Top 13 Best Brunch Places in Richmond, Virginia to Satisfy Your Hunger

Who doesn’t love brunch, especially in Richmond, Virginia? Make sure to check out the top thirteen best brunch restaurants in the area!

Known for its well-preserved historical sites, Richmond has more to look forward to in the breakfast sphere. From homestyle breakfast to vegan and gluten free options, Richmond has everything that you can think of to offer. Richmond is also a great place for people to settle down, whether it be for college at the University of Richmond or to find a charming place to live, there’s plenty to explore. People enjoy visiting local canals and the James River. Alongside these sites is a vibrant nightlife and beautiful neighborhoods and other residential areas.

In this article, we’re going to discuss:

  • The best brunch restaurants in Richmond, Virginia
  • Where you can find these amazing restaurants
  • An insider look on what Yelp reviewers are saying

Whether you're looking for the perfect breakfast to enjoy while visiting Richmond, are hoping to take your college student out for a much needed break from studying or want to gift a friend or family member who lives here a gift card for a meal out, any of these breakfast locations might be a great fit for your inner foodie. With a GiftYa virtual gift card, you can choose an amount, add a personalized note, hit send, and your friend or loved one can get a meal that will hit the spot for their most important meal of the day. You can link the card directly to your own Visa or Mastercard to optimize payment. 

Here are some of our recommendations for breakfast or brunch in Richmond, Virginia!

The Fancy Biscuit

A contemporary vegan and vegetarian brunch spot in Richmond, VA!

Come and try out a vegan or vegetarian brunch at The Fancy Biscuit in Richmond, Virginia! Image courtesy of Instagram

1831 W Cary Street | Richmond |

Order online or in person at this contemporary hipster vegan restaurant with a southern style flare. If you’re looking for coffee, brunch, and have a knack for fancy dining with gluten free and vegan options, this is the place for you. Their restaurant has unique choices for their decor, including their penny wall, semi-outdoor fireplace, plenty of plants, and mason jar light fixtures.

People don’t generally visit a restaurant only for their decorations, though. Highlights on their menu include their signature Big Poppy, Funky Fresh, and Got Your Goat biscuit sandwiches, quiches and tomato pies. You can also bring your own biscuit – hence the gluten free – for your own unique concoction. Pair these with your favorite handcrafted beverage, including lattes, espresso, or a classic cup of joe for a hearty and filling meal. 

“We came here before leaving Richmond after we were here for the marathon… The food was really good.” - Yelp Review

First Watch

Popular breakfast restaurant chain that offers traditional American meals!

First Watch has everything you need when it comes to delicious brunch options you don’t want to miss out on! Image courtesy of Instagram

5310 W Broad Street Ste 100 | Richmond |

First Watch specializes in traditional style breakfast food that will leave your mouth watering. Although First Watch is a restaurant chain, each individual location prepares food fresh each morning, and they only use ingredients that are local and nutritious. 

Their menu consists of egg white omelets, pancakes, salads, sandwiches, fresh fruit crepes, their signature Power Wrap, and breakfast bowls. They also have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options for those who need it. Some of their staples include the Chickichanga and classic BLTE sandwich. Their restaurant makes you feel right at home with a rustic, yet modern, take on farmhouse decor.

“They have great customer service and the scenery is very nice and gives me a modern barn in the morning. Their juices are banging and the food is very good.” - Yelp Review


Family-owned mediterranean-style brunch restaurant!

Stella’s is a beautiful family-owned restaurant serving some of the best Mediterranean brunch options in Richmond, VA! Image courtesy of Instagram

1012 Lafayette Street | Richmond |

If you’re looking more for the lunch side of brunch, Stella’s honors Rustic & Modern Greek cuisine to try. This family-owned Greek restaurant satisfies all cravings. With outdoor and indoor seating, take out, and delivery via ride-sharers, you can order anytime. Their prices are reasonable, with an average of $10 per plate. They offer cocktails, and a full-fledged menu for any time of day. The decor favors those who enjoy marble and ceramics, and stone pillars.

For those with a sweet tooth, try their baklava with orange-rosewater rosemary syrup and crushed pistachios; for more of a savory taste, try their chicken souvlaki, moussaka or the roast chicken with Greek-style seasoned potatoes.

“We had the saganaki to start. Oh. My. Goodness. This came out flaming hot and what a cool presentation.” - Yelp Review


Swanky breakfast joint in the Richmond Area!

