Bike Your Way Through The Steel City With the 12 Best Bicycle Shops in Pittsburgh

Keep your bike in peak condition with the help of these bike shops

Whether you do it to feel like a kid again, get exercise, or commute to work-- biking is such an enjoyable hobby. Pittsburgh has caught on to the recent trend of making cities bike-friendly-- and has gone out of its way to install bike lanes all over the city. There are also many trails around Pittsburgh, where tourists and locals alike can take in stunning views and enjoy the scenery as they ride by.

Main image courtesy of CBS Pittsburgh. 

Bike Pittsburgh has become the voice of bikers in Pittsburgh, and through their efforts, is trying to make Pittsburgh one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S. More and more people are getting into biking each year-- so we put together a list of some of the best shops in the ‘Burgh for biking-- whether you need a bike, a part, a repair, or just want to talk with fellow bikers-- consider checking out any of these great spots!

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West Liberty Cycles

A full service bike shop that carries a large variety of cool bikes!

Come to West Liberty Cycles and get a brand new bike, or get yours tuned up today! Image courtesy of West Liberty Cycles. 

801 Brookline Boulevard | Brookline |

West Liberty Cycles is where bikers go when they’re looking for expert advice on all things bikes. Located in the Brookline neighborhood of Pittsburgh, this bike shop always has the latest bikes and biking equipment.

They also will service all makes and models of bikes-- so if you’re having an issue with yours, make sure to bring it in for an estimate and repair. You can trust your bike is in good hands with their expert mechanics.

“This is an excellent bike store with great service and reasonable prices. I brought in an old mountain bike that needed a lot of service and I got very good attention. The guy who took the bike was very knowledgeable and friendly. The prices are very reasonable.” -Yelp Review

Bicycle Heaven

Bicycles upon bicycles lie here, and heaven it is for the local biker!

Come to Bicycle Heaven where you have a wide selection of bikes to choose from for a bike ride around the city! Image courtesy of The Durango Herald. 

1800 Preble Avenue | North Side |

Bicycle Heaven is both a bike shop and a museum for all kinds of bikes. It has about 6,000 new and used bicycles all under one roof-- you’re sure to find one that will fit your needs!

Everything from new mountain bikes, to vintage and antiques, to famous bikes-- this unique shop has it all. Located in the North Side, there is no admission fee for the museum and it is a great way to spend an afternoon among bikes!

“This place is fantastic! If you're a bike enthusiast or can appreciate such a vast collection, stop in Bicycle Heaven...The owners are so appreciative of the support and all the visitors that make their way from all over.” - Yelp Review


All your running and biking needs in one shop at the fun Squirrel Hill location!

Check out the PRO BIKE + RUN shop in Pittsburgh, or more specific the Squirrel Hill location, for all of your running and biking needs! Image courtesy of Pro Bike + Run Squirrel Hill. 

5876 Forbes Avenue | Squirrel Hill |

PRO BIKE+RUN has a couple of locations across Pittsburgh-- making it one of the most popular places to check out the latest bikes or stop in for repairs. The Squirrel Hill location is close to some of the best trails in Pittsburgh-- as well as Frick Park and Schenley Park.

They offer everything you need to get started either running or biking around Pittsburgh. There are even group runs and group rides for people new to the city to get out and get riding!

“Pro Bike+Run is 5 floors of bicycles raging from several hundred to several thousand dollars. They have an excellent selection of bikes and accessories you definitely can not go wrong at this store.” - Yelp Review

Kraynick’s Bike Shop

A great bike shop for all your repair needs, so you can get back out venturing around the city!

Try out Kraynick’s Bike Shop where they can offer you an amazing repair on your bike, and many other services! Image courtesy of The Keystone Statement. 

5003 Penn Avenue | Garfield |

Kraynick’s Bike Shop is located in Garfield, and it is definitely a major part of the community. People also can learn how to repair their bikes here as well-- they offer expert advice and supply the tools you need to make any repair.

There are workstations all over the shop for people to come in and use-- complete with helpful volunteers to help out in case you get stuck on a repair. This is a great service and teaches people how to fix their own bikes.

“Very grateful to have this shop in my neighborhood. Started riding last year so had very little knowledge on the ins and outs of repair. Very helpful and prices are very reasonable. You can also find a part for almost anything.” -Yelp Review

Biketek Pittsburgh

Find your perfect bike at this bike shop and explore the Steel City!

Pick up your brand new bike at Biketek Pittsburgh and ride around Pittsburgh and gaze at the city views today! Image courtesy of Groupon. 

5842 Forbes Avenue | Squirrel Hill |

Biketek Pittsburgh is another fantastic spot in Squirrel Hill to stock up on all your biking needs. They offer all kinds of bikes for sale, as well as accessories, service, and expert repairs.

They even offer a trade in service for used bikes, so you can get rid of any bikes that you just don’t use anymore. This is a great way to get a less expensive bike and reduces waste as well!

“I walked out of there feeling like I bought the perfect bike for me, and was very happy with the price. Took my bike for a ride today and couldn't be happier!” -Yelp Review

Kindred Cycles

The shop with the friendliest staff to help you out with whatever bike issue you may have!

Experience the friendly service that Kindred Cycles has to offer and get your bike fixed, or pick up a new one today! Image courtesy of Kindred Cycles. 

