wishbone and Flynt should be on the top of your list! Their menu is spectacular, but we know you are going here for the Flynt Burger. Seared in duck fat and topped with the sharpest cheddar, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and onion — this burger is an unforgettable experience. At Wishbone, if you or your friends are ever in the mood to try something besides their famous burger there are plenty of options on their menu!

Wishbone is a restaurant where you can come in for a quick bite or settle down for a comfortable, leisurely meal. They want to make your entire experience as pleasant as possible and it will certainly leave you satisfied! 

“If you haven't tried this place you really should! The food is very tasty and very reasonably priced. And the dessert was extraordinary! Peanut butter cheesecake was yummy! We ended up with the hummus, cordon blue balls, and splitting the chicken sandwich with truffle fries. And yes we still had dessert!” — Yelp Review

11. M&O Station Grill

Check out this hole-in-the-wall at Fort Worth, Texas

Great food and great company — this is an excellent place to grab a burger. Image courtesy of Instagram.

M&O is a small restaurant with lots of charm. Built next to a museum, this burger joint uses fresh quality ingredients to make amazing burgers. Their M&O Original burger is a classic and is always cooked to perfection, and they serve up sandwiches, salads, and a vegetarian burger option as well. For a small restaurant, they have an impressively sized menu, with sides, desserts, beer, and wine to complement their main fare. Next time you are in the mood for a burger make sure to keep M&O’s on your mind!

“Wow. Wow. This place has such amazing food. An unassuming restaurant attached to a museum. But whatever you order will be great. From the burgers (meat and veggie) to the sweet potato fries, onion rings and a chocolate milkshake - you will NOT be disappointed!” — Yelp Review

12. Jimmy’s Big Burger

A classic burger done to perfection at this Texas restaurant

Grab some friends and share some sides at Jimmy’s Big Burger! Image courtesy of Instagram.

6334 Lake Worth Boulevard | Lake Worth |

The name says it all. This Fort Worth burger restaurant specializes in their burgers and does them well! They are big burgers with loads of toppings and cooked to perfection. With a diverse menu, there is sure to be something on the menu that interests you, and with so many options it makes sense to return again and again to try them out! 

Jimmy’s Big Burger is an excellent choice for burger lovers and a great place to bring friends who visit you in Fort Worth. They pride themselves on an excellent staff, so be ready to be greeted with a smile when you walk into this restaurant. 

“Great selection of burger recipes. I had the Hickory Cheeseburger, and it was outstanding! Really good curly fries too. I love to receive my food HOT with heat, and both the burger and the fries were piping hot. Today was my first visit, and I'm already looking forward to the next visit.” — Yelp Review

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Fort Worth is home to dozens of great burger joints. What’s your favorite burger joint in Fort Worth? Let us know in the comments!

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