Lulu’s has some of the best and swankiest brunch options in Richmond, Virginia that you will adore! Image courtesy of Instagram

21 N 17th Street | Richmond |

Located around the corner from Richmond’s main street station, Lulu's is a great place to go if you're looking for a family restaurant with plenty of variety. People are knocking down the door here with plenty of reservations so make sure to call ahead of time before stopping by to see how busy they are. With decent prices and delicious presentation, it’s no wonder tourists and locals alike are swarming the place! 

Their dishes have an authentic American style. They offer a variety of meals and events, including brunch, dinner, private parties and events (buyout), a live music venue, corporate catering, and they accept reservations. They’re open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, during prime brunch time.

“We went there for Sunday brunch. The food was amazing. You have to get the house potatoes on the side. They use a local seasoning that is made in Petersburg and incredible!” – Yelp Review


Breakfast bar chain that exceeds your wildest expectations!

Come enjoy some amazing eggs, bacon, and more at Eggspectation, a breakfast bar in Richmond! Image courtesy of Instagram

9202 Stony Point Parkway | Richmond | 

Though eggs are the main focus, there’s more dishes to try that exceed your wildest Eggspectations, such as pancakes, waffles, french toast, signature breakfast potatoes entrees, drinks, and more. 

Sometimes there's nothing better than having a breakfast pizza alongside a glass of wine early in the morning to do some decompressing. If this is what you're looking for, then search no further because you found the right place. With diner style decor and a classic take on brunch you'll feel right at home when you visit Richmond's location of Eggspectation. 

“Looking for a great brunch location with fair pricing? Definitely check this place out. I've introduced it to my friends in Virginia and they always went back for seconds.” - Yelp Review 

Lunch or Supper 

Southern style breakfast all day long!

Lunch or Supper in Richmond, Virginia has some of the best breakfast options that you have to try out instantly! Image courtesy of Instagram.

1213-1215 Summit Avenue | Richmond |

With a traditional southern style breakfast, what could go wrong? At least, unless you get their signature Train Wreck sandwich, that is. With a large menu and a plethora of different options, it’s no wonder that people go all throughout the day. You can order some of their staples, including Chicken and Waffles, the Double Barrel Breakfast Bowl, Fried Oysters, or their Supper French Toast serving during any time of day.

“My first time here but I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere is cool, albeit I visited early on a weekday, and the staff are great.” - Yelp Review

The Village Cafe 

A good pit stop: Dive bar and traditional American breakfast!

There is nothing better than The Village Cafe in Richmond, Virginia for all of your breakfast and brunch needs! Image courtesy of Instagram

1001 W Grace Street | Richmond |

What can be better than going to a traditional hole in the wall dive bar during your brunch escapade? If you happen upon the Village Cafe, you're in for one of the best traditional American breakfasts in the area. Their expansive menu offers an array of sandwiches and breakfast options that will leave your mouth watering. 

Guy Fieri himself recommended that people try their “killer calzones” during his pit stop. Their menu also offers pancakes, omelets, breakfast sandwiches, french toast, burgers, onion rings, fries, and other entrees. Closed on Mondays, open from Tuesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., you can grab breakfast all day. 

“Village Cafe will always hold a special place in my heart. I've been here a lot during my VCU undergrad and they always have the best dinner food! - Yelp Review

Salt & Forge

Gourmet sandwich, breakfast and brunch spot for takeout and dine-in!

Still on the hunt for an amazing brunch restaurant to go to in Richmond? Don’t miss out on Salt & Forge right away! Image courtesy of Instagram

312 N 2nd Street | Richmond |

Whether you want to order on-the-go via their food truck or from inside the restaurant for a dining experience, Salt & Forge offers plenty of gourmet breakfast and brunch options for those who want to hit the road. From biscuits and gravy to biscuit bento boxes, ham & jam, avocado toast and more, their menu is a drive by success.

With a modern-style interior design inside their restaurant, and their food truck popping up in random locations across Richmond, there’s a chance you might spot their name driving by. Their restaurant is open Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. till 2 p.m. weekly. 

“Just stop scrolling the reviews and go. You won't be sorry. Breakfast or lunch is delicious. Everything is amazing. Just get going” - Yelp Review

 Cracker Barrel

Breakfast and brunch dishes are sold here in this popular chain!

If you are looking for some amazing breakfast or brunch classics in Richmond, Virginia, make sure to check out Cracker Barrel! Image courtesy of Instagram.

4435 S Laburnum Avenue | Richmond |

Trying to find one of the best brunch restaurants in Richmond can be a challenge just because of how many good options that there are. If you have tried all of the local favorites and are maybe looking for something you can find anywhere, then make sure to check out Cracker Barrel for some of the best country-style breakfast and brunch options!