2515 Penn Avenue | Strip District |

Kindred Cycles is owned by bikers, and it is for bikers. Their interest and enthusiasm for biking shines through in everything they do. From service and advice, to repairs and sales-- this bike shop has it all.

Located in the Strip District, this little shop welcomes bikers of all skill and ability levels-- they want to create a space friendly to all bikers. Be sure to ask about their demo program-- and take a bike home to test it out!

“I had a wonderful buying experience here...This shop just felt different. Very inviting, smiling staff and just fun discussing what kind of riding I intended to be doing.” -Yelp Review

FreeRide Bicycle Collective

Once you get your brand new bike here, “FreeRide” around Pittsburgh on a summer day!

Check out a unique shop, such as FreeRide Bicycle Collective, and get a new bike or get yours repaired today! Image courtesy of FreeRide Bicycle Collective. 

214 N Lexington Street | Point Breeze |

FreeRide Bicycle Collective is an interesting organization that reuses and recycles bikes, offers bike repair education, and promotes biking access for all. It’s a great place to learn how to repair your own bike-- or teach others the skills you know.

People stop in and use the shop’s tools to service their bikes-- and get helpful instruction from volunteers in the process. Located in the Point Breeze area, it’s a great community resource that brings people and bikes together.

“Free Ride is an awesome DIY recycled bike collective that enables anyone to get a bike. Now I know more about bike repair than I would ever know unless I came here - I learnt how to change tires, take apart and clean freehubs, fix the brakes and chain.” -Yelp Review

Fern Hollow Bicycles

Feel comfortable coming to a bike shop where all the employees know their stuff!

Stop by Fern Holly Bicycles where knowledgeable staff can help you with any bike issues or questions you may have! Image courtesy of Fern Hollow Bicycles. 

307 S Trenton Avenue | Pittsburgh |

Fern Hollow Bicycles is located in Wilkinsburg-- but was formerly located in Lawrenceville. This bike shop specializes in road, adventure, and city bikes-- and offers service and repairs as well. They are able to customize any bike to your specifications as well.

In addition to bikes, Fern Hollow Bicycles also sells the latest clothing and accessories for all your biking needs!

“Lots of hard-to-find commuter and practical accessories, plus some really impressive specialty bikes (beautiful Pashley stuff).  Really friendly and down-to-earth.” -Yelp Review

Thick Bikes

Experience this award-winning bike shop in Pittsburgh that you will love upon entry!

Explore the many different bikes and other services that Thick Bikes has to offer in Pittsburgh! Image courtesy of Yelp. 

52 S 15th Street | South Side |

Pittsburgh is known for their many reputable bike shops all around the city, but one that we think you have to check out is Thick Bikes! Thick Bikes offers a range of services and products for you ro purchase. You can buy bikes, bike gear, or even get repairs done on a bike that you already own.

Thick Bikes prides itself in being very knowledgeable about bikes and they hope to spread their passion for bikes to locals around Pittsburgh. If you want the utmost best customer service and some quality products, make sure to check out Thick Bikes today!

“I bought a Salsa Vaya from these guys. Very nice people. Buy local, don't order on Amazon. Chris was always helpful when I needed advice on what parts I needed for my bike.” - Yelp Review 

Trek Bicycle Pittsburgh Shadyside

Explore a customer driven bike shop with knowledgeable staff and some cool bikes!

Trek Bicycle Pittsburgh Shadyside is a place where the staff are very courteous and care about the customer and the bike they’re getting! Image courtesy of Trek Bikes.

5996 Centre Avenue | Shadyside | 

Looking to get a new bike, but not sure where to start? With there being so many brands and accessories you need to get when getting a bike, make sure to stop at Trek Bicycle Pittsburgh Shadyside where they offer the best customer service possible to make sure that you walk away with something that you’re happy with.

At Trek Bicycle Pittsburgh Shadyside, they are known for having a wide selection of bikes, bike gear, and service when it comes to picking up a bike. Why not give Trek Bicycle Pittsburgh Shadyside a try out today and experience the phenomenon that it is today!

“Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very pleased with how my bike feels after the service!” - Yelp Review 

Bear Dog Bicycles

Need a tune-up, or even a brand new bike? This shop has you covered!

Check out Bear Dog Bicycles where they have bikes, t-shirts, bike accessories, gear, and more! Image courtesy of Medium. 

901 Western Avenue | North Side |

Do you want to check out a bike shop where the owner's dogs hang out too? Why not right? Everyone loves dogs, so why not check out Bear Dog Bicycles today! Bear Dog Bicycles has a team of staff that know their way around the bike world and also where they offer lots of different brands of bikes, gear, and so much more.

At Bear Dog Bicycles, they offer different brands such as Diamondback, Orange Bikes, Aero Tech, Fat Back, and so much more. Learn more about bikes and come pet Marley, the “Bear Dog” at Bear Dog Bicycles today!
“Awesome local bike shop with great service. Nate and Pete provide expert maintenance and sales guidance. From the best route to take on a self-guided brew tour to which components to use on city or mountain bikes they'll provide you friendly, down to earth service and advice for whatever your bike needs are. Sweet pups hang out at the store too. Great addition to the Northside.” - Yelp Review

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