Come check out Cracker Barrel where you can try out a lot of different dishes ranging from boneless fried chicken, french toast, scrambled eggs, chicken and dumplings, country fried steak, and a ton of other options for breakfast and brunch all day. Why not check out Cracker Barrel as soon as you can for some of the best breakfast and brunch options around Richmond!

“You can never go wrong with Cracker Barrel, the one thing I love about the franchise is that no matter what state you are in, the food is always the same and consistent and tastes the same.” - Yelp Review

Buy a gift card for Cracker Barrel 

Les Crepes Carytown

Who doesn’t love to eat crepes? Come try the best ones out right here!

A French restaurant in Richmond such as Les Crepes Carytown has some of the best brunch specials in the area! Image courtesy of Instagram.

3325 W Cary Street Suite R | Richmond |

Are you struggling trying to find the perfect brunch spot in Richmond, Virginia? If you are in love with crepes and all of the different flavors that they can come in, then you need to come to Les Crepes Carytown right away! If you love crepes and other delicious French favorites, then you need to try the tasty dishes they serve here.

Les Crepes Carytown has a ton of incredible crepes that you need to try out instantly. They have a ton of different flavors such as savory crepes, strawbella crepes, cowboy crepes, lasagna crepes, seafood crepes, French crepes, Nutella crepes, and more. Please make sure that you check out Les Crepes Carytown as soon as you possibly can!

“Our original plan was to have both a savory and a sweet, but the crepes are a really nice size and we were too full to order another.  We're excited to go back and give the sweet ones a try!” - Yelp Review 

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Come get some breakfast sandwiches, donuts, and so much more for brunch!

If you love breakfast sandwiches and donuts, then you need to check out Dunkin’ in Richmond, Virginia! Image courtesy of Instagram

7300 Staples Mill Road | Richmond |

There is nothing better than a midday donut, breakfast sandwich, and coffee for brunch whenever you’re in or around Richmond, Virginia. If you’re looking for some of the best affordable breakfast sandwiches, donuts, coffee and more, then you need to stop by and check out Dunkin’ right away!

Dunkin’ has a lot of incredible food options, along with options for pastries, coffee and more that you just need to try out. If you are interested, then you need to come and try out their chocolate croissants, avocado toast, blueberry and coffee cake muffins, bacon and cheddar omelette bites, hash browns, and so much more to try out. Come to Dunkin’ right away for some amazing brunch options as soon as you can!

“Service was great at this location, it reminded me of being back in New England where there is such a cult following of Dunkin, and for good reason!” - Yelp Review 

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Capitol Waffle Shop

Check out the amazing waffle options that you need to try out instantly!

There are a ton of different brunch options that you can check out over at Capitol Waffle Shop, but have to try out the waffles! Image courtesy of Instagram

515 N Harrison Street | The Fan |

Are you interested in some tasty waffles for brunch? If so, then you need to come and check out the Capitol Waffle Shop in Richmond, Virginia as soon as you can! The Capitol Waffle Shop has a ton of different flavors of waffles that you will fall in love with in a comfortable venue that you will feel relaxed in.

The Capitol Waffle Shop has a ton of food options that you can choose from ranging from the one sweet waffle, house waffles and chicken, fraffles, bacon cordon waffles, chicken philly waffles, grandma waffles, buffalo chicken waffles, and so much more. Make sure to check out Capitol Waffle Shop in Richmond for the best brunch you’ll ever have!

Waffle heaven! So many different flavors to choose from that anyone will find something they like.” - Yelp Review 

The Savory Grain

Farm-fresh eats and more for brunch are perfect for any occasion!

Are you interested in some tasty dishes for brunch? If so, then you need to check out the food over at The Savory Grain! Image courtesy of Instagram

2043 W Broad Street | The Fan |

What’s better than some farm-fresh eats? We can’t think of anything better than that, so that’s why you need to check out The Savory Grain right away! The Savory Grain is known for their New American comfort food options, craft beer, and so much more that make for the perfect brunch meal no matter the occasion.

Come to The Savory Grain so you can try out options ranging from meatloaf, chicken pot pie, the savory burger, pork belly and watermelon, warm kale salad, meatloaf sandwiches, lump crab cakes, and a ton of other options too. Don’t miss out on all of the goodies over at The Savory Grain in Richmond, Virginia!

“Service was great. The staff is attentive without being overbearing. The atmosphere is very relaxed with a slight upscale feel. Very nice spot for a date night or girls night out.” - Yelp Review

If you find yourself in town, think about stopping by one of these optimal locations for a quick brunch before hitting the road. Who knows, you might want to visit again just to get your taste buds flowing!